Mold, fungi and yeast create cancer

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There is definitely a connection between the organism’s acidity, mold, yeast, and fungi and the development of malignancy. Moreover, the occurrence of malignancy is also associated with the following:

  • Prolonged inflammation of osteoarthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Low blood pressure
  • Long-term sinus infections
  • Foods that create cancer

you should also note that foods that manage and inhibit hypertension also have a very similar role in malignancy management. This connection indicates that these two diseases have many points of contact. Also, these two diseases have several very similar reasons, such as tobacco consumption, which contains a high concentration of yeast and fungi and increases the body’s acidity.
Dr. Max Gerson and his scientific team concluded that candida and other fungi that cause infections and those infectious conditions affect cancer formation and development. When we study the connection between the formation of cancer and fungi’ presence, we come to the logical conclusion that these two subjects are interconnected. Dilated candida has a very destructive effect on the immune system. The key compound produced by the high activity of candida is ethanol. Ethanol causes fatigue and reduces the body’s strength. Ethanol also reduces the production of enzymes needed for cell vitality and produces the release of certain radicals that can damage cellular DNA. Ethanol also prevents the assimilation of iron. Since iron is one of the most important minerals that affect the transfer of oxygen, your body with reduced amounts of iron becomes very poor in oxygen, which automatically affects the body’s increased acidity. For that reason, it is vital to influence and get rid of candida so that they can properly influence malignancy.

Presence of fungus and cancer

Many medics connect the presence of fungus with the onset of leukemia. In 1997, Mako Bielski proved that changes in the bone marrow produced by deformed white blood cells are associated with the yeast Candida Albicans’ presence, whose concentration increases over time, and it eventually turns into a type of fungus that continues to spread and threaten the body.

In 1999, Meinolf Karthaus examined 4 children who had leukemia and found that anti-fungal drugs also reduced the progression of the disease. Also, by examining samples of tissue parts of people suffering from malignancy, he determined that malignancy is actually an infection and that spores related to the origin and presence of fungi can be found in all samples. This doctor also used daily baking of baking soda with water in his therapy, which increased the digestive tract’s alkalinity to get rid of candida.
According to Doug Kaufman, another circumstance of cancer may be fungi that are present in food. He proved that only an improved diet and a modified diet could significantly improve the condition in children who have leukemia. He concluded that a diet enriched with contaminated grains, such as the case with alpha-toxin, which we had in high concentrations due to stale corn, can cause very severe cancer forms. Cereals such as corn, wheat, barley, and other foods such as peanuts can be extremely contaminated with fungal toxins that have a carcinogenic effect, and these toxins are called mycotoxins. One of the mycotoxins is an alpha-toxin, and it is one of the most common causes of cancer on this planet.

Poisons and cancer

It is stated that we ingest from 0.15 to 0.5 milligrams of alpha-toxin daily. You should emphasize that this poison is not sugar, as stated by some Western companies, but it is a poison caused by the presence of fungi, which can greatly damage our health and cause cancer. It has been noticed many times that people consumed peanut butter and popcorn in large quantities for many years before they were diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Dr. Kaufamn claims that antibiotics can worsen the condition and even cause cancer. Antibiotics stop the defense process of some intestinal microorganisms and allow intestinal yeast and fungi to progress unhindered, leading to the unhindered development of candida. This condition may indicate the onset of some autoimmune diseases or cancer itself.

According to him, if a long consumption of antibiotics preceded the development of malignancy, the possibility that you should include the presence of mold-created cancer.

Virtually all people with malignancy, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, bronchial asthma, allergies, oxidative diseases as the cause of these diseases can be found in the accelerated development of candida.



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