Lately, there are a lot of people with one very problematic problem, and that is pain. Pain is an accompanying problem of people who have cancer. Metastases that appear on the bones can be extremely unpleasant and painful. Many preparations are effective in suppressing pain in cancerous diseases. Some also have anti-cancer effects. Many herbs and preparations that I will list also have anti-inflammatory properties, stop swelling and reduce pain.

Curcumin, a spice extract of turmeric is very popular in Indonesia and India. It is generally known as one of the ingredients of curry. Curcumin is an extract obtained from turmeric root. Pure turmeric powder contains about 3% curcumin.

Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and is a very good anti-oxidant. Curcumin has very good anti-cancer properties.

This anti-inflammatory plant is able to find and destroy free radicals that cause pain in your body. This preparation destroys the COX2 enzyme that causes pain. By taking curcumin, you can reduce other types of pain, such as sinus infections that cause severe headaches.

If the pain is caused by the progression of the cancer, several herbs and preparations can be combined that stop its development and reduce the pain. One of the very good preparations, which is also a proteolytic enzyme, burns the inflammatory protein serapeptase. Serapeptase is effective in severe pain and successfully reduces inflammation and also burns some of the proteins that make up the envelope of cancer cells.

Also a very good preparation for reducing pain in metastases are vidatox drops that stop the development of cancer in combination with large doses of vitamin C. C vitamin in combination with vidatox is drunk from 3 grams a day at the beginning, so one gram is increased every day, taking care that the doses are not taken at once so as not to damage the stomach, but are dissolved in a glass of water several times a day. When we reach the value from which we get diarrhea, then we should stop and continuously maintain the amount of vitamin C and drink that dose every day. Vidatox has good anti-carcinogenic properties

Another good painkiller is DMSO which is applied to the sore spot in a ratio of 4: 1 in a mixture with distilled water. Dmso also has quite good anti-cancer properties and also increases the semipermeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells. DMSO increases the blood supply to the area where it is applied and reduces swelling and inflammation, and also increases the flow of lymph.

Another extremely effective plant and preparation is ginger extract. Ginger extract reduces pain and inflammation. Ginger extract works by reducing the number of prostaglandins, a molecule that tells your brain that something is hurting you. Ginger has also been shown to reduce swelling.

Pain in people who have cancer can be caused by the anti-cancer effect of a drug or the good effect of a therapy. In that case, the cancer triggers the defense mechanism, trying to defend itself by releasing a large concentration of toxins and pressing on the nerves and nerves. In that case, it is recommended to stop the treatment and apply a sedative that will literally calm the activity of the cancer. This phenomenon of pain during treatment is very pronounced in artemisinin therapy and successful chemotherapy.

Metastases, as we have said, and tumor enlargement can cause severe pain. In this case, the cancer spreads to the nerves with its spread and causes very strong pain. In this case, we should work on reducing the development of the tumor and reducing its density, by acting with an anti-cancer program, because automatically, as the concentration of cancer cells decreases, the pressure of the tumor on the surrounding tissue will decrease.

As we can see the source of pain can be different and sometimes some positive effects like effective treatment can create inflammation and pain. The patient’s body should be maintained with high concentrations of prescribed vitamins, a good anti-cancer program, the body’s pH value should be maintained and the level of free radicals should be kept as low as possible with various antioxidants. It is also important to regulate the diet, and all of the above preparations should reduce pain if it occurs. It should be noted that all of the above preparations can be used at the same time without any consequences.