Holistic liver cleansing

Holistic liver cleansing

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The liver is our number one detoxification organ. The liver detoxifies and cleanses the body daily, without any rest or holidays. Modern diet and lifestyle often overload the liver. The liver, however, cannot rest, so in many people, this organ only works with great effort. Fatigue, back pain, high cholesterol, a feeling of satiety, increased susceptibility to infections, and sometimes itchy skin is the consequences of an overloaded liver. It is better to prevent and regularly clean the liver!

The liver is versatile in the body

The liver is a multifunctional organ. This means: her tasks are extremely diverse. For example, the liver converts cholesterol into bile acids to digest fats. This regulates cholesterol levels. Without bile acids, we would not be able to cook even the tiniest pieces of Sacher cake or the tiniest piece of cheese. The digestion of fats and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins are only possible if the liver is working properly.

The liver is our fat manager

The liver is even the main control center for digesting fat. This means that the liver supplies bile acids to digest fats and decides whether to burn fats for energy or to store them in the form of fat deposits. The liver can also control whether we gain weight or lose weight.

Liver as an enzyme center

The liver also produces numerous hormones and enzymes.

Thousands of enzyme systems responsible for virtually all physical activities are built up in the liver.

Proper function of the eyes, heart, gonads, joints, and kidneys depends on good liver function. If the liver cannot build only one of these more than a thousand enzyme systems, the overall bodily function is disrupted, and the person suffers from significant metabolic stress.

Detoxify the liver 

On top of that, the liver is the first address for everything we eat and drink. All food and drink – in digested form – reach the portal vein through the mucous membrane of the small intestine and the bloodstream directly into the liver. However, toxins absorbed through the skin or respiratory system also pass into the liver.

The liver’s uninterrupted task is now to filter all toxins from the blood and make them harmless. Only then can neutralized toxins be excreted by the kidneys or intestines. As long as the liver is efficient, we feel good, active, and healthy.

The liver affects the whole organism.

But if the liver is now overloaded due to stress or excessive exposure to toxins that enter the body, this has an immediate effect on the whole organism. Imagine when city cleanliness would carry only half of the garbage. Such a situation would not only adversely affect the capacity of your trash can, soon, your entire yard, and at one point, but the entire street would also be full of garbage.

Not only would it look unattractive, but it would also have huge health effects on all residents. In addition to permanent disturbances from odors, pests of all kinds would soon settle. Bacteria and parasites would spread, bring with them serious diseases, and sooner or later, we would have conditions like in the Middle Ages.

A diseased liver leads to more serious diseases

Holistic liver cleansing

This is exactly what happens when the liver works only with reduced power and can only neutralize some toxins that come. As a result, the blood is contaminated with toxins, can no longer deliver enough oxygen, and remove metabolic waste products.

Toxins and waste products are temporarily stored in connective tissue (so-called fascial tissue). Inseparable, glued connective tissue prevents each cell’s optimal supply and disposal. Preconditions have been created for diseases of all kinds. Don’t let it go that far!

The most common symptoms of liver overwork include:

  • Digestive problems (bloating, gas – especially after a high-fat meal)
  • High levels of fat (cholesterol) in the blood
  • Fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Back pain
  • Itch
  • Oily skin
  • Headache

The liver can regenerate

However, the liver is an instrumental organ. Its regenerative power is unparalleled. Yes, the liver is so strong that you only need a piece of the donor’s liver for transplantation (e.g., for children). This means that both the donated piece and the part of the liver that remains in the donor grow into a complete and functional liver.

Take advantage of the regenerative power of the liver!

Use this regenerative power of the liver and give the tired organ a detoxifying holistic cleansing of the liver. You will immediately feel the success of holistic liver cleansing. You will feel better, you will harmonize your digestion, and you will cope with everyday life with more strength and greater concentration, and efficiency.

Holistic liver cleansing for detoxification

Holistic liver cleansing is more about supporting, facilitating, and activating the liver over a period of several weeks to several months (depending on the condition of the liver) so that it can regenerate and recover on its own in the long run.

Only then will he be able to completely detoxify again, perform his enzyme activity perfectly, control his metabolism and, as a result, start the regeneration processes.

