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Iscador white Miseltoe a successful anti-cancer treatment

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Cancer has become a very terrible health problem in the last century. Treatments of conventional medicine can fight cancer but with great damage to the immune system and a healthy part of the body. Iscador, the White Mistletoe, will be the subject of this text.

Alternative medicine has a natural approach to cancer problems, and this approach is less devastating for the whole organism. It should be understood that cancer cells are not immigrants to our bodies. They are a manifestation of some external or internal factors that affect our body, and also one of the reasons for their occurrence is a disorder of the immune system.

You should note that the longest phase of tumor development is before the tumor phase, which can last for years and sometimes decades. Its development is peas in the immune system, during which the immune system cannot recognize what cancer is and what is a healthy part of the organism.

Iskador white mistletoe

iskador bela mistletoe

Iscador white mistletoe was the name of a group of anti-cancer preparations prepared from various types of mistletoe. Spark treatment affects the body and activates its power to fight cancer. Iscador is more complementary than alternative medicine.

European oncologists often prescribe it as an adjunct to conventional methods of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Currently, mistletoe is the most important component of conventional anti-cancer therapy. There is a special clinic in Switzerland, the Lucas Clinic, where patients are treated with Iscar.

Currently, in many countries, doctors treat their patients with iscador. In India, homeopaths use Iskar for the treatment of cancerous diseases. Iscador is available in America under the name Iscar. It is mainly produced in Switzerland and Germany and then exported to other parts of the world.

Currently, about 1,400 different species of mistletoe have been recorded worldwide. One thing is common to all species of mistletoe: they do not grow on mineral soil but exclusively on trees and plants. Only white mistletoe Viscum Album is used to treat cancer.

Isakdor composition and use

White mistletoe contains, among other things, two groups of toxins, namely viscotoxins and mistletoe lecithin. Viscotoxins and mistletoe lecithin are proteins that are capable of being broken down in the digestive tract. The structure of viscotoxins is very similar in chemical structure to snake venom. This toxin attacks cancerous cells when it finds them. Mistletoe lecithins have the structure of oil lecithins. Both have cytostatic properties and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Iscador white mistletoe is used in the initial stages of cancer, advanced stages of malignancy, metastases, in pre-cancerous conditions, benign tumors, during surgery iscador prevents the possibility of cancer spreading.

In patients treated with Iscar, tests and analyzes were performed in the laboratory, and it was found that this drug does not cause any toxic indications. No adverse effects were observed. And since the iscador was given for many years, no changes were noticed in the patients.

Iskador classification

Iscador preparations are classified according to the host on which the mistletoe grew or the tree and plant it fed during development. Depending on the location of the primary tumor and the sex of the patient, the appropriate Iscador product is selected. Individual metals are used to increase the potency of the iscador for a particular organ.

Metastases are treated with the same preparation that treats the primary tumor. The preparation is usually given early in the morning, during body temperature’s physiological growth. The frequency of administration depends on the judgment of the practitioner. The length of treatment is quite a long period of time, and sometimes it can last for many years. Changes in the type of preparation, dose, and frequency of administration depend on the assessment of experts and laboratory analyzes and findings.

Iskador reactions and immune system

Reactions due to iscador therapy are mainly accompanied by high body temperature and inflammatory reaction with increased blood flow and sweating in the tumor region—the number of white blood cells increases.

By stimulating the immune system, improvement of the patient’s general health condition, increased appetite, increased body weight, improved sleep, reduction of depression, reduction and disappearance of pain, stimulation of work of intestines and urinary tract are achieved.

As for the tumor, during the use of iscador, its regression occurs. Its growth and development are reduced, the development of metastases is reduced, and their further occurrence is prevented, and the possibility of infections is reduced.

The price of Iskador is much lower compared to the treatments of conventional medicine. It should be remembered that Iskar is taken for several years in a row but under an expert’s supervision.

Soon texts on certain types of Iskadors and their application. It will continue

You can find Iskador in Germany and Switzerland for free sale. We can also recommend a clinic that deals with saccade treatment. You can read more here.

White had healing properties

White mistletoe is a fascinating plant. It grows on trees, and it is most often on fir trees, pines, and deciduous trees of a specific shape reminiscent of a ball; it does not grow anywhere else, so it cannot be found on land or in water.
Since ancient times, its healing properties have been known and were used by the first doctors. It is popularly known as the witch’s broom, the witch’s broom. They used to use it to treat epilepsy.

It is used to treat chronic cramps, hysteria, and frostbite.

It has given excellent results in the treatment of diabetes, it accelerates the pancreas’ work, and after a while, diabetes becomes a thing of the past.

Mistletoe is also used in the treatment of metabolic disorders and hormonal disorders. It is used as a tea that is taken in the morning and the evening.

White mistletoe used in clogged arteries in stroke and stroke.
Drink 6 weeks the first week is drunk after 3 cups a day next three after two cups and the last two one by one, so that one cup is divided before and after the meal.

She had a perfect code as well nosebleeds cold is sniffed through the nose and the bleeding stops, it is also used in all other types of bleeding from the intestines.

It also shows enviable results in regulating blood pressure, solves the problems of fainting and tinnitus, and vision problems.
What is very important also helps with the code weakened heart and poor blood circulation. Mistletoe rejuvenates our body and restores the energy we had in our youth.

It is recommended for heavy menstruation and the transition period because it relieves all the ailments that accompany these problems. Fresh juice from mistletoe helps code sterility and that by taking after 25 drops before breakfast and before dinner.

Mistletoe drops can be found in pharmacies. Lately, it has been used to solve problems with carcinogenic diseases more and more. Mistletoe otherwise cleanses the body of all harmful toxins in the body.

What is interesting about mistletoe is that its berries are poisonous only when eaten and drunk as a tea, but they are therefore used as a balm for external use in frostbite.

Use white mistletoe

The drops can be found in the pharmacy.

Fresh juice is prepared by squeezing fresh, still moist leaves in a juicer.

Balm preparation: fresh white berries are ground and mixed with cold lard is used for frostbite.

Tea preparation: one small spoon of mistletoe is soaked with a quarter of a liter of water to stand during the night to drink, during the day to store in a thermos.



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