Meridians are energy pathways that “connect the dots” of hundreds of tiny heat stores, electromagnetic and even more tanah energy on the surface of the skin. Not only do meridians feed organs that are bound by life energy, but also maintain any pathological disturbance of these organs, thus providing the doctor with an appropriate and extremely accurate tool in the diagnosis and therapy.

Each of us is a constellation of energy systems, such as the body with its resistance systems, glands with internal secretion, circulatory and other constellation systems of the body systems. Eight energy systems operate together, usually below the threshold of your consciousness. These include meridians, chakras, aura, Celtic weaving, basic grille, five rhythms, triple heater and unusual flows.

When a new client comes through the door, I’m dealing with a mixture of impressions. People’s energies can be seen as muddled or blocked. Some of them may be flowing in a direction that is contrary to their natural direction. Blending energy can act harmoniously or incoherently. One of the energy systems can be singled out as one that needs particular attention. Meridians can run backwards. Chakras can be too tightly edi00 around the organs. The aura field can be demolished or filled with holes that lead to vulnerability. The energy of the left and right hemispheres of the brain may not pass properly on to the opposite sides of the body.

Each system is a different form of energy that matches ancient descriptions. Different cultures and their approaches to healing tend to emphasize some of these energy systems.

For example, meridians and five rhythms have been run by Chinese acupuncturologists for thousands of years. The Indian chakra system precedes acupuncture. Descriptions of the aura, which in traditional religious symbolism are often seen as a holy circle, go back at least that far back. Unusual flows are well known in the East, and descriptions of this energy system can be found in the shamanistic traditions of Scandinavian lands, as well as with tribes of Native Americans.

Celtic weaving is known in the East as a Tibetan energy ring. The basic grid, which is associated with psychoanalyst-renegade, Wilhelm Reich and its organic energy, was discovered by scientists who bred cows during the 1960s. They refer to it as a waste road system.


energy meridians

The setup of the meridian network provokes awe. Instead of thinking of meridians as a vague or foreign principle, you can introduce them as fourteen tangible pathways that bring energy into the body, pass it through the body and eject it from it. In your meridians dwells a deep intelligence. They serve you well without you even realizing they exist. If you request energy delivery in their language, they will do what you want.

Meridians are energy pathways that “connect the dots” of hundreds of tiny heat stores, electromagnetic and even more tanah energy on the surface of the skin. In Chinese medicine, they are known as acupuncture points or “hot spots” and can be triggered by needles or physical pressure to release or redistribute energy. Resembling a river that rises or declines, the meridian flow always changes, and sensitive individuals can detect their changes, as well as mechanical instruments. Acupuncture points are found on the surface of the skin, but the meridians into which they open travel deep into the body and through each organ and muscle group. Your meridians are the energy bloodstream of your body.

Each of the twelve meridians is actually part of the single energy path that passes through the body, 12 times it rises to the surface and appears in twelve parts. Each part is named after the main organ or after the system it serves. The two additional energy pathways, called central and managing ones, are also spoken of as meridians. Because their traits are also common with unusual flows, central and controlling are considered at the same time as meridians and strange flows. The other twelve meridians form a chain in which one meridian is associated with another. Central and managing meridians open more directly to the environment. The energies that surround you through them can come in and out. Ancient Chinese maps of the meridian system match what I see when I look at the body. In the West, they were initially rejected because they had no known anatomical links. Radioactive isotopes, injected into acupuncture points, have now proven the existence of a system of tanah tubes resembling coastips, approximately 0.5-1.5 microns in diameter, which follow ancient descriptions of meridians. In the research that followed, the paths of light that revealed infrared photography also showed how accurate the maps described in the ancient writings were. Acupuncture points located along the meridian are compared with amplifiers located along the telephone cable, amplifying the signal so that it can continue until the next amplifier. Meridians affect every organ and every physiological system, nervous system, system of internal secretion glands, bloodstream system, respiratory digestive system, bone, muscle and lymph system. At least one meridian feeds each system. Just as the artery carries blood, meridian transmits energy. As the body’s energy flow, meridians transmit strength and balance, remove obstacles, adjust metabolism, and even determine the speed and shape of cellular changes. Their flow is as important as the flow of blood; your life and health depend on both. If the energy of the meridian is blocked or disorganized, the system that meridian feeds is compromised.