Holistic liver cleansing consists of the following components:

Basic diet

Colon cleansing


Bitter substances



Extract artichokes

Capsaicin from hot peppers

Liver cleansing foods

Two or three of these points are extremely good for the liver! So you don’t have to start a complete program right away. For a short program, special mixtures of liver plants, such as supplements for liver protection and liver detoxification, are ideal for those who do not have time for a holistic liver cleansing program.

Liver cleansing with an alkaline diet

A proper diet adapted to the liver, and its work is the basis of any liver cleansing. The higher our food quality, the less detoxification the liver must-have. The better the liver cells are supplied with antioxidants that protect them and nourish vital substances. The liver is cleansed with basic natural food, on the one hand, and the other hand optimally supplied with nutrients so that it can fully dedicate itself to its duties.

The alkaline diet should be supplemented with special foods for cleansing and activating the liver, which you will find in point 8.

Liver cleansing by colon cleansing

As explained above, everything we eat and drink first enters the intestines and from there through the portal vein to the liver.

As a result, the worse the digestive system’s condition, the more the liver works. If, for example, the intestinal flora is disturbed, you can optimally protect the intestinal mucosa. Fungi or harmful bacteria can colonize. Fungal and bacterial toxins enter the liver and weaken it.

Disturbed intestinal flora also prevents proper digestion. Fermentation processes occur, and toxic metabolic residues and incompletely digested particles migrate into the liver and overload it. Holistic liver cleansing must, therefore, always go hand in hand with colon cleansing.

Liver cleansing with probiotics

It may be that you have already cleaned your colon a quarter or six months ago, or you feel that you do not need to clean your colon, or you do not have time. In this case, in addition to the components for cleansing the liver, you should also take at least one high-quality probiotic because probiotic bacteria positively affect the intestines and general health and directly support the liver.

Studies have long known that taking probiotics massively accelerates and accelerates fatty liver regression – and only after 30 days. The probiotic should contain at least the following three bacterial strains: Lactobacillus paracasei, Bifidobacterium breve, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

Liver cleansing with bitter substances

Bitter substances have a comprehensive effect on the whole organism, especially on the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver functions.

Bitter substances stimulate the release of bile, the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, and the liver’s general activity. This greatly improves digestion. The whole metabolism is supported, excess weight is more easily broken down. Constipation or constipation is a thing of the past.

The result is a relieved and at the same time activated liver, which can now cope with its tasks again. You can take bitter substances very well in the form of dandelion root extract, bitter base powder, non – alcoholic herbal elixir, and/or dandelion leaf powder. Bitter substances are usually taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal as recommended by the manufacturer.

Liver cleansing with curcumin

Turmeric is one of the most powerful foods for maintaining a healthy liver. Yellow spice is obtained from the roots and helps the liver on many different levels.

The substance curcumin in turmeric acts as an antioxidant and protects the liver from damage from almost all types of toxins, and can even repair damaged liver cells. Third, curcumin also enhances the natural production of bile, reduces swollen ducts, and improves the gallbladder’s general function.

Turmeric can, of course, be used for flavoring. However, it isn’t easy to achieve effective amounts. Turmeric can therefore be drunk as a tea, preferably mixed with pepper, because it can significantly increase turmeric.

A mixture of turmeric and pepper is also available in the form of capsules called Curcuperin.

Liver cleansing with silymarin

Burdock should not be missing in any liver cleansing. It contains silymarin – a herbal mixture of substances that stabilize the liver’s cell membranes so that substances toxic to the liver can no longer penetrate the cell.

Burdock also activates the regeneration and new formation of liver cells and improves blood circulation in the liver. When buying burdock preparations, make sure that one capsule contains at least 70 mg of silymarin (“calculated as silibinin” – as stated in the enclosed package). The daily dose can reach 200 to 400 mg of silymarin.

Liver cleansing with artichoke extract

Artichoke is a typical liver plant. The extract from its leaves has a very positive effect on the liver. On the one hand, the active ingredients of artichoke restart the flow of bile and reduce the toxicity by direct detoxification, i.e., the effect of toxin binding. This noticeably facilitates liver function.

Artichoke is also a means of protecting the liver because it protects liver cells and stimulates regeneration. Take artichoke in capsule form or as a fresh herbal juice.

