Kanglaite is a Chinese drug that kills metastases

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Job’s Tears, or Kanglaite, is a preparation derived from an Asian plant known as Coix. The inconspicuous lipid in the envelope surrounding the seed embryo can be extracted with acetone, and its high purity can be obtained in several extraction phases. This compound is then combined with glycerin and lecithin obtained from egg or soy, and a suspension in water is obtained, which is given by injection to the patient.

Kanglaite is a promising medicine.

jobove suze coix
The drug Kanglaite to treat cancer has been recognized since 1961 and was discovered by Japanese scientists, and after the eighties, the healing properties were tested by Chinese scientists. The botanical name for Kanglaite is Coix lachryma-jobi. No one really knows how Kanglaite works, but this compound has been used on over 270,000 patients in over 2,000 hospitals across China. It has proven to be a severe drug for reducing tumor development in all parts of the human body.
Kanglaite drug underwent 4-month clinical trials on 15 patients out of 18 at Salt Lake City Hospital, Utah. It became the first traditional Chinese medicine on which clinical trials were performed in the USA. This drug currently holds copyright and license in the following countries: China, Canada, the USA, Japan, and the European Union.

Kanglaite in Russia

The Russian Federation approved clinical studies on the drug Kanglaite in 2002 and entered the second phase in 2003. The National Taiwan University expert team has identified 6 phenol compounds in the shell of the Coix plant that has exceptional antioxidant properties. The researchers found that the various compounds in Job’s tears have antioxidant properties, but the highest concentration is found in the seed coat and the fibers, i.e., the seed coat.

Method of administration of the Chinese preparation Kanglaite

Kanglaite is given to patients in the form of capsules or injections. As an injection, Kanglaite is an improved version of this medicine. It has many times more effective effects on various forms of malignancy and a dynamic anti-malignant effect on cancer. The use of this preparation can be intravenous or intraarterial.
As a fat emulsion, Kanglaite injection enriches the patient’s body with high-energy nutrients with minimal harmful effects. This prevents the formation of new blood vessels during the development of neoplasia and neutralizes weight loss due to malignancy development.

Operation of Kanglaite

When used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Kanglaite injection can increase the sensitivity of tumor cells and reduce the harmfulness of the therapy to a healthy part of the body and alleviate the pain caused by the presence of malignancy and improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This medicine was made with the famous pharmacologist Prof. Li Danpenga. Kanglaite is the only drug of its kind worldwide adjusted as a micro-fluid for intravenous use. This medicine is produced according to the most modern program for the production of medicines. In that way, traditional medicine and modern methods for the production of medicines have been successfully combined.

Application Kanglaite

kanglaite injekcija
Two injections are given daily by infusion over a period of 3 weeks. The usual use of the drug covers 6 weeks. Therapy is discontinued for 5 days after the first 3 weeks. This treatment method has been used in China and Russia for many years.
The parent plant used to make this medicine has spread worldwide. The seeds of this teardrop-shaped plant, grayish-white in color, have variations to completely brown color and are used as a bead for making jewelry and necklaces. The seeds of this plant are very similar to barley.

Reduction of malignancy

With the use of Kanglaite drug, patients with cancer can have benefits in terms of disrupting the mitosis of tumor cells through the G2 / M phase of cells, stimulating the decay of neoplastic cells, expression of FAS and APO-1 genes, suppression of Bel-2 genes that affect the development of malignant cells. Reducing and stopping the development of new blood vessels that affect the development of tumors, prevents weight loss caused by the presence of tumors, reducing the resistance of malignant cells to drugs, pain reduction which occurs due to the development and presence of malignancy, increased permeability of the urinary tract, destruction of metastases throughout the body, increased effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It should be noted that this drug is extremely effective in the 4th and 5th phase, in which the progression of the tumor is in the last stages of the organism’s invasion.
This preparation has shown extremely well in malignant diseases of the following organs: colon, rectum, pancreas, breast, prostate, kidney, lungs, esophagus, and leukemia.



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