If you think of meridians as a portable energy system, a complex transport network, you have a real pattern on which the energy of the meridians interacts with each other. When a free road becomes blocked, it may be necessary to direct some of the traffic to another road. Maybe we need to clear or extend the slope along the road. If the highway or meridian possesses too much energy, as happens in the confusion of everyday life, a bottleneck is created. The auxiliary resources needed to maintain the community or bodies are also hampered. It becomes difficult to deliver food and remove waste substances. Likewise, if the highway is damaged in an earthquake, even the most important maintenance services that form a community resilience system, such as police, fire and ambulance, cannot operate properly. Since our body is in use twenty-four hours every day, day after day, and being subject to permanent stress and experiencing occasional earthquakes, its pathways require regular maintenance and repairs, as well as occasional major restoration.


Energy meridians are intersected with poor health. The amount of light radiated by the meridians of laboratory animals decreased when the animals were sick, and increases when treatments like acupuncture begin to improve their physical condition. Since the disrupted energy of meridians often precedes disease, the manifestation of meridians is sometimes used to predict health disorders and prevent disease.

To balance meridians means to get them to flow smoothly and efficiently.

This can be achieved in a number of ways:

1. Follow your own meridians

2. Rinse clogged meridians

3. Rotate and stretch certain points associated with each meridian

4. massage the neuroly lymphatic points of the meridian

5. Press or tap certain acupuncture points located at the ends of the meridian


Since the main structures of the human body, including the meridians, evolved millions of years ago, these structures have evolved to support a body that adapted to a vastly different world than the one we face today. It is therefore not surprising that the pathways of your body’s portable energy system can pass over each other or deliver too much energy to one organ and not enough to another. The sources of stress we face every day tend to encourage our most vulnerable meridians to frenzie and excessive activity or, on the other hand, to literally close. When this over-action or closure is repeated, other meridians, trying to compensate for the imbalance, fall into a crisis pattern. In the chain reaction that follows, your entire energy transfer system can become ineffective by drawing your life power, and you remain unextored and constricting all kinds of diseases. The strategy of waiting until our bodies evolve so much to suit our way of life, a process that normally takes billions of years, could be impractical. However, human adaptation does not rely ing ly on a genetic mutation. We’re learning. Meridian monitoring is one of the simplest and most successful ways you can correct the discrepancy between your genetic programming and environmental requirements. Regardless of the pressures, stress and new circumstances that can overcome your meridian system, if you are able to keep the energy highways open, minimise traffic jams, maintain import and source systems, remove stale energy and bring fresh energy supplies, you will be healthier.

Since your meridians, as well as their hands, carry electromagnetic and taanhnia energies, you can influence their flow by following them, holding their hands in direct contact with the body or a few centimeters above it. The energy will follow your hand, and the energy flow along the circumnace of the meridian will be stronger. By tracking meridians, you can direct traffic in your power transfer system every day. You can communicate with it, a language that understands, that the flow of energy along their natural pathways is more effective than accidental crisis reactions. On your entire system of meridian monitoring you can do in two minutes, which is a procedure that you can perform daily or whenever you feel the need. In addition, if you know that one of your meridians needs special attention, you can follow this meridian several times each day. You can also add meridian monitoring to your daily energy exercises.


body energy

One of the most important tools you can develop that will help you care for your own health is to test the flow of energy through meridians. Testing meridians allows you to make healthy decisions based on your body’s real needs. Meridians are not only connected to the organ and energy system, but also to the muscles, which are the basis of energy testing

You can actually start with any meridian and continue in order. You can also get an extra boost if you start on the most sensitive meridian. Therefore, after a central and control meridian, start with the spleen meridan or any other suggested by your intuition. The Chinese usually start with the meridian of the lungs, because it infuses the breath.

Revered readers” following instructions will show you how to track all fourteen meridians.

Central meridian

Place both hands on your pubic bone and lift them straight up, next to the body, to the upper lip.

Management meridian

Place one hand on the tailbone and move your hand straight along the spine, as high as you can. Reach over your shoulder and try to touch the rising hand. If your hands can’t be met, connect them with your mind. Then use the hand you put over your shoulder, follow the energy the rest of the way, along the spine, over the head, over the nose, to the upper lip.

Meridians spleen

Start on the outer corners of both thumbs on the leg and head straight up along the inside of the legs, rising on the hips, along the ribs, and then down again.

Meridian hearts

Place your open hand under the armpits of the opposite hand in the direction of your little finger and follow straight down your arm and down your pinkie. Make on both hands.

