Mercury fillings

Mercury fillings and mercury fumes are dangerous to your body

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Researchers at the University of Calgary, the Faculty of Medicine, and researchers from other recognized medical schools demonstrated that mercury vapor is released from dental fillings. The steam is released from the old fillings, and almost 80% of this steam is almost instantly released into the lungs and further into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, mercury vapor enters the cells almost instantly. It is further distributed in the body, settling in the bones.

Amalgam seals are also called black fillings or mercury fillings, and they are very dangerous because they contain a large concentration of mercury. Mercury vapors are released due to body temperature and enter our bodies.

Mercury vapors from seals are the primary source of mercury contamination. Eighty percent of adults have mercury fillings that release 4 to 40 micrograms of mercury fumes per day. It all depends on the number of fillings that a person has and other metals in the mouth.

You should note that mercury is a hazardous heavy metal. Mercury causes many auto-immune problems and allergies. So if you have a large number of fillings and you have a problem with some autoimmune reactions, we recommend that you replace them and do a complete cleansing of the body of heavy metals. For more information on how heavy metals can affect you can find the article’s immune system 9 ways to prevent autoimmune reactions.

Every day, we do some things that increase mercury vapor released into our bodies. We chew gum, eat, drink hot drinks, brush our teeth.

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, mercury can damage many organs and organ systems, including the nervous system, immune systems, cardiovascular system. These three systems are most exposed to the effects of mercury vapor toxicity. He also claims that mercury toxicity plays a decisive role in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Protect yourself from exposure to mercury fumes

An article published in the British Dental Journal in 2001 found that 15 to 20 percent of dental clinics were poisoned by 10 times more mercury fumes than allowed.

When you visit a traditional dentist, you increase your risk of mercury poisoning because even the simplest brushing of teeth will bring mercury into your body. If you are not ready to replace your old fillings, you need to find a biological dentist who does not use mercury fillings, and in this way, you can reduce mercury exposure when visiting the dentist.

Safe removal of mercury fillings

If you have mercury fillings and want to replace them, your dentist should follow this protocol published by the International Academy of Oral Medical and Toxicology :

Use throat protection to prevent seal fragments from being inhaled or swallowed.

Cover the patient’s face with a shield to prevent the absorption of mercury through the skin into the patient’s body

Use nasal oxygen.

Use a high degree of ventilation in the operating area.

Use vacuum cleaners to clean the room where the operations are performed.

Use devices in enhanced mode to suck the filling parts’ remnants out of the patient’s mouth.

Use mouthwash when removing fillings to cool the mouth and reduce mercury release during the procedure.

Take it out mercury fillings in large pieces because smaller pieces can be more easily lost and remain in the patient’s mouth. Also, with larger pieces, less mercury vapor is released.

Clean your mouth before removing the rubber shield

Use the prescribed ventilation system in your dental clinic.

If you have a sensitivity to the chemical environment and want to get rid of old fillings, you should visit a naturopath who will provide you with a plan according to your specific needs to avoid any negative reaction to your organism.



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