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Helicobacter pylori – Tea for Helicobacter pylori and gastric ulcer

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Lately, many people come to us with stomach problems, acid, digestive problems, pain, and in many cases, the cause is Helicobacter pylori. In most cases, my recommendation is mastic treatment, but there is another additional and very successful treatment with a mixture of teas that destroys it.

Helicobacter infection occurs when Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is introduced into the body. People usually become infected with this bacterium when they are very young or as children. Infection with this bacterium is present in almost half of the world’s population.

Most people don’t even realize she’s infected helicobacter for the reason that they never really get seriously ill. If Helicobacter pylori symptoms appear as increased stomach acid, gas, frequent belching, pain, and increased nervousness, it is time to consult your doctor.

This disease is naive because, after a lung infection, some much more serious problems can arise.

Heliko bacterium complications

helicobacter treatment

Helicobacter pylori survive very successfully in an acidic environment by releasing ammonia, which neutralizes the stomach’s acidity. With its shape and ability to bury itself in the stomach tissue, it manages to penetrate to the muscle tissue and settle there.

Although the cells of our immune system have the ability to recognize this bacterium, they cannot reach them. For that reason, our immune system does not have the ability to fight against this type of bacteria.

Its 1994 helicobacter was defined as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Colonization of the stomach by this bacterium increases the possibility of developing gastric cancer.

Helicobacter pylori are transmitted through contaminated food or by mouth-to-mouth contact.

Her treatment with the classic method is mainly reduced to prescribed antibiotics, although as we will show you below, the treatment results with this tea mixture are also excellent.

A tea blend that destroys Helicobacter pylori in your stomach

30 grams of lemon balm Melissa officinalis

30 grams of marshmallow Malva sylvestris

20 grams of tame mint Mentha x Piperita

20 grams of chamomile Matricaria chamomilla

20 grams of ragweed Achillea millefolium

20 grams of marigold Calendula officinalis

10 grams of wormwood Artemisia absinthium

Making tea

First, mix all these plants and, if necessary, grind them into a smaller form. One tablespoon of this mixture goes to 2 decilitres of boiling water, let it stand in a cup for about 30 minutes covered with a plate. After that, drink a cup of tea in small sips. Drink this tea mixture three times a day, just before making it.

Due to great stress and at the same time due to the presence of Helicobacter pylori, high acid, and due to the use of very spicy food, a stomach ulcer develops, which can be very unpleasant and painful. I hereby publish a tea mixture for the treatment of this problem.

Tea mixture for the treatment of gastric ulcers

50 grams of tame mint Mentha x Piperita

50 grams of fennel Foeniculum vulgare

40 grams of lungs Pulmonaria Officinalis

30 grams of duckweed Teucrium montanum

30 grams of wormwood Artemisia absinthium

10 grams of thyme Thymus serpyllum

10 grams of nettle Urtica dioica

Making tea

Put 10 grams of tea mixture in one liter of boiling water. Cook this mixture for one and a half minutes and turn off the stove. Leave the covered pot with tea to cool.

Drink this tea 3 times a day. Before a meal, 1 deciliter and after a meal 1 deciliter is a total of 6 decilitres during the day. Drink the other 4 decilitres instead of water during the day.

After taking 1 deciliter before a meal, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

During the day, you should replace water with sauerkraut juice.



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