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Essiac tea is the best treatment for malignancy

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Essiac tea got its name from the lady Rene Caisse, an herbalist who made numerous herbal blends, and the name of this tea is unique in terms of the reverse name of its inventor. This lady lived in Canada and started a free health program in 1934. That year, she formed free accommodation for people who suffer from malignancy and who are seriously ill in the settlement of Bracebridge, more precisely the outdated British Lion Hotel. She received this hotel for a rent of one dollar, which she paid every month. Rene started her complete work because of her aunt and stepfather, who suffered from malignancy.

She was fascinated by herbs and essiac tea to treat the malignancy and successfully applied treatments to her relatives.

What is esiac tea

Canadian sister Rene Caisse promoted Essiac as early as 1920 as a natural cancer treatment. She claimed she got it from a patient who got it from a herbalist from the Ojibwa Canadian tribe of Ontario.

This tea was a medicine that the Ojibwa Indians used for years and even centuries before to treat various ailments.

In addition to its anticancer properties, tea is believed to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body.

Tea is mainly sold in powder form, tea, and capsules.

Essay tea diabetes and cancer

Together with several very professional doctors and cured patients who suffered from concurrent diabetes mellitus and malignancies, City Council Bracebridge has begun to help the malignancy treatment center’s work greatly. Thanks to the help of Ms. Rene, it is possible to take care of the sick in good conditions for the patient. Cassie also agreed with the company Resperin, which gave her the authority to authorize her Esijak tea.

But after a while, this company lost interest in tea, and the whole project went into oblivion. All this news and intrigue about Esijak tea and its healing powers reached the alternative doctor Dr. Gary Glum, who treated top athletes. Dr. The actor even wrote a book about this tea and called it “Angel, Healing and Helping Rene,” to which he dedicated herbs to Rene Caisse .

Esijak tea action

Essiac tea has shown a very successful and wide range of effects in people with malignancy. It would help if you emphasized that the complete anti-cancer treatment carrier is the plant Rumex acetosella (COM) sheep’s sorrel).

No unconventional treatment should be used without a quality diet that limits the possibility that the food intake will also increase and accelerate cancer development. Also, pay attention to plastic and aluminum that should be avoided while consuming Esijak tea. If fungi appear on tea or bottles, you should discard the entire contents.

This tea should not be exposed to too much sunlight because the sun destroys some compounds that are medicinal in this preparation. You should note that You should not cool this tea in the sense of putting it in the freezer, refrigerator, or adding ice cubes.

Essiac tea is considered an exceptional means of combating various types of malignancies. Although all herbal ingredients are used independently, they work much better. Each plant’s precise amount is a real natural recipe for treating tumors.

Scientific studies and research

For example, in one study, essiac tea was proven to have antioxidant properties. Essiac tea acts preventively as protection of DNA from damage. In this way, essiac tea protects the body from cancer.

In another study, essential tea blocked breast cancer growth and the development of the onset of leukemia. On this occasion, essiac tea was given to patients in high concentration.

There is other evidence in which essiac tea has affected some other types of cancer. In the case of a man who had prostate cancer, essiac tea prevented cancer remission.

Also, in some studies, such as animal studies, essiac tea has not shown any significant effects on tumors.

The composition of essiac tea

Essiac tea contains four main plants cultivated from the vegetation area of Ontario in Canada. The innovative Western culture method has its origins in the Ojibway Canadian Indians. Many brands of this tea are named after this Indian tribe.

The four main herbs contained in Essiac tea or Ojibwae blend are:

Burdock root, which has the functions of antibiotics, prevents the development of fungi in the body, increases urine flow.

Ulmus rubra or bark of the red elm (slippery elm) helps with the throat’s inflammation and affects various intestinal problems.

Rumex acetosella (COM) sheep’s sorrel) has diuretic properties and has the strongest anti-cancer properties than other tea ingredients.

Rheum palmatum  ( Indian rhubarb) root is used in conventional medicine as a stimulator of the organism’s oxidation.

Essiac tea blend and its use

Rene Caisse and Esiac Tea News

Together, these plants can help stabilize the body and at the same time free the contaminated body from various harmful substances from the patient’s blood. The ingredients of this mixture also help strengthen the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight against malignancy. Thanks to the characteristics of strengthening the immune system, tea is also used for many other diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, and various degenerative diseases. People who have used this tea claim that it helps with various skin infections, digestive problems, and thyroid problems.

You should cook the mixture of these herbs without a lid for 10 to 20 minutes, then cover the mixture and leave it to stand all night on low heat because You must not completely cool the tea until the morning. Reheat it over a slightly higher heat in the morning and leave it to age in a ceramic or glass container. Always use stainless steel utensils for cooking and ceramic or glass utensils for storage. Five grams of tea mixture is used for half a liter of liquid. In total, You should make about one liter of tea.

You should emphasize that this tea is not effective in severe patients over 4 degrees. Liquid extracts or encapsulated extracts of this tea mixture are then used. Tea is drunk three times a day and should start with smaller doses, and over time they should be increased to 3 decilitres per one daily dose.

This tea also helps reduce pain and restore the immune system in the patient’s body.

Side effects

The use of essiac tea is associated with some side effects.

These include sweating, frequent urination, increased bowel activity, skin problems, headaches, and swollen joints.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid Essiac tea.

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