Microbes and cancer is there a connection?

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For modern independent cancer researchers, the only mystery left is how the microorganism got into the cell, that is, whether it was created in it (under anaerobic conditions) or entered through a weakened cell membrane. But the fact is that you can find it in a cancer cell and that many scientists have seen it from the world’s most eminent clinics.

Roman oncologist Dr. Tulio Simoncini discovered the candida fungus, and he even claims that it is necessarily present in cancer patients. Fungi are often ingested by smoking. 

What happens in the cancer cell in this case is vividly described by R. Webster Kerr

bacterial microorganisms

Once in the cell, the microbe begins to intercept glucose that enters the cell and feeds on it, thus depriving the cell of food. The microbes then secrete micro toxins, actually dangerous hormones, and dirt is created inside the cell in cell fungus. Mycotoxins are very acidic, and the inside of the cell becomes more acidic. And that is exactly the characteristic of a cancer cell – the longer the cell is cancerous, the more acidic it is.

Because the microorganism hijacks glucose molecules, tiny amounts of food remain available to the cells (glucose in the cell needs to be converted to pyruvate to enter the mitochondria). Due to the large amount of “dung” in the cell, it cannot produce enough ATP molecules to start the “battery” filling of the mitochondria. Thus, the mitochondria are located at the bottom of a muddy pond in which they cannot “breathe.” The energy level of mitochondria decreases because the number of ATP molecules decreases.

Signals are sent to insulin receptors and glucose receptors on the cell membrane, and more glucose is required. The body of a cancer patient, therefore, wants to eat sweets. As much as 15 times more glucose enters the cancer cell, the microbe still intercepts these molecules and feeds and multiplies abundantly. Thus, the microbe becomes healthy and nourished, and the cell becomes sick and hungry it simply “chokes” in the mud from dangerous hormones and mycotoxins.

There is probably a biological limit here, Kerr notes, as much as the receptors can place glucose on the cell, and when that limit is met, there is no other way for the mitochondria to get enough energy. Due to the small number of ATP molecules, the energy level decreases, and the cell becomes anaerobic. And that suits the microorganism perfectly.

The other side of the coin – the medical establishment


“The medical establishment, through its media, usually places the story that DNA has been damaged the cause of cancer. While in rare cases, someone’s normal DNA can give the immune system a predisposition to get cancer, DNA damage has never been the cause of any cancer. Cancer only occurs when the Krebs cycle and the “electron transport chain” (ETC) are interrupted from within the mitochondria. “DNA damage cannot interrupt the Krebs cycle, and thus cancer cannot occur,” Kerr claims.

The medical establishment wants to deceive the public and many scientists with this claim for two reasons. This gives people the impression that cancer research is very complex and has to be done for a long time, and it will take a long time for the cure, so a lot of money is needed. In the meantime, research is being done for military purposes.

Based on the research of Ron Gdanski, which is  As for DNA damage, is damage to the DNA of a microbe that is inside the cell and which is the cause of the DNA damage of the cancer cell. So the DNA of a damaged cell is not the cause of cancer, but it is subsequently damaged due to microbes in it.

Medicine thus uses viruses injected into cells with defective DNA to use them to repair the DNA of cells. This is called “gene therapy” because it is known that the microbial DNA (called “vectors”) inside a human cell can affect the DNA inside the cell itself. 
(So, if this doesn’t cure cancer, then we can only imagine what kind of genetic experiments are being done and for what purpose).

Cancer treatment

When we know all this, there are four ways to treat cancer:

1. By killing cancer cells; 
2. By killing microbes inside the cancer cell;
3. By strengthening the immune system so that he kills the cancer cell (he puts it on apoptosis ); 
4. By transforming the microbe inside the cell into a microbe “in hibernation.”

Forbidden vitamin b17

The biggest problem with most of the alternative therapies we’ve already listed is that when a cancer cell is killed, it’s done gradually to eventually induce the immune system to induce the cell to apoptosis.

During that period, during the treatment, an inflammatory process occurs in the tumor itself, and swelling is created, so the mass of the tumor increases in the first weeks of therapy. When there is a surge of electricity in it, if it is a brain or lung tumor, this can be very inconvenient, so adequate therapy is required for each tumor.

Killing  cyanide cells from vitamin B17 does not have this problem but 
this therapy is banned in the United States and is now performed mostly in a private clinic in Mexico.

Electric cancer treatment

Therefore,  an almost perfect way to kill the cause of cancer is to kill the microbes in the cell to be killed by the immune system when the Krebs cycle resumes.

And Royal Rife did that successfully by precisely calculating the frequencies with which the microbe in the cancer cell oscillated. But you destroyed all his works. And probably no one knows that exact frequency for now. However, many try to do it with approximate frequencies.

When in 1990. Dr. Stephen Cali and William Lyman researching AIDS, published their discovery that a small amount of alternating current (50 to 100 millionths of an ampere) destroys a microbial enzyme, and physicist Robert Bob Beck, who has been practicing electromedicine for thirty years, became interested in this. Eminent clinics and scientific research centers were not interested in discovering Kali and Liman further perfected.

You can guess why. This discovery actually meant that you could prevent the microbe from being coiled or “hooked” cells (e.g., for white blood cells). This would definitely turn the pharmaceutical business black.

Bob Beck research

Bob Beck
Dr. Bob Beck

In order not to be struck by the fate of Royal Rife, Dr. Beck had to be careful, so he did most of the research outside the United States, and the microbial killer he assembled was never offered to anyone as a whole, but it is still sold in parts. . Those who want to be treated for cancer with this most effective method so far, must  to assemble it themselves at home according to the instructions and with the precise protocol of Dr. Bob Beck.  And don’t be surprised because the time we live in is worse than the time of the medieval Inquisition.

The laws in our country as well as in Western countries are such that the right to apply medical treatments (which does not mean to treat) have only those who have been approved by the state.  Otherwise, you are a fraud and a quack doctor, no matter how much knowledge and success you have in treatment. And even some educated doctors in Serbia have already felt that on their skin. Because of the scam called chemotherapy and radiation, no one has gone to prison yet, although many people are already like this  poisoned and killed.



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