Meridian of the small intestine

Turn your hand and, starting with the little finger, move it straight along the outside of the hand towards the shoulder, lower yourself slightly down the shoulder blade, swipe over the jaw to the ear opening. Make on both sides.

Bladder Meridian

Place both hands between the eyebrows, run them over the crown of the head and down the head and neck. Remove your hands from the neck, reach back to them, as high as it can stretch along the spine. Follow your hands down any side of the spine, to below the waist, head slightly towards the waist, and then down the middle of the buttocks. Leave the meridian there and return to your shoulders, descend straight down the leg, with a small twist on the knee, to the heel and down the edge of the foot to the little finger. Repeat on the other side.

Meridians of the kidneys

Place your fingers under the foot of each leg, a middle on the line that could be pulled between the first and second fingers on the leg. Pull your fingers towards the inside of each leg, circle around both wrists, climb straight to the inside of the leg, and then the front of the torso dot below the collarbone at the top of the sternum. Massage these points vigorously.

Meridian circulation-sex

Place your fingers on the outside of the opposite side of the chest, next to the nipple, move it over the shoulder, from the inside of the hand, down the arm and down the middle finger. Make on both sides.

Meridian three-piece heater

Turn your hand and starting with the ring finger, follow the meridian straight along the outside of the hand to the area behind the ear, then around the ear, ending up on the temple. Make on both sides.

300 000 000 000 000 00

Place your fingers on the outside of the eyebrows, lower yourself to the ear opening, raise your fingers straight up about five centimeters, circle forward, and then descend behind the ears. Again go up to the forehead, return down the crown of the head down the shoulders. From this point move the hands on both sides of the ribs, towards the inside side, then return outwards to the waist, descend to the hips, and then straight down the outer sides of the legs, then down the fourth finger of the leg.

Meridian liver

Place your fingers on the inside of your thumb on your feet, move straight towards the wrist, and then the inside of the legs, on the hips outwards, with the ribs inwards, to the point that is on the nipple line.

Meridian lung

Place one hand over the opposite side of the lung and move it over your shoulder, straight down the inside of your arms and down the thumb.

Meridian colon

Place your open fingers with one hand on the tip of the forefinger of the opposite hand, follow straight to the shoulder, across the neck to under the nose, and then slightly obliquely to the outer edge of the nostoc. Make it on both sides.

Meridian of the stomach

Put both hands under the eyes, lower to the jaw, make a circle with the outer edge of the face to the forehead; move your hands to the jaw, then down the neck to the collarbone, slightly to the outside, and then lower down the chest; under the chest, move your hands a little inwards to the legs, then slightly outwards and straight down the leg and down the other finger on the leg.

Instead of trying to remember the paths of each meridian, I suggest you record the above instructions on tape and let it guide you. Read slowly, and where it says “do the same on the other side”, read the same instructions a second time. Just as regular exercise begins by monitoring the central and control meridians and meridians of the spleen, so it ends with the monitoring of these same meridians, so that the circulation is repeated and strengthened. Therefore, finally, for the second time, add instructions for monitoring these three meridians, notably the meridian spleen, then central, then control.

You can actually start with any meridian and continue in order. You can also get an extra boost if you start on the most sensitive meridian. Therefore, after a central and control meridian, start with the spleen meridan or any other suggested by your intuition. The Chinese usually start with the meridian of the lungs, because it infuses the breath. It can start with the meridium of the spleen. First of all, the meridian of the spleen supplies the most important energy to the resistance system, and affects every meridian. This meridian corrects chemical imbalances and difficulties with blood supply. If you are sick or do not have enough energy, the meridian of the spleen will be weak. Tracking the meridian spleen as the first lays a strong foundation for monitoring other meridians. Daily monitoring of meridians will help you maintain health and well-being. However, meridian can be so consumed by heroic efforts that the organs it controls restore balance, or can be weakened and closed, that mere monitoring will not return it to its natural flow. The rest of this chapter will teach you how to determine and correct such imbalances.

Meridians act as well as the organs used by

Each meridian flows through at least one organ or physiological system and serves them. As the effect of the kidneys themselves purification, so is the action of the meridian kidney. Meridian kidneys purify toxic energy, allowing the energies that were braked to start moving again. With meridium of the kidney, I will work when I want to “flush” a certain system, e.g. if it seems to me that the lymphatic system is slow, if I feel tension in my back, if the energy is blocked below the belt or the body is sick. Meridian kidneys purify body energy and they become fresh, clear and lively, and the energy of the kidneys is restored. The first points on the meridian of the kidneys, on the feet, are called the points of the source of life. Meridian kidneys are said to contain the life force of commencement and renewal.

