Since I have so far written about preparations and herbs derived from some other cultures including Indian and Chinese herbs used in traditional medicine in this countries in this article I will focus on adjunctive artemisinin therapy and in future articles we will focus on combining protocols of eastern plants and our traditional medicine. Since there has been a lot of talk about artemisinin as an anticancer agent from the plant satki wormwood, places should be made for some of our domestic plants, which also help with severe cancer.

Artemisinin has been shown to be successful in treating breast, uterine and ovarian cancers, which we will discuss in this article, and has also been shown to be very successful in treating colon, prostate, lung, pancreas, leukemia and other malignancies. You can read more about artemisinin treatment in the article Sweet wormwood plant cure for tumors and cancer

Outflow of blood hormones breast cancer

Breast cancer , cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are diseases that in most cases have the same source of disease and these are hormonal disorders. In this article, we will write more about the herbal method of treating these three diseases and how to prepare medicines from medicinal herbs that you can find in this area.

Hormonal disorders can be accompanied by irregular or heavy menstruation and can also be very pronounced in the transition years. In order to reduce excessive menstruation and at the same time to have a preventive effect, the following mixture of tea is used: 25 grams of sage, 25 grams of hajduk grass, 25 grams of lemon balm, 25 grams of Iceland moss, 50 grams of resist roots, 25 grams of arnica flower.

Add one small spoon to 250 ml of water. The tea should be left to stand for three minutes. Women should drink this tea both when their condition normalizes and when the outflow is reduced.

You can read more information about blood flow and other methods of treating hormonal imbalance in women and the regulation of estrogen and progesterone levels in the article Heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle – herbal treatment

Previous research

The HPV virus, which can be one of the most common causes of cervical cancer, can be treated with various types of vaginitis, and you can read more in the article A plant that cures the HPV virus

It should also be noted that artemisinin very successfully removes nodules and cysts in the breast, a wide range of bacteria and at the same time strengthens the immune system and cleanses the body.

In case the cancer has already occurred, there are successful methods that we have already mentioned in previous texts, such as Scientific research on artemisinin as a potential cure for cancer but we should also include a very accessible method that we found in some long-documented writings in which, according to the writer, this treatment very successfully cured a large number of women in a very short time. This is a forgotten treatment for cancer treatment ovaries, uterus and breasts:

The place where the cancer is located is smeared with marigold oil. Crushed buckwheat compresses that are placed on the breast can also be used. The compresses are very easy to make by chopping 100 grams of buckthorn plant.

Marigold ointment is made as follows:

Very finely chop 300 grams of complete marigold leaves (without roots). Heat about half a kilogram of organic pork fat. When the fat is heated, put the above-mentioned chopped marigold in it and keep it until the fat boils. When it boils, remove the complete mixture from the hob and let it stand for one day. The next day, heat the complete mixture and strain it through a cloth or filter for squeezing. This is how you got marigold ointment, and you should put it in clean containers and leave it for later use in the refrigerator.

In the following period, the sick person should use large amounts of tea made from 300 grams of marigold, 100 grams of nettle and 100 grams of ragweed. Tea is made from one tablespoon of this mixture, which is added to 3 tablespoons of water. The daily amount used during one day should be about 2 liters of this tea. This tea is consumed throughout the day and is drunk in small sips.

If you feel pain in the place where the serum develops cancer, it is recommended to use steam compresses from the parting.

More about the marigold plant and its folk use

marigold for women

Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) Among domestic medicinal herbs, marigold is one of the most important medicinal plants. It is also popularly known as: ognjanac, žutorod, prstenčac and the like.

It is one of the medicinal plants that treat cancerous diseases, it grows in gardens, but it can also be found in a lot of rubble where it grows wild.

It grows up to 60 cm with yellow to orange-yellow flowers. Marigold exists in several species, each of which is equally healing.

In folk medicine, the leaf, stem and flower are collected and used, it should be picked during the day while the sun is shining, because then the healing properties of marigold are greatest.

As a plant that purifies the blood, it best helps with infectious jaundice, marigold purifies the blood, stimulates circulation and accelerates wound healing.

