Golden Seal or Canadian Barberry, Golden Seal

The golden seal or Canadian barberry is one of the highly ranked medicinal plants that has been used since ancient times before medicine proved its health benefits. This plant has been used for years by primitive American Indians. This plant has many characteristics and is most often used as a natural antibiotic and as an anti-viral agent.

From ancient times to the present day, Canadian barberry, hydrastis canadensis has been used to treat the following symptoms and diseases:

  1. Swelling of the lips and eyes
  2. Wound from herpes and other viral infections
  3. Mouth and lip ulcer
  4. Diseases affecting the right
  5. Insect sting treatment and antiparasitic action
  6. Treatment of fever
  7. Treatment of various inflammations of the vagina
  8. Liver infections
  9. Treatment of gastric ulcer
  10. Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the colon
  11. Malaria
  12. Diseases like candida
  13. Regulation of blood sugar levels because this plant contains natural insulin
  14. It is used as a laxative

Due to its qualities, Canadian barberry is very common among practitioners of alternative medicine in order to manage many types of malignant tumors, which are as follows:

Stomach cancer

One of the main causes of gastric malignancy is a microbe called Helicobacter pylori , which collects and lives in the gastric mucosa and which is maintained outside the action of gastric acid. This bacterium creates discomforts such as elevated stomach acid, mucous membrane lesions and even malignant diseases. Candida jaundice together with bismuth is used to kill this microbe, which in many cases is the source of stomach cancer. By reducing the concentration of the bacterium and its treatment, the conditions necessary for the further development of gastric cancer are also reduced.

Colon cancer

Europeans gained knowledge about the effects of this magical plant from several ethnic groups who came to Europe from America and in a short time began to apply Canadian barberry as part of a treatment to treat the colon.

Breast malignancy

Berberine and Canadian jaundice generate cell cycle arrest and programmed cell death in malignant cells. Berberine, which contains Canadian jaundice, inhibits the growth of breast malignancy more than the chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin.

Brain malignancy

Berberine alkaloids have anticancer properties on brain cancer cells. Studies were performed on various types of brain malignancies in which 150 mcg / ml was given and it was proved that the total sum of the success of this preparation was concluded with 91% destruction of the total mass of malignancy. By comparison, carmustine chemotherapy has a malignancy destruction rate of only 41%.

Research is currently underway. In many countries around the world, the abilities of this mysterious drug in the treatment of various types of cancer are being tested.

Canadian barberry is a small plant with a bristly stem and a few unequal leaves, miniature flowers that resemble raspberries. Its root is yellow or brown. This plant can be found in clean places in the wild, especially in the shade of a larger tree.

This plant contains a compound known as Berberine that kills many types of microbes. This compound kills germs that cause fungal infections and germs that cause diarrhea. This substance can increase the power of white blood cells, which also affects infections and strengthens the body’s resistance. Berberine is a cure for Helicobacter pylori. This plant is used in addition to traditional Idnian medicine and conventional Chinese medicine. Patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension or liver disease should seek advice from a healthcare professional before using this herb.

This plant may interact with some drugs such as cyclosporine, digoxin, tetracycline, blood thinners, some chemotherapy drugs and drugs to treat HIV.