Energy testing of meridians

One of the most important tools you can develop that will help you care for your own health is to test the flow of energy through meridians. Testing meridians allows you to make healthy decisions based on your body’s real needs. Meridians are not only connected to the organ and energy system, but also to the muscles, which are the basis of energy testing.

It is an interesting, though insignificant, notice that meridian does not necessarily flow through the muscle it affects. Therefore, if you study traditional muscle studies used in applied kinesiology or in the Touch to Health method, you will find that the meridian you are examining does not always flow through the muscle with which it is associated. Although meridian and muscle can be separated (as limbs grow, for example), the original relationship between the two remains unchanged. Energy bridges the physical precipice, and energy testing takes advantage of this enduring relationship. Although there are energy tests for each meridian and are necessary for more advanced work, a simpler way of testing is to use simple testing – testing of general indicators and certain “alarm points” (see drawing). Alarm points are acupuncture points that act as circuit switches in the meridian system. The alert comes on when attention is required. There is an alert point on each meridian, i.e. two such points. When the meridian flows too much energy, meridian turns on the alert points, interrupting the flow of energy. When you find an alert point that’s on, somewhere along the meridian or in the organ that serves the meridian, there’s an energy disturbance. If such disorders become chronic, they are the pre-foreais disease.

Examining the alarm points can tell you whether the meridian energies are overloaded, weakened, disturbed or sluggish. When touching the alarm point weakens the muscle on which you are conducting the test, the alarm point says, “Pay attention”. When the crisis passes, it is necessary to restart the point that acts as a circuit switch. Once upon a time, when humans lived more naturally, I believe that we intuitively felt imbalances caused by bodily alarm reactions and instinctively knew how to correct them through touch and massage. Today we are exposed to a much greater number of sources of stress, which constantly trigger our alert system. We’ve lost touch with our natural instinct to rebalance.

All fourteen meridians can be quickly tested using alarm points. Examine the steering, then the middle meridian, and then proceed to the other twelve meridians, finding the alert points as shown in the drawing and described here. The first eight alert points are on the line that extends straight down the middle of your body.

Control – tip of the nose; central – the centre of the chin; circulation-sex – the middle between the nipples; heart – lower end of the sternum; stomach – halfway between the bottom of the sternum and the navel; three-piece heater – two and a half centimeters below the navel; small intestine – two and a half centimeters lower; bladder – two and a half centimeters lower. There are other emergency points in pairs and you need to examine each side. Go back to your upper body. Lungs – turn your thumbs to the place where they naturally settle on the upper outer edge of the chest, close to where the hands connect to the body. Liver – descend in a straight line down the nipples, one rib under the chest. Gallbladder – descend approximately two and a half centimeters to the lower edge of the ribs. Spleen – hold your hands sideways on the ribs, then lower them straight down until you reach the last rib. It’s the only floating rib of our body. Kidney – follow the ribs another two and a half centimeters towards the back; the dot is located at the top of the lower rib. Colon – place your fingers on the navel and move them two and a half centimeters on both sides of the navel.

Correcting imbalances in meridians

If the hand proves weak during the energy test of the alert point, it means that there are disturbances in the energies flowing with this meridium. They can be caused by reactions to something in your environment, a temporary physiological condition, such as indigestion or inflammation, emotional agitation or, if the imbalance is chronic, it could indicate disease. But since many physical needs are concerned with multiple systems that overlap with each other, one single meridian in itself rarely causes disease; the disease is usually a breakdown in the wider area. The meaning of the energy test also refers to the length of the period during which the problem exists, which are still out of balance, as well as your overall health. Nevertheless, it is successful to find out how you can correct existing imbalances before you even peek into their meaning. The following actions will build a stronger energy field and strengthen your overall health. Establish a strong energy field and this will counter any disease. So far, you have followed your meridians to clean and strengthen them, and you have energetically tested all fourteen meridians to determine whether any of them are still out of balance. If meridian does not respond to monitoring, it usually indicates a chronic pattern rather than a transient disturbance. There are many additional ways to correct such chronic difficulties, including the following four procedures: stretch and turn alert points; rinse meridian; massage the neuroly lymphatic points of the meridian; press the acupuncture points to strengthen a certain meridian.


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