The technique used by Michael Jackson to prolong longevity shows very good possibilities to increase the effectiveness of a natural cure for cancer. In a clean environment oxygen at three and a half times higher air pressure than a normal natural preparation artemisnin a derivative of the plant artemisia annua or popularly called sweet Pelin has greater power and effectiveness in destroying cancer cells. It was also confirmed that oxygen under such high pressure, it destroys cancer cells by itself. This research was published by scientists from the University of Washington in the journal Anticancer Research.

The latest study

In the latest study, a test was performed in which it was used artemisnin and oxygen. Using only sweet wormwood or just oxygen a 15 percent reduction in the spread of leukemia cancer cells was achieved. If these two methods are used in combination, cell growth is reduced by 38 percent, which also increases the efficiency of artemisinin by 50 percent.

“If you combine oxygen under high pressure and artemisnin much greater efficiency and much faster healing is achieved “, claims the leader of the research team, Dr. Henri Lai. “We performed the measurements for only 48 hours, for a longer period of time we expect much better results than the above.”

History of artemisinin

sweet wormwood artemisia annua

The history of the drug Artemisinin reminds us of the early 70’s and the story of Indiana Jones. Dr. Lai says that Chinese leader Mao Zedong ordered the research and development of a cure for malaria. At the same time, villagers in central China discovered a 2,000-year-old tomb that contained three coffins. One suitcase contained a silk scroll that described various recipes, including the malaria drug artemisinin. The Chinese followed these instructions and so the ancient medicine was restored from the past.


Today sweet wormwood in many uses in Asia and Africa for the treatment of malaria. Artemisinin has been found to act in contact with iron and form free radicals, highly reactive charged particles that destroy cancerous cells. The malaria parasite is also susceptible because its body is also rich in iron.

Artemisnin provides a cheap way to treat cancer, “Lai said.” Its effectiveness is 100 times that of traditional chemotherapy. “

Lai says to a high level oxygen improves the effect of sweet wormwood, because oxygen increases the formation of free radicals. In 2010 he conducted research using a hyperbaric chamber in which Raymond Coke, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, performed tests that under high pressure oxygen reduces pain.

Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber

A hyperbaric chamber filled with high pressure oxygen helps divers who come to the surface too quickly to gradually adjust to normal levels oxygen . Pop singer Michael Jackson tried to cure numerous scars from plastic surgery by sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber in the mid-80s, as well as to maintain his youthful appearance and prolong his life. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been shown to cure several diseases, including decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe burns, and slow wound healing.

In clinical practice, artemisinin -hyperbaric therapy leads to the fact that during the stay of people and animals in the hyperbaric chamber, the efficiency of sweet wormwood increases. Other co-authors are Usuke Ohgami, Catherine Elstad and Eunhee Chung from VSU and Donald Shirachi from the Chico Hyperbaric Center. The research is funded by the state of Washington at Chico University College of Pharmacy at the Hyperbaric Center.