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Liposomal vitamin C  is an innovation in the transport of nutrients and absorption of preparations in the body.

Every day something new is discovered, so ingenious people discover superior ways better to assimilate medicinal substances and nutrients into the human body. This last generation of transport integration is called liposomal technology.

Since we need greater utilization of all nutrients and at the same time medicines, this way of protection and transport of the same in the human body has been developed over time.

Liposomes and their role

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Liposomes are tiny fat particles used as a means of transmission, which transfers food and nutrients to cells throughout the body. Dr. Alec Banham discovered liposomes.  Vitamin C is one of the most widely used and well-known antioxidants worldwide. It is an integral part of various forms of food, and also vitamin C helps and improves our immune system’s functioning. Liposomal vitamin C is a futuristic invention of the assimilation of food in the body and has won many awards in health. Liposomal vitamin C is wrapped like cells in our body and thus is successfully transported through the digestive tract directly into the bloodstream without damage or loss.

This way of transporting matter in the body provides much greater utilization and assimilation. This way of taking vitamin C in liposomal form has a stronger effect and better assimilation than intravenously. This is a technique used in many modern hospitals and unconventional health centers. The dimensions of liposomes fit into the average dimensions of most vitamin C, which vary from 100-400 nanometers. According to their nano dimensions, making miniature capsules or liposomes is very complex and requires special technology.

In addition to the intake of nutrients and their transport and implementation in the body, liposomes are also used for better absorption and all the above functions of various types of drugs in medicine. Thanks to the surprising effects and benefits of liposomal technology, several dietary companies use these methods to produce their dietary supplements.

Dr. Mercola brand liposomal vitamin C.

dr mercola liposomal vitamin c

Dr. Merkola is a manufacturer that has been in the circles of supplement manufacturers since 2001. Dr. Josef Merkola is a manufacturer that essentially has a tradition of producing diet products for more than 100 years and representing perfect quality. These products are used as a benchmark for determining certain supplements in the United States as the best possible. Dr. Merkola has provided the perfect form of vitamin C, which is 10 times more absorbed and even better than intravenous transport as a regular dietary supplement.

Do not buy untested liposomal preparations. Forming liposomes is very complex, and production machines cost tens of thousands of euros. Dr. Mercola is a proven global brand that gives amazing and instant results with its liposomal vitamin c. Read how complex the production of liposomal preparations is and what they are used for in the article Liposomal preparations and their application

Use liposomal vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin C  is the most optimal preparation, with the help of increasing the intake of this harsh substance in your body. You feel liposomal vitamin C immediately, and it acts instantly due to the use of liposomal transfer technology. This technology improves the digestive system’s barrier and increases the percentage of successful transport through the blood system to cells that use vitamin C.

As a result, liposomal vitamin C has a dynamic effect on the body compared to the classic vitamin C, which is incorrectly assimilated and requires much larger amounts to achieve even a close effect. Liposomal vitamin C also helps avoid intestinal stress, which is achieved by using the classic vitamin C in ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate.

People suffering from various diseases, including malignant diseases, tend to achieve an increased vitamin C concentration in the body. It is recommended to use liposomal vitamin C due to the accelerated action and achieve optimal vitamin C concentrations in the body without side effects with tiny amounts.

The phospholipids used in the production are based on soy lecithin and sunflower oil emulators. The reason for using phospholipids or lecithin is that with the help of these substances, the capsule’s content is protected, in this case, vitamin C, during transport through the body.


All the substances involved improve liposomal vitamin c  implementation of this circulation preparation (bioavailability).

This preparation helps improve your immune system’s functioning and its resistance.

It is necessary to consume it with water to activate liposomes during decomposition.

You can feel the preparation effect after only 20 minutes from the moment of taking it.

It is recommended to take one to two capsules a day with water or a meal for the elderly and a maximum of one for the younger ages.

Contents: 60 and 180 capsules of 1000 mg of liposomal vitamin C.



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