How to buy b17 vitamin online?

buy b17 vitamin

The B17 vitamins is a glycoside nutrient that is found in the pits of various fruits, especially the apricot. It’s also found in millet, buckwheat, beans, and nuts. It is often referred to by a few different names such as laetrile, nitriloside, and amygdalin. These product names are a purified form of the vitamin which has been produced for the prevention, as well as the treatment of cancer.

B17 is a material instituted naturally in more than 1200 diverse b17 vitamin food, counting the pits of loads of fruits like cherries, apricots, plums, cherries, apples, oranges, nectarines, and peaches, as well as many raw nuts.  B17 was the designation specified to the decontaminated variety of the extremely minute particle by a biochemist referred to as Ernst T Krebs in the year 1952. These days B17 is wheedled out from apricot pits / pips.

We are a California based company which provides people with high quality Vitamin B17 online. If you want to buy B17 vitamin, you have come to the right place.

The B17 vitamins we provide is initially produced in Mexico. We then distribute it all over the United States of America, as well as internationally.

Our company was founded 10 years ago when the founders started to conduct research about alternate medicine and discovered the many benefits of concentrated vitamin B17, also known as laetrile. We have a lot of expertise and experience in this field, and produce vitamin B17 supplements of the best quality.

B17 Vitamin

buy b17 vitamin

There is one main reason why B17 vitamin supplements have been banned. This vitamin can produce a type of cyanide which can be dangerous. Some research studies have shown that cyanide from fruits and nuts do not affect non-cancerous cells, but do harm cancerous cells. This is why it has been seen as a cure for cancer.

How is Vitamin B17 Produced?

This supplement is present in many food items, particularly in seeds. Apricot kernel seed is the richest source, while peaches, prunes, cherries, apples and plums all have seeds which contain this vitamin. Chia and sesame seeds are also sources, as are some beans, walnuts, bitter almonds and berries.

Our skilled and highly experienced workers extract B17 from these sources and concentrate them to form laetrile. These are then packed as tablets, powder or injectable solution. You can then buy this B17 vitamin, consume it and enjoy its many benefits.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best providers of this supplement in the country. The quality of our products is very high. There will never be any contaminants found in our supplements, as we never compromise on our quality checks.

While you can consume the fruit seeds and berries to get the required dose of this supplement, taking it in the form of tablets is better as it provides you with the concentrated active ingredient, also known as amygdalin B17. Also, you can easily keep track of how much you have eaten and how much more you might need to consume.

Where can I buy b17?

Once you came to our page it will be easy for you to buy vitamin b17. We have a few different products that you can use and in the later text, you will find out what is the best product for you. I must mention that all our products are original Novodalin, products manufactured by Cytopharma.

Once you buy B17 from us, we deliver it to your doorstep. We deliver our products all over the world. Our company has a very fast response and delivery times. We use USPS service to deliver our goods, so you can track your order online and confirm its status.

If you need your supplements in an emergency, we provide Priority Mail Express, through which we deliver your B17 supplements overnight, after you have paid for them. If you are situated outside the United States, you can still order Priority Mail and we will dispatch it within 2 working days after you have made the payment. However, the exact delivery time depends on the customs clearance and postal service in your country.

Benefits of Vitamin B17:

vitamin b17 tablets

B17 Vitamin has been shown by research to be very effective in a number of health-related conditions. The active ingredient in this vitamin is known as amygdalin. Amygdalin B17 is an amazing component, particularly when it comes to fighting cancer.

In Fighting Cancer:

Cancer is a terrifying and painful disease, and hundreds of thousands of people succumb to this disease all over the world. Chemotherapy, which is the mainstay of orthodox cancer treatment, harms healthy body cells along with the cancerous ones, thus producing many adverse effects. Research has shown that vitamin B17, or laetrile, is very beneficial in fighting cancers of all kinds.

This is not just a whimsical statement – many doctors have tried this treatment modality and swear by its effectiveness. Vitamin B17 acts by producing hydrogen cyanide in the body. This chemical locates the cancer cells and destroys them. As a result, it not only results in a reduction of tumor size but also prevents the spread of this cancer to other parts of the body. Laetrile decreases pain caused by cancer as well.

Improved Immunity:

Ingesting B17 vitamin for sale also results in improvement in the immune system, which makes it possible for the body to fight cancer cells on its own. Not only this but improved immunity also means that you will be healthier overall, and will be able to resist other diseases as well. Thus laetrile leads to an improvement in general health.

No Side Effects:

Perhaps the best thing which should encourage you to buy B17 vitamin is that it is completely free of any harmful effects. It does not attack healthy cells of the body and thus does not produce any adverse reactions. When you use this B17 supplement, you will feel healthier than ever before.


If you are suffering from arthritis and are tired of taking tons of medicines, you should try B17 vitamin as it really reduces arthritic pain.

Blood Pressure:

Laetrile can help in reducing your blood pressure. You should take it along with your blood pressure medication until you notice your BP starting to return to normal.

