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Yes, we are a legitimate, physically existing company with a license to sell medicinal herbs, supplements, cosmetics, honey, teas and herbal mixtures. You can be sure that the products you buy are stored in excellent hygiene, at the required temperature and under the supervision of our organs.

All products are registered in the EU and can be freely distributed worldwide.

To import products into your country in case you need supporting documentation, contact us at Phone: +41225017665 Mobile: +381637069660

Special benefits for companies and distributors.

We offer excellent service and we will do our best to keep you satisfied. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at to try to meet your expectations.

Yes, our company Eistria Ltd. offers only legitimate products, both food and cosmetics. We import products and offer products to over 500 importers and trademark manufacturers for the entire EU. We have an online store license that guarantees that the company is controlled by the relevant departments.

If you want to share your observations, opinions and questions about plants, herbal medicine or other topics, you can do so as a comment on the product. Please note that our company does not tolerate false information, defamation, unproven allegations, illegal actions, insults and rude behavior and reserves the right to edit your comments to which you agree when posting them.

You can get professional help from a nutritionist and phytotherapist, interpretation of findings, creation of a nutrition program, creation of a supplementation program, advice related to changes in personal habits, creation of combined programs, recommendations when buying supplements from our certified experts. Basic consultations are free of charge, while analysis and program creation are charged according to the current one price list . Consulting services when purchasing products are free of charge. Our customers who use our nutrition services and buy our products will receive special benefits. Call us for more information.

For the use and combination of supplements, minerals and vitamins, the use of teas, essential oils, it is necessary to be professionally trained. To properly use supplements for the right problems, sometimes it is not enough to just read the article and drink everything on your own. First of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor if this supplement or several supplements may not interact with the medicine you are taking, and after that you can contact us with special requests, questions and advice. It is recommended that you do not do anything on your own, always consult a professional.

Everyone can contact us, but in some cases for which we are not competent, we will try to help by referring you to a specialist who will be of help to you. For this reason, we have made contact with many medical institutions around the world. We can organize your examination and treatment in world-renowned clinics. in this way we provide you with a complete service of counseling and assistance in the full sense of the word.

It all depends on the country, in general you can find delivery information here . Shipping speed depends on the method of delivery, economy delivery is good for EU countries and arrives very quickly. If you need express express delivery within a day or two use express delivery, this is DHL express delivery. DHL guarantees you the speed and safety of your shipment.

You can resell our products because we are also wholesalers. If you have a registered company, contact us, we will give you an offer that you cannot refuse. You will get amazing discounts on these competitive and low prices.

We offer you:

  • teas
  • essential oils
  • cold pressed oils
  • liquid extracts
  • dietary supplements
  • herbs
  • meleme
  • honey-based products
  • natural honey
  • spices
  • vitamins and minerals from reputable manufacturers
  • natural cosmetics and many other products

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Special benefits for companies registered in the EU.

We deliver products to almost all countries of the world, call us and we will be happy to arrange delivery and answer additional questions. +41225017665 +381637069660