Cleansing the liver with the capsaicin from hot peppers

Capsaicin is a substance that ensures that hot peppers are hot. Capsaicin is a potent cleanser! Simultaneously, capsaicin protects the liver from harmful substances and initiates the rapid regeneration of our most important detoxification organ.

Capsaicin can be absorbed by increased consumption of chili or with the help of well-dosed capsaicin capsules.

Liver cleansing with special food

The following foods should be regularly included in your diet during liver cleansing because each of them has very positive effects on the liver.

Liver cleansing with garlic

Garlic contains a lot of sulfur substances. They can activate those liver enzymes, which are especially responsible for removing toxins from the body. But garlic supports the liver in other ways as well.

Onions also contain selenium, a trace element that can protect the liver from damage by toxins and help it in detoxification processes.

Liver cleansing with tea

Green tea contains phytochemicals called catechins. These are special antioxidant substances that remove fat accumulations in the liver and promote healthy liver function.
Herbal tea from the liver is almost better for cleansing the liver because it contains a mixture of different herbs that simultaneously bring many health benefits. Liver plants include yarrow leaves, fennel, licorice root, dandelion leaves, taste, a few leaves of ginger, lemongrass, or peppermint. Since alkaline teas usually have the ability to act and promote liver health, drinking alkaline teas can achieve several goals at the same time: Facilitate and renew the liver, cleanse the kidneys and blood, and strengthen the body’s basicity.

Therefore, drink two to three cups of alkaline herbal tea a day and occasionally a cup of green tea.

Liver cleansing with green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as rocket, dandelion leaves, spinach, chicory, and lettuce contain many cleansing ingredients that can neutralize heavy metals that severely damage the liver.

Leafy green vegetables also help remove pesticides and herbicides from the body and stimulate the production and circulation of bile and its emptying. Green leafy vegetables are best eaten regularly in the form of green smoothies.

The liver is cleansed with avocado.

Obviously, avocados can repair a damaged liver. Pear-shaped fruits, rich in precious vegetable fats, activate the body’s own glutathione production.

Glutathione is a substance produced in almost all cells of the body, but especially in liver cells, and can protect the body from free radicals of all kinds. In this way, avocados can indirectly protect the liver from excessive exposure to toxins and enhance its cleansing power.

It has also been shown that consuming only one or two avocados a week for a period of only 30 days can repair a damaged liver.

Liver cleansing with nuts

Walnuts contain three substances that are especially important for the liver: the amino acids L-arginine, glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids. These substances help the liver detoxify harmful ammonia, which would be formed by breaking down excess amino acids.

However, be careful to chew the nuts very well before swallowing. Walnuts are best bought in shell and freshly cracked. If you own a walnut tree yourself, you can store walnuts that you have previously dried well in a dry place. Otherwise, they tend to grow mold.

Liver cleansing with radish and broccoli sprouts

Radishes contain mustard oil glycosides, just like broccoli. These secondary herbal substances stimulate the liver and bile activity. They can even dissolve the first stages of gallstones, known as gallstones.

At the same time, they promote a healthy symbiosis of the intestinal flora and thus improve the digestive system’s overall environment.

Ideally, you can eat all three vegetables in the form of fresh and enzymatically active sprouts. Take organic germ seeds, grow your own radish and broccoli sprouts in a germ machine, and regularly include them in your menu. Your liver will be delighted with this dietary supplement!

Holistic liver cleansing – detoxification program

Eat basic foods.

Clean the colon for a period of four weeks. Alternatively: take a probiotic twice a day – each time with a meal. You can also take a probiotic for more than four weeks.

In addition, take bitter substances of your choice throughout the duration of liver cleansing (also during colon cleansing), bitter base powder, herbal elixir or non-alcoholic dandelion leaf powder.

Take the medicine for four weeks – curcumin and, if you can tolerate hot substances, capsaicin.

Integrate radish and broccoli sprouts into your diet.

Eat two to three avocados a week.

Season with garlic.

Eat walnuts regularly, e.g. in the form of a celery salad with walnuts.

Drink a green smoothie every day.

Drink two to three cups of alkaline tea, which also contains liver herbs, and a cup of green tea every day.

After colon cleansing or after a curcumin and capsaicin regimen, take a high-quality silymarin preparation (at least 6 weeks) and artichoke extract.



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