Many successful results of treating malignant and benign tumors with herbal treatments have been recorded in old herbal writings. The forgotten writings that helped many are now available to those who need quick and effective help.

Rastavčić herbal medicine for tumors

herbal remedy for tumors

Rastavčić is a real herbal remedy for tumors. For people suffering from a benign or malignant tumor, steam wraps made of parting are ideal. You can find the recipe for making parting wraps in the text A forgotten recipe for cancer treatment . While it is still hot and soft, the flap should be placed in a cotton cloth and used to cover the place where the hematoma, papilla, melanoma, adenoma, cyst are ulcer ,, tumor or fibroids.

In people who are in a difficult condition with these compresses, they should start early in the morning and these compresses should be kept for two hours at the place where they got sick. This process should also be repeated in the afternoon and the dressings should be applied once more at night. The diseased area should be constantly warmed and steamed with a parting. The same compress can be used several times. At noon, a compress of Swedish bitters should be kept on the affected area for 4 hours. You can find more information on how to make a compress in the above-mentioned text, and you can make your own Swedish bitter or buy it in a pharmacy. The place where the Swedish bitters compress is applied should be smeared with lard or marigold oil.

The recipe for making marigold fat is found in the above text. Over this surface is placed a dressing of Swedish bitters, cotton wool soaked in this herbal medicine, over the soaked cotton wool is placed dry cotton wool to protect the surface from heat and over it is placed a plastic foil and over it is tied a cloth or bandage that will complete the wrap of Swedish bitters hold in place. When you remove the compress, the skin that has been exposed to Swedish bitters should be powdered to eliminate possible itching.

Ulcers and tumors

ulcers and tumors

On ulcers and tumors that are on the surface, that is, on the skin, compresses of fresh leaves of narrow-leaved and broad-leaved buckthorn are placed. If such compresses are used regularly, an improvement in the condition can be expected in 5 days after two weeks, and very good success can be expected in the healing of the disease. This wrap is made by taking buckthorn leaves and mixing them with fresh cat’s paw leaves.

The complete mixture should be crushed and crushed, and the obtained porridge is placed on the affected area together with the juice that we get from it. The mass is covered with plastic foil and tied with a bandage or cloth so that it does not fall off. It is kept like this for several hours and is changed several times during the day.

Rabbit juice can also be used. Fresh leaves should be squeezed in a juicer and the resulting juice should be smeared on the affected area.

For oral use, you should use half an hour before breakfast and half an hour before dinner, particle tea, and during the day, two liters of tea, which is a mixture of 100 grams of nettle, 100 grams of ragweed and 300 grams of marigold. This mixture should be drunk six times a day, 10 drops of rabbit juice, which we mentioned above, should be added to it.

Successful treatment

This method of treatment has shown very good results. A girl named Daniela fell ill  malignant tumor that spread throughout the body and over time began to block the aorta and its volume also spread throughout the abdominal cavity and began to block the secretion of bile. Initially, doctors determined that there was a chance of recovery between 3 and 6%, and over time, all her chances were reduced to zero due to radiation treatment and unsuccessful operations. Due to the critical condition, an emergency operation was needed to ensure that the bile is excreted artificially due to possible liver failure.

The child’s operation was postponed for ten days due to the renovation of the operating room of the clinic where the girl was lying. Due to this development of the situation, the parents asked the doctor to transfer the child home for the next few days to continue the treatment, because despite the operation, nothing more could be done for the little girl.

The girl started using the above-mentioned therapy, and after only five days, the squeeze of the tumor gave way to the blood vessels, and the girl began to feel her legs as blood began to circulate in her lower extremities. After a few months, the girl was taken back for control and it was determined that the tumors could no longer be seen on the images, only stains from the scrotum could be seen.

This is just one of many successful cures with this protocol, which I would like to emphasize again in combination with the healthy diet that we mentioned in the article.  Diet for cancer treatment

Combination therapy

Also in combination therapy with these external compresses and teas, therapy with artemisinin derivative of sweet wormwood can be applied, which has shown very successful results in diseases of both benign and malignant tumors, and can be found in this article.  Sweet wormwood use

Persistence and long-term application of these methods can give very good results in very severe disorders of the body and diseases. Also, in many cases, timely timing of herbal medicine therapy, as was the case with little Daniela, can improve the patient’s health and lead to complete recovery.