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Energy medicine or magnetic therapy or bioenergy

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Energy medicine or magnetic treatment or bioenergy – biotherapy is used for healing, i.e., malignant / cancer, tumors, carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemias, and lymphomas.
Bioenergy – biotherapy is a healing discipline of energy or electromagnetic, i.e., frequency medicine for the treatment and healing/treatment of all forms of disease/illness and dysfunction of the organism, and stimulating the body at the cellular level to the immune and metabolic response by activating the healing and self-healing mechanisms of the cell.
No medicine cures diseases; only our body can cure the disease and turn the disease process into health. It remains for us to encourage the body to react and heal/cure consciously!

Bioenergy is life energy.

Bioenergy is life energy or frequency resonance energy possessed by all living organisms, even non-living ones, to a certain immutable extent. Every biological organism is in constant interaction with the entire environment and in the constant energy transformation and exchange of man with man and the environment.
Simply put, bioenergy is the total accumulated atomic energy of an organism without which life would not be possible. Bioenergy keeps us in good health and, if necessary, heals/heals us, so bioenergy is an essential part of every organism, human, animal, plant, tree, stone, water… ..!
Bioenergy literally means life energy or cellular energy (ATP), and bioenergy treatments or biotherapy represent the healing or healing of an organism using a life or cellular energy. Bioenergy – biotherapy is a completely non-invasive, i.e., non-aggressive method of treatment or healing that does not usually cause pain during treatment; on the contrary, it quickly removes even the most difficult pain, and is easily tolerated, and can often have an almost miraculous effect on the disease and man.

A bioenergetic healer

A bioenergetic healer – a therapist treats the diseased organism with life energy or bioenergy to lead to healing at the cellular level, i.e., activated the body’s immune and metabolic response and its self-healing mechanisms possessed by all biological organisms. In bioenergy therapies – biotherapy, the healer or bioenergetic therapist – the therapist often lays his hands on the diseased part of the body, i.e., organ or in its vicinity, which since ancient times is called “Royal touch” or applies the technique of smoothing the diseased organ with bioenergy, i.e., bio frequency – resonant energy.
When treating a diseased organism or healing or treatment with bioenergy – biotherapy sensations during or after therapy can be different, from the feeling of heat or cold in the body and the diseased organ, tingling or tingling that passes throughout the body, a feeling of energy flow, increased sweating or sensation fatigue, i.e., drowsiness, dizziness, tremor or minor illnesses and inflammatory processes or injuries, the feeling of a rush of energy throughout the body, and sometimes in rare cases, there is no sensation other than heat radiating from the hands of healers or bioenergetics – therapists and is often on the verge of burning sensation.


Bioenergy – biotherapy performed by healer bioenergetics – a therapist with super-strong bioenergy or exceptional biopotential, begins to act on the treated person in a short time and usually makes a sensation of almost unbearable heat at the site of healing, i.e., treatment, i.e., the feeling of burning on the skin or heat in the organ that receives healing, or treatment with bioenergy.
Bioenergy – biotherapy is also felt as cold when it comes to healing, i.e., treatment of sports injuries and mechanical injuries, or various inflammatory processes in and on the body, according to the sensation of cold or heat, the therapist or healer knows whether it is an acute or chronic health problem. In an acute health problem during healing/treatment therapies, bioenergy makes a feeling of coldness. In contrast to a chronic health problem during healing/treatment, bioenergy makes a sensation of heat.

Bioenergy treatments

bionergija ruka
During bioenergy healing/treatment, the strength of the sensory sensation depends on the person; we are not all the same, nor are our reactions, however regardless of the stronger or weaker physical sensations a person feels during or after bioenergy treatment – biotherapy, healing/treatment and immunological and metabolic reaction, and activation of cellular self-healing mechanisms always occur.
Healing/healing with energy, i.e., bioenergy – biotherapy (hands that radiate and heal/heal), has been known since the time of the Greek physician Hippocrates, who lived about 370 years. BC and the so-called. He is the father of modern – classical or official medicine. Hippocratic scientists, like Hippocrates himself, knew and used the treatment method by laying hands on the affected area or organ, after which there would be relief or complete cessation of pain, withdrawal of symptoms, and often complete healing. It is an old technique that is still used today by many therapists and healers, bioenergetics – therapists. Hippocrates used in his healing therapies, i.e., treatment of the diseased organism, hand-laying techniques or some bioenergy – biotherapy, naturopathic diet, medicinal fasts and diets, medicinal herbs, and if nothing led to healing, then he used surgical or surgical procedures.
Bioenergy – biotherapy is an energy method, i.e., frequency medicine which is not in any contradiction or contradiction with official medicine or treatment protocols applied by classical medicine, but just the opposite healing/treatment with bioenergy – biotherapy complements the therapies of official medicine and leads to faster and safer cure of diseases with bioenergy – biotherapy and can be applied as a very effective stand-alone therapeutic method in health reconstruction, but also as an effective preventive method of maintaining health.

Bioenergy – biotherapy

Bioenergy – biotherapy can be effectively used for healing/treatment in treating minor diseases up to the most serious diseases and mechanical injuries and sports injuries such as fractures, ruptures, crushing, i.e., in all types of diseases and dysfunctions. When it comes to the most serious diseases such as malignant or malignant diseases, especially if it is a relapse of the disease, i.e., extended or metastatic disease, it is recommended to include in the treatment with bioenergy – biotherapy and health or antitumor diet as well as immune and metabolic preparations, or metabolic therapies.

Immunological and metabolic therapy

Immunological and metabolic therapy is our primary choice for all types of malignant – malignant diseases, most often combined with healing/treatment with bioenergy – biotherapy and health or antitumor diet!
Diseases and health conditions where bioenergy is used – biotherapy is all types of malignant/malignant tumors, lung cancer MK and NMK, liver cancer, liver sarcoma, breast cancer or cancer, ovarian cancer or cancer, cancer or pancreatic cancer, spleen cancer, bile cancer, kidney cancer or cancer, adrenal cancer or cancer, GIST, neck cancer, oral or pharyngeal cancer or cancer, melanoma, blast, astrocyte, ganglion, multiple myeloma, plasma cell, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, leukemia, liver cirrhosis, renal nephrosis, nephritis, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, bronchial and cardiac asthma, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, multiple sclerosis, ALL, Morbus Chron, ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis, atherosclerosis, venous thrombosis, aneurysm, arthrosis, arthritis, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, sciatica, cysts, paresis, migraines, allergies, diabetes mellitus II and many other diseases.
Mechanical injuries and sports injuries most often treated with bioenergy – biotherapy are contusions, fractures, cracks, ruptures, swellings, and hematomas.
Many amateur and professional athletes, even those of world renown such as the world’s best skier “Snow Queen,” than football players, handball players, Thai and kickboxers, boxers, swimmers, basketball players, etc., worked with us in search of a speedy recovery. And lasting healing.

Bioenergy healing

you should note that business people, intellectuals, and various employees in the economy, i.e., people of all professions, come to the treatment/healing with bioenergy – biotherapy and indulge in the healing effects of energy frequency medicine.
Healer bioenergetics – a bio therapist, treats and heals diseases with fine life energy by stimulating immune and metabolic processes in the body at the cellular level through the activation of self-healing mechanisms, without affecting religious or religious and spiritual affiliation, or commitment or life philosophy of man!



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