Marigold ointment helps with varicose veins, frostbite and burns in fungal diseases of the feet.

Marigold tincture is suitable for dressings for wounds, bruises, hemorrhages, cancerous wounds, pressure ulcers, swellings and nodules. Internal use of marigold tea is effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach cramps and ulcers, as well as inflammation of the colon, water sickness and urinary incontinence.

Medicinal marigold tea is extremely helpful in viral and bacterial diseases. Since marigold tea has been shown to be extremely effective in contagious jaundice, it is good for both liver and liver diseases.

For cancerous tumors and wounds, for open wounds on the legs, rinsing with calendula tea helps. From two equal spoons of marigold flowers, tea was obtained that gently cleanses the intestines. Marigold oil easily heals scabs in the nose.

Steam separator wraps are made as follows:

Put 250 grams of rastavic in a cloth over boiling water in a vessel and steam it that way, in this case you can use a sherpa. This herb should soften from the vapors from the pot and so it should be kept over the dish for about half an hour. These herbs should be wrapped in a cotton cloth if possible and the compress applied in a place that hurts. The most important thing is to put the bandage on the sore spot while it is warm. You should sleep with this wrap.

For uterine, ovarian and breast cancer, sedentary baths should be used bandit grass 3 times a week.

Rastavčić and other uses of this plant

Popular names – bar broom, horsetail. In the spring, fertile brownish stems full of spores grow first. In the later period, green fans of needle-like leaves up to 50 cm long appear, which look like a small Horsetail we can find it in fields, embankments and slopes.

As far as healing is concerned, the highest quality is the one on clay, it contains up to 16% of silicic acid, which we know to have extremely healing properties. It is necessary to avoid picking this plant from surfaces that are treated with henna agents.

In folk medicine, this plant has been valued since ancient times. Primarily due to the cessation of bleeding and due to the successful treatment of the most severe diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Horsetail is also effective in relieving symptoms of various rheumatic and neuralgic pains. With a cold of the bladder, accompanied by pain, there is no better medicine than steamed horsetail, it is best to wrap yourself in a bathrobe for ten minutes and let the steam act on the bladder. Repeat this several times and the cold will pass quickly. Older people who have problems with urination can keep hot pads from disintegrating and urinating will be much easier and thus the pain will subside.

If kidney stones and sand are present, warm sedentary baths are used, drink hot tea from the same plant and retain urine so that it can be excreted under pressure later.

Rastavić is also effective in the accumulation of water in the heart sac and ribs, as well as in disorders of kidney function.

Dissociation and skin diseases

Horsetail is also effective in treating various itchy skin rashes and can even fester. It is necessary to rinse the diseased area more often with tea than with rastavic. By rinsing and baths, they are treated for: purulent inflammations, cuticles, cracked heels, old contaminated wounds, fistulas, bearded lichen.

Chilled tea leaves are used as a compress for bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the lungs, stomach and hemorrhoids. In such cases, tea is taken stronger, one full spoon of horsetail per quarter liter of water. Rastavić has the property of purifying the blood and is useful for clogging arteries and poor memory. Rastavić can also be characterized as a good means of preventing cancerous diseases.

Bedwetting and parting

Bed wetting it is treated with steamed tea from rastavica and St. John’s wort. In severe kidney disorders that can cause more severe attacks of hysteria, paranoia and anger, a break bath can be very effective. If it is prepared in the following way: steam a full bucket of 5 liters of this plant in the bath so that the kidneys are under water. Keep in a warm bath for up to 20 minutes and then do not wipe but wrap yourself in a bathrobe, warm and dry.

You can make sitting baths from hajduk grass in the following way:

About 200 grams of freshly picked hajduk grass should be left to stand in cold water overnight. Tomorrow, it should be put in the oven and heated to the boiling point. Prepare a full tub of water into which you will pour the ragweed that has boiled. Sit in the tub for about half an hour.

These baths can also be used daily if there is a need for them.

One spoonful of Swedish bitters should be eaten every night.

