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Fucoidan protocol that destroys cancer

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Fucoidan protocol for destroying cancer cells and strengthening the immune system

TREATMENT ASSESSMENT: This cancer protocol includes a molecule called “fucoidan.” Scientific research has shown that fucoidan kills cancer cells in a targeted and safe way.

The protocol for liquid versions of Fucoidan includes 295 – 355 ml per day. Like most cancer treatments, Fucoidan is not usually sold in health food stores because they lack the expertise that must accompany it. The highest quality liquid version is sold only through multi-level market channels as far as is known. Those who sell it may support your use of the product, but they are not allowed to make medical claims for the product outside of discussions of scientific studies involving fucoidan.

Fucoidan protocol product

fucoidan protocol for cancer

Several multi-level marketing companies can supply Fucoidan fluid anywhere in the world for those living outside the United States. All you have to do is make an effort and determine if the company delivers to your desired country.

Another option for those inside and outside the United States is a fucoidan version that comes in pill form and can be purchased online. It’s called U-Fn, and Poseidon’s Harvest produces it. We have no experience with this product and do not claim anything about its effectiveness. Still, we recommend it to patients living outside the United States, where the delivery of large amounts of fluid is a potential problem.

Fucoidan is a natural product of the sea. It is a special type of seaweed. However, since people generally do not like the taste of seaweed, Fucoidan is mostly mixed (by the seller) with fruit and vegetable juices to mask the taste of seaweed (great idea).

Anti-cancer effect of Fucoidan

The anti-cancer effect of fucoidan has focused on a large body of scientific research published on PubMed. Fucoidan can safely kill cancer cells and not harm other, non-cancerous cells.

This website recommends that Fucoidan be used in conjunction with other Stage IV protocols as a “complementary” protocol. Although this product can “provide extra time,” it is best to drink the recommended 475 ml per day, making it a significant part of cancer treatment. This protocol can be used in combination with chemotherapy for those inclined to receive chemotherapy. In fact, this product can significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Liquid fucoidan supplier information

Our recommended brand is fucoidan ZRadical. He radiated only certified organic, pure fucoidan drink. It is radical, the only liquid drink on the market with pure fucoidan (using its own cold water vacuum extraction technology). It already supports healthy cardiovascular function, brain clarity and maintains joint health.

We also recommend this brand because:

  • It comes from plants collected from extreme northern and southern hemispheres where the purest plants can be found.
  • Radical divers are trained to pick plants in an environmentally responsible way and then when the content fucoidan on top.
  • Pharmaceutical plants and solvent-free extraction processes ensure the highest quality and maximum bioactivity.

Unlike most juices sold as “super-nutritious” drinks, ZRadical is sold exclusively through Youngevity distributors through direct sales channels. One of the reasons is that employees in health food stores do not have the necessary knowledge to sell this product and provide appropriate support.

Youngevity delivers its fucoid product directly to your doors across the United States and several other countries.

Recommended dose for people with compromised immunity

Although we cannot make medical claims, the greatest health benefits have been noted when following this health protocol:

295 – 355 ml ZRadical daily (5 to 6 times in 60 ml portions during the day).

Recommended intake schedule: 60 ml after waking up, 60 ml a couple of hours later, 60 ml at noon, 60 ml at 3 pm, 60 ml at dinner time, and 60 ml before bedtime.



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