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Homeopathic treatment for diabetes mellitus

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Inspidni diabetes

This type of diabetes is caused by a lack of vasopressin – a pituitary hormone that controls the kidneys. This type of diabetes is characterized by the excretion of very poorly colored urine in large quantities, which leads to constant thirst and lack of fluid in the body.

Diabetes melitus type 1 and type 2

Diabetes mellitus

A hormone is known as insulin (produced in the pancreas) is responsible for regulating sugar levels in the bloodstream and specific cells of the body. In this way, the level of glucose necessary for cells is regulated energy and without which cells cannot function normally.

In diabetes mellitus, one part of the pancreatic cells do not function properly, and insulin is not produced. The body does not respond to insulin with a very similar result. This condition leads to a great hunger of the organism, where glucose from the blood goes to the urine, and the cells do not have enough glucose for their normal work.

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes causes higher concentrations of sugar in the body than normal levelsTherere is an imbalance in the adjustment of glucose levels in the blood in this disease. There are two types of this disease:

Type 1 diabetes: Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in young people. This disease is manifested due to the organism’s inability to produce a sufficient amount of insulin to get rid of excess sugar. The main treatment involves replacing the pancreas’ lack of insulin production by adding insulin and regulating its blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes: It usually occurs in adults and the elderly.  This disease does not depend on insulin and is a disorder in the body’s metabolism, which is an elevated level of blood sugar, glucose. This type of diabetes occurs due to the non-response of cells in the body to the presence of insulin and is characterized by high body weight and obesity in people suffering from this disease. Diabetes mellitus 2 is treated with a change in diet and increased physical activity, and if the blood sugar level is not reduced, drugs such as metformin and insulin are used.

Homeopathy and diabetes

Due to minimal treatments, homeopathy has shown its significant role in the treatment and at the same time has shown the least number of side effects. Homeopathy leaves no lasting side effects on a person using this type of treatment. Homeopathic treatment affects the body to produce a sufficient amount of insulin and the cells to respond appropriately to insulin. Homeopathic treatment is a good choice for people with diabetes to keep their bodies healthy and regulate optimal blood sugar levels.

Homeoptaski preparations for diabetes

Homeopathic preparations

Uranium (Uranium niticium): This metal is used to reduce the sugar level and urine amount. This medicine is used for reduced absorption of food and its use in the body in people with diabetes.

Syzigium jambolanum is a homeopathic remedy made from Sizingium Jambos Alston tree’s seeds. It is used in homeopathy to treat diabetes mellitus. This tree is ground into a fine powder and then diluted several times with lactose powder, alcohol, and distilled water to produce this medicine. It is claimed that Syzigium jambolanum is so strong that hypoglycemia can occur if blood sugar levels are not monitored regularly.

Phos (Phosphoric acid): This preparation affects the nervousness caused by diabetes. The amount of urine becomes higher in healthy people, and the urine becomes jelly because it contains much sugar. This phenomenon causes anxiety and nervousness. Nervousness is a symptom that accompanies people with diabetes and is caused by the great weakness of the organism. This preparation affects hunger, which also causes nervousness, reduces thirst, and at the same time the stress caused by these symptoms. This medicine works very well when the patient has symptoms of a large amount of white, colorless urine or a high concentration of phosphate precipitate in the urine, which are typical symptoms of diabetes inspires.

Phosphorus: A significant homeopathic remedy for people with pancreatic diseases. This preparation reduces the feeling of dry mouth and reduces increased urination in people with diabetes.

Plumbum: This is one of the most important ingredients in diabetes treatment.

Causticum, Scilla, and Strophanthus: They are instrumental in insipid diabetes.

Lycopodium: This medicine is used in patients who have a feeling of tiredness, who are thin and who have an increased desire for food, and in whom the urine is water-colored and they have increased urination.

Arsenic: This is an essential preparation that helps people who suffer from diabetic putrefaction, dehydration, and weight loss. This preparation has the best effect on heavy urination, black watery stools, and eczema on the skin.

Lactic acid: The use of this drug often leads to perfect reactions. This homeopathic preparation is used in the gastro-hepatitis form of diabetes mellitus, which has the following symptoms:  the patient has pale yellow urine, feels intense thirst, nausea, incapacity, extreme hunger, skin rash, dry and hard tongue, neuralgic abdominal pain/epigastrium.

Acetic acid: This is a critical diabetic medicine. It treats diabetes with sugar in the urine / without this medicine; there is a great need for fluid, a feeling of weakness, and loss of complexion. These are standard symptoms of diabetes.

Bry (Brionia): This medicine is used when the liver is damaged and when the patient has a constant unpleasant taste in the mouth, also in depressed and grumpy patients. The need for fluids in this type can be very high; they can also feel an uncontrollable need for food and hunger.

Argentum metallicum: This metal is used to aid in the symptoms of insipid diabetes. This preparation affects the reduction of increased urination.

Natrum Sulfuricum: this is a mineral that serves as a tissue remedy essential for diabetes. It affects the maintenance of pancreatic and kidney tissue, it also has a perfect effect on diabetes mellitus and insulin-related diseases.


Treatment homeopathic preparations can help improve the general health of people with diabetes. Although homeopathy is recognized as harmless and operative, and diabetes is also a severe disease, life habits should be changed, weight loss, exercise, increase the intake of certain vitamins and with the addition of homeopathic preparations, great changes can be made in the life of people with diabetes.



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