You can always buy Swedish bitters in pharmacies, and you can also make it from the ingredients listed below. When buying this product, you should pay attention to whether the packaging is original.

Swedish bitters

You must have heard of it before SWEDEN BITER. To is a medicine that I can freely say is a cure for all diseases.

They say that there is a cure for every disease on earth, so this is the only cure. It contains a lot of herbs that together can cure any disease.

You will certainly be skeptical until you try, but believe me and try this medicine, you will cure diseases that even modern medicine will not be able to. Once upon a time, people prepared this medicine themselves, although now it is available in all pharmacies, you may not be able to find some ingredients in nature on your own, so it is easier for you to buy it already prepared.

Swedish bitters can help you with: various joint inflammations, kidney pain, bile, even old scars, headaches, sinus pain, flu, colds, hemorrhoids, tinnitus, deformities of the extremities, insect bites.

If I continued to write what cures everything, it would take me all day to write it down, it is simpler to say that there is no disease that does not cure.

SWEDEN BITTER is used for outdoor and indoor use. For ear problems, it is used as an outer covering around the earlobe, but it can also be inserted into the inside of the ear with a finger.

In the case of insect bites, it is used by applying it to the place where the bite is. This also applies to wasp and hornet bites.

If your kidney or bile hurts in the direction of the painful place, put a bandage on gauze or cotton wool, the pain will stop.

For headaches, it is also enough to apply it on the outside of the head. With sneezing and flu, all you have to do is smell Swedish bitters and your nose will be sweaty and you will feel better. .

SWEDEN BITER it can also be added to teas and it can be used only several times a day to solve some internal health problems. You can use it for nausea, diarrhea, ganstitis, liver disease, cancerous diseases, problems with veins of any kind. It can be used even if there is a ban on the use of alcohol. It is used for moles, corns, hemorrhoids. Also with any skin changes.

It can also be used for any intestinal bleeding.

It can be used freely and in cancerous diseases, in a word, it is used in every situation. You can occasionally use it as a preventive measure to prevent the appearance of any disease, especially in winter to prevent sneezing and flu.

Use it even when you feel chronic fatigue, because after taking Swedish bitters, you will feel that your body is full of energy. You can also prepare Swedish bitters yourself, there is a recipe that contains only a part of the herbs used in its preparation, known as Little Swedish bitters.

Swedish bitters are made as follows:

Swedish bitters

These are herbs that are mixed and this is the ratio for a small dose of Swedish bitters. You can make the same bitters in larger quantities in the following ratio:

1) 10 grams of angelica root

2) 5 grams of cow’s root

3) 10 grams of Venetian root

4) 10 grams of mana

5) 10 grams of corn root

6) 10 grams of camphor

7) 0.2 grams of saffron

8) 5 grams of miter

9) 10 grams of aloe

All these herbs should be placed in a 2 liter glass jar, preferably a large jar, and poured with 1.5 liters of fruit brandy or grain brandy with a strength of 38% to 40%. You should leave this mixture to stand for 14 days near a heat source and in the sun. The mixture should be shaken well every day. The complete mixture should be poured into small bottles and filtered. These bottles should be tightly closed and stored in a cool and dark place. In this state, Swedish bitters can spend many years. The longer you keep it, the more healing it will be. This preparation cures many diseases and keeps you vital and long-lived. The preparation was found by a Swedish doctor, Dr. Samst, who reached old age and who died at the age of 104 while falling from a horse.

Every day, people suffering from cancer should take three tablespoons of this preparation diluted in tea, which we have already mentioned above. Also, this preparation can be used by patients suffering from other types of cancer, and not exclusively from cancer of the breast, cervix and ovaries.

Women with uterine and ovarian cancer can put Swedish bitters on their stomachs. After a short time, the condition should improve in the form of increased appetite. Also, during breast cancer, the same preparation can be applied to the affected area in the form of a compress.


These are the recommendations of some of the most famous herbs and forgotten recipes that help people with breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. Combined with classical medicine and some preparations such as artemisinin, MSM powder and a quality diet, they can give surprising results and complete healing.

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