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Hyperbaric chamber and benefits from use in cancer therapy

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The hyperbaric chamber is successfully used to increase oxygen in the body, reducing the acidity of the body and increasing energy levels and vitality.

What’s an up hyperbaric chamber? It is a device that a person enters to receive oxygen under increased pressure.

There is thorough research showing the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber in several problems ranging from decubitus wounds (hospital wounds, bedsores) and non-healing diabetic wounds to cancer therapy. In cancer therapy, oxygen makes cancer cells weaker and less resistant to drugs.

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Dominique D’agostino from the University of South Florida researched the Department of Defense (United States of America) to work with Naval Seals. His work shows that a ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy prolong mice’s survival period with systemic metastatic cancer. In fact, this study shows that a ketogenic diet combined with hyperbaric oxygen stops the progression of tumor growth.

But a good hyperbaric chamber with a hard shell costs about $ 75,000 (that’s how much a new BMW higher class costs!). Set aside a part of the day to go to the clinic and pay for the use of the chamber? Who has so much time? What are the alternatives, then?

Manfred von Arden, a student of Otto Warburg, investigated the delivery of oxygen to patients in what he called “Oxygen Multistep Therapy” or O2MT (Oxygen Multistep Therapy), which evolved into a home therapy called “Exercise With Oxygen Therapy” or EWOT (Exercise With Multistep Therapy). Dr. Arden discovered that this therapy stimulates the immune system, affects microcirculation, strengthens the oxygen status, and improves the overall energy status.

This work is so impressive that Warburg wrote a letter to von Arden: “In the last few years, you have reached the pinnacle of cancer research; I certainly don’t know of a single book from all the cancer research in which anyone else has approached the problem of treating cancer with such energy and breadth. My instincts tell me that your victory is guaranteed in the long run. ”
You can read more information about the hyperbaric chamber and its use during treatment with artemisinin here.



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