Hydrazine sulfate preparation that does not allow the cancer to consume the energy reserves of the patient’s body and maintain body weight

Hydrazine sulfate the preparation should be seriously studied by oncologists and also by oncology patients. Many people think that hydrazine sulfate is used only in the last stages of cancer, so that it stops when a large amount of energy is expelled from the body. This cycle of high glucose consumption by cancer is called the milk cycle. It is so called because the cancer produces a large amount of lactic acid, as a result of which patients feel very tired

Hydrazine sulfate action

sehydrin hydrazine sulfate

It does not matter whether a person has an activated milk cycle process or not, cancer reacts equally. Hydrazine sulfate prevents the cancer from using glucose and eating. People who have cancer should never wait for the symptoms of the milk cycle to appear. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to return to normal.

Dr. Gold followed people who started using hydrazine sulfate immediately after  found that they were suffering from cancer, not waiting for the symptoms of the milk cycle, and these people had a 43% cure. Compared to 43% of radiation recovery, the percentage is not small.

Some people do not like to use Hydrazine Sulfate because it is actually a chemical but also on the other hand they use drugs like Ibuprofen. When used properly Hydrazine sulfate is just as dangerous as Ibuprofen It should be noted that hydrazine sulfate 100 times less toxic than chemotherapy. The fact that it does not destroy healthy tissue like chemotherapy and radiation gives it an advantage and makes it a better solution than the previous two.

Prohibition of research

Because it is so good, a large number of pharmaceutical companies are engaged in production chemotherapy put pressure on the FDA to ban the further use of this preparation and to disable phase 4 of its research, which would enable it to register and enable it to be on the shelves of pharmacies for further use of oncology patients. If that happened, many people’s crowns would be taken off their heads.

DR Gold and the action of hydrazine sulfate

The following is an explanation by Dr. Gold’s team of how Hydrazine Sulfate actually works:

Syracuse Cancer Research Institute began operations in 1966, sponsored by Director Dr. Joseph Gold. At that time, the milk cycle was only known for its symptoms, and in fact no one knew its cause. Research started by Dr. Gold has indicated that the cause of this condition of the body is actually the ability of the cancer to consume large amounts of energy from the body, in turn producing large amounts of lactic acid. Lactic acid is processed in the liver also consuming energy to re-produce glucose which again feeds the cancer.

Because cancer uses glucose and produces large amounts of lactic acid, it actually weakens the body in this way and increases its acidity, which affects it and prepares the ground for invasion and further spread. In this way, large amounts of energy are consumed in the milk circle on both sides. Over time, energy expenditure becomes unsustainable and then reserves are depleted, fat and muscle tissue are burned, and weight loss occurs.

Dr. Gold tried to block this body’s chemical machinery that converts lactic acid into glucose. He found a wide range of blockers glucose metabolism of which one is hydrazine sulfate which can lead to a blockage of the mechanism.

Use hydrazine sulfate

The point of using hydrazine sulfate is to keep the patient’s body in optimal condition, maintain his body weight and prevent further development of cancer. Carcinogenic diseases should be treated with several different weapons. This is one of the well-known preparations that do not allow people with cancer to lose weight. Hydrazine sulfate is sold in tablets of 60 and 30 mg.

People under 45 kg should use 30 mg tablets while people over 45 kg should use 60 mg tablets.


This article is not intended to commercially promote hydrazine sulfate but solely to help people with cancer to respond adequately and supplement therapy with this preparation in order to reduce body weight and reduce the possibility of cancer spreading.

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