Can B17 Vitamin Supplements Cure Cancer

The usage of laetrile to prevent or cure cancer continues to be rejected by the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Food and Drug Administration. These organizations consider the idea that this nutrient could cure cancer as not only is inaccurate but also fraudulent. The state medical studies haven’t proved that it can prevent or cure cancer.

However, many people disagree with the rejection of using this vitamin for treating cancer. Actually, some studies have shown that when cancer patients have consumed laetrile, it turned out to be very effective in reducing and completely stopping the development of tumor growths in their body. Higher amounts of injectable laetrile have also proven to help alleviate severe pain that is often associated with cancer. Quite a few U.S. citizens consider the ban on the selling of B17 supplements or raw apricot pits as limiting their rights to alternative types of cancer treatments.

Supporters of the usage of laetrile say that cancer is basically a disease that is the result of a person having nutrient deficiencies. They believe that when people consume laetrile it will make the growth and survival of most types of cancer in the human body impossible. Unfortunately, this has not been scientifically proven yet. Nutrition experts throughout the world still point out the importance of a well-balanced, healthy diet of organically produced heirloom foods. They believe this type of diet will ensure that an individual will get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that a body needs to maintain good health.

Even though these supplements aren’t for sale in a number of countries, cancer patients who want to increase their consumption of this vitamin just need to consume the whole fruit and not just the fleshy parts. Some other sources besides apricots include the seeds or pits from nectarines, apples, peaches, cherries, and oranges. B17 vitamin supplements have also been used to fight infections, colds, and flu.

How Should You Take the Supplement?

If you want to buy b17 and use it to fight cancer, you should be aware of the proper way to take this supplement. We provide vitamin B17 online in the form of tablets as well as an injectable solution. Before you start taking B17 vitamin, you should know that for cancer treatment, it is best to take this supplement with specific anti-cancer diet.

This diet should be rich in vitamins A, vitamin C, and E as well as other B vitamins. You should also make sure that you get adequate exercise, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in antioxidants should be consumed as well, as they further help in boosting your immune system and improving your ability to fight diseases. These include berries, garlic, and onions.

More information about how you can take supplements vitamin b17 you can find in the metabolic therapy article.

How Beneficial is the Supplement?

While B17 is not generally prescribed for cancer treatment, it certainly should be. There are many instances of people who have used this vitamin to beat cancer and return to normal health. If you start taking this supplement when you are healthy, it acts as a great preventive measure against cancer as well as other diseases.
While taking b17, you will notice that you feel healthier and more alive than ever before.

Are you aware as to why is vitamin B17 essential?

We accept as true the fact that a stable and well-adjusted pattern of eating is necessary to keep anybody fit. Hardly any of us use sufficient vitamins and minerals from the provisions we munch. Consequently, dietary supplements and add-ons become indispensable for most favorable tasks of the body.  B17 is simply one of the numerous nutrients needed by the human body.

Which foods hold Vitamin B17?

Besides, apricot seeds, B17 are found in natural blackberries, uncultivated cherry pits, crabapples, elderberries, apple stones, and cherry kernels, stones of plum, peach, and nectarine. Seeds of bamboo, fava, alfalfa, eucalyptus, and cassava also hold Vitamin B17. Other foodstuffs that enclose less significant quantities of B17 are raspberries, boysenberries, huckleberries, strawberries, squash pits, watercress, yams, black beans, peas that have black eyes, lentils, lima beans, kidney beans, cashews, macadamia nuts, spinach, sweet potatoes etc.

What are the sources of Vitamin B-17 products marketed by us?

The products marketed by us contain the biological B17 addendum which is obtained from apricot pips.
Constituents: Amygdalin, magnesium stearate (vegetable resource)
Our mission statement:
Our word of honor is to utilize worthwhile Vitamin B17 Novodalin of biologic status that assures the finest and genuine variety of Vitamin B17). We utilize the finest and the most advanced procedures and tools for the purpose of pulling out as well as for the purpose of manufacturing. Our ambition is to generate no more than the most excellent biotechnological products of premier worth, at reasonable costs.  We have more than enough merchandise in reserve, which is all set for speedy dispatch to our worthy consumers and patrons.
Amygdalin or vitamin B 17 is available online in the following forms:

Novodalin 500 milligram pills
Every one bottle contains a count of 100 tablets of 500mg Amygdalin extorted from organically developed apricot pips.

Novodalin 100 milligram pills
Every bottle contains a count of 100 tablets of 100 milligrams Amygdalin extracted from organic apricot pips.

Vitamin B17 in the form of liquid
Pharmaceutical ranking Vitamin B17 10mg non-reusable ampoules meant for intravenous injections the most valuable variety of Amygdalin
The container holds 10 liquid ampoules
each one vial encloses 3gr/10ml

This Product is extorted simply from pips of untreated apricots.
Amygdalin injectable solution
Amygdalin injectable powder

Be it in the shape of hard pills or fluid type or soft capsules, we make use of apricot pips, as well as an extensive assortment of analogous composites located in additional plant yields to manufacture only the wholesome yields with the maximum intensity of Vitamin B17, to give support to modus operandi and traditions of unconventional medicine.


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