Indole 3 carbinol cures hormonal cancer

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It is fascinating that some pharmaceutical companies in early 2010 invested a lot of money in the research and production of a synthetic compound related to indole 3 carbinol. Indole 3 carbinol should, in the future, be a basic drug in the treatment of many serious diseases like arthritis and even cancerous diseases.

In the future, indole 3 carbinol should be an effective and even better replacement for Tamoxifen. Indole 3 carbinol would probably not be an interesting name for you. You have probably never heard of it, but it is essential in acting on cancerous diseases, and here is why:

Indole 3 carbinol research

One of the latest studies has successfully proven the hypothesis that women who take tamoxifen can use lower doses of this drug if they take indole 3 carbinol with it, achieving the same results. In this way, the side effects of tamoxifen are reduced in patients.

Indole 3 carbinol can be found in broccoli, cauliflower, and other vegetables. This preparation has many anti-cancer effects, but it loses many anti-cancer properties when cooking food. Many studies have proven the anti-cancer properties of indole 3 carbinol.

From 1990 to the present day, about 120 scientific studies have been conducted on preparing indole 3 carbinol and its effect on cancerous diseases such as breast cancer, respiratory cancer, and some female types of cancer such as uterine and ovarian cancer caused by increased estrogen concentrations. By using between 200 and 400 mg a day in the early stages of the disease, as many as 8 out of 17 women were completely cured!

Indole 3 carbinol and DIM

In addition to indole 3 carbinol, very effective preparation is DIM, which we wrote about in one of the previous articles. During the menstrual cycle – heavy bleeding treatment has a very harmonized effect with the aforementioned preparation. Combining both increases the amount of indol 3 carbinol in the blood system compared to the state in which DIM is not consumed.

Both preparations are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Research has shown that these two preparations very well neutralize the negative effects of the HPV virus and reduce cancer risk in people who have this disease. These two preparations can also cleanse the body of chemicals caused by the HPV virus called dioxins and prevent DNA damage. These damages are one of the reasons for the deformation of cancer cells, and we wrote about that in the article How cancer develops.

Indole 3 carbinol and DIM activity

The activity of these two preparations does not end here. These two preparations affect carcinogenic diseases caused by elevated estrogen concentrations and reversible hormonal disorders. In these carcinogenic disorders, oestradiol binds to cell receptors and, on that occasion, creates a breakdown within the cells, changing their structure and turning them into carcinogens.

Indole 3 carbinol and DIM change oestradiol from the very aggressive structure I listed above into a tolerable and much weaker form that does not disrupt microcellular cell assembly and metabolism.

Oestradiol is a carcinogen that affects cancer cells’ formation, affects cancer development, and is directly related to prostate cancer, breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer.

These two preparations directly affect the receptors and modify them on the cell membrane itself so that when oestradiol is detected, these receptors do not create chaos inside the cells and do not change the structure, nor do they contribute to any changes that cause cancer cells.

These two preparations also have many effects on cancerous diseases in which estrogen is not directly involved as a trigger for cancer. Note DIM has the ability to indicate re-activity of p21 genes in already formed cancer cells, which prevents DNA synthesis during the formation of new cancer cells.

In this way, DIM prevents the formation and growth of cancer. Also, both preparations’ influence reduced HIF-1 alpha, which is directly related to angiogenesis and the formation of microcapillaries. These two preparations reduced the development of cancerous diseases in cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, and lymphoma by acting directly on the Cdc25A molecule, which is responsible for developing these diseases.

Other influences

Scientific research has successfully proven that these two compounds have an equally good effect on cancers caused by some other factor about estrogen-causing cancers.

Indole 3 carbinol effectively suppresses the action of the HPV virus in the precancerous phases of this virus. There is also evidence that this preparation affects the development of respiratory papillomas. Researchers have proven that it protects the liver very well. The most significant is discovering its reversible influence on liver cancer development, in which cancer cells become healthy, and tumor development is completely reduced.

Indole 3 carbinol also reduces the production of many enzymes that are directly related to some carcinogenic processes. This preparation reduces alpha-estrogen concentration in the body, which is a pronounced carcinogen and directly affects cancer development and development. Indole 3 carbinol also affects apoptosis, a process in which cancer cells perform self-destruction.


I have listed above the types of cancerous diseases that have both a direct and indirect connection with hormonal imbalance and on which indole 3 carbinol and Smoke they have an extremely strong effect, replacing many very strong drugs that cause a large number of side effects. It should be noted that these two preparations are very good in solving problems and regulating hormonal disorders, which in women can cause many problems such as heavy menstruation, outflow, cysts and disorders in the endometrial area.



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