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Electrotherapy against cancer ECT

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Electrotherapy against cancer is a mild cure for tumor treatment – easily dissolve cancer with electrotherapy (ECT)

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time.”
Victor Hugo

Cancer therapy without scalpels and chemistry is ECT. The active principle of ECT therapy is focused on the cell metabolism of cancer/tumor cells and also protects healthy tissue. A side effect of this treatment method is stimulation of the immune system.

ECT – Electrotherapy against cancer should not be confused with hyperthermia or other electrotherapy forms!

Pioneering physician work and electrotherapy against cancer

Through the pioneering work of Dr. Rudolf Pekar, who perfected Galvan’s methods from the early seventies, and by publishing his experiences, as well as Swedish, Austrian, and American research work, we are now able to conduct tumor therapy with galvanic currents successfully. Percutaneous electro-tumor therapy is currently used successfully in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, and China. It should be emphasized that percutaneous electro-tumor therapy has practically no risk of metastasis because it is preventively suppressed. These are complex electrical processes in the metabolism of an organism or cells, with a strong effect on the body’s bioelectric fields. Every event in the body represents a disturbance of biological balance (see, e.g., EEG, ECG, etc.). Disharmonic own currents and electrical disturbances are the real cause of physical ailments.

The formation of cancer and the electromagnetic field of the body

Changes in the resonance of electrical cells lead to the destruction of the tissue’s dynamic state. If the tissue structure cells are “inverted” or if the current intensity is reduced – ie. The ion current is inhibited – the cells can no longer fully perform their function. The cell lacks a controlled classification, and there is a risk of malignant cell autonomy.

An alternative to conventional cancer therapy

elektroterapija kancer

Electrotherapy (ECT)
Cancer therapy without surgery, radiation, and chemistry is ECT. The active principle of ECT therapy is focused exclusively on the metabolism of cancer cells/tumor cells, and this therapy protects healthy tissue. It is almost painless and side effects. A positive side effect is the stimulation of the immune system.

Univ.-lecturer Dr. Ferdinand Ruzicka, head of the electron microscopy group at the Institute of Human Biology in Vienna, describes ECT as follows:

“… is a biophysical method for non-problematic, harmless, painless treatment of all available tumors after local anesthesia, outpatient. It allows repeatability, transparency, harmlessness, incredible efficiency, also in combination with conventional methods. “

Medical opinion

Even the medical health insurance service (MDK) in Bavaria is exclusively oriented towards conventional medicine, in an expert opinion from 1. June 1999 writes about Galvano therapy:

“The theoretical concept is based on repeatable potential differences between injured tissue and the environment.”

At the congress in Stockholm in September 1993. the latest results of ECT research are presented.

The procedure is most widespread in China were since 1987. used on more than 4,000 patients. They have been treated so far lung tumors, liver, breast, skin, nasopharynx and melanoma, sarcomas, and the like. And.

Short-term response rates (complete and partial remissions) are given at about 78% and 5-year survival rates at 59% in the 1,400 follow-up patients.

How to use ECT

ECT tretman rezultati
ECT treatment results

The ECT method is used either alone, in combination with radiotherapy, in combination with drugs (chemotherapeutic agents as mono or combination therapy, systemic or local; hormones, interferon-alpha), or with hyperthermia. “

MDK Bayern (Medical Health Insurance Service in Bavaria) makes the following key statement in its report:

“ECT is based on knowledge of electrophysiology and electrochemistry. The concept is rationally based and seems coherent in itself.”

Medical treatment of cancer

So far, medical cancer treatment has mainly focused on the surgical reduction or removal of the tumor with subsequent chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Side effects are nausea, vomiting, weakness, significant weakening of the immune system, and reduced quality of life. Electrocarcinoma (ECT) therapy has received little or neglect in the medical field, but new scientific perspectives have led to energy medicine discoveries. Clinical studies from Germany and abroad prove the effectiveness of ECT treatment of tumors with mostly positive results.

At TU Wien, a healthy cell’s cell potential is taught to be -175 mV and the cell potential from 0 to -10 mV. Thus, tumor cells are significantly different from healthy cells. Due to different electrical cell potentials, cells (cell aggregates) have different conductivity and resistance behavior; this is used in electro-tumor treatment (ECT).

Here the thesis of Dr.Rernata is confirmed. U. Warnke University in Saarbrücken: “A paradigm shift is already taking place. The future of medicine is electricity.”

Electrocarcinoma therapy (ECT) is a method for tumor depolarization (tumor destruction) based on biophysical principles.

You can only benefit from ECT, not harm.

At this point, we assume that the patient’s body can break down the tumor mass, just as there can be no breakthrough or unwanted infiltration. If this is guaranteed, EC therapy can be performed, and the title is correct.

ECT now begins to act in the tumor cell’s metabolic system and has a positive effect on the immunization process. For this purpose, electric poles are attached to and in the tumor area (electrode), which flow through the area with a weak direct current. The electrical resistance of tumor cells is reduced so that a weak current can focus only on them but not on healthy tissue. In this way, the growths gradually lead to death in a sterile way, often in one session for up to three hours (aseptic bionecrosis). A healthy body gradually rejects tissue or metabolizes phagocytes of the immune system.

The treatment itself and the course of ECT

ect oprema

During the treatment, an electric field is created, and charged particles (ions) are drawn differently to the poles (electrolysis), Na + and H +, for example, at the cathode (negative pole) and Cl – at the anode (positive pole). This creates an alkaline environment around the cathode and an acidic environment around the anode. In both cases, the pH values are far beyond the physiological range and act on tissue destruction. Membrane potentials change as the electrolyte environment in and around the cell changes.

The membrane is perforated in accelerated ion flow, and metabolic functions and intracellular structures are disrupted. The cell becomes sensitive to immune cells because they are no longer electrically repelled. Simultaneously, tumor antigens are released and recognized by attracted immune cells. The formation of new metastases is effectively counteracted because the current is already active. Simultaneously, the electrodes are being placed, and possible separate tumor cells are being held in the electric field.

From historical galvanic therapy, Dr. Rudolf Pekar ECT therapy

Electric current is used in many areas of medicine. The properties of tissue-destroying electricity have been known since the 18th century. Italian researcher Luigi Galvani recognized these properties through experiments. Then Paris dermatologist FJ Darier reported in the 19th century about the healing of malignant melanoma by percutaneous (through the skin) needle electrodes and direct current.

Pioneering work in history

Austrian Dr. Rudolf Pekar performed pioneering work on this basis. Since the early 1970s, he has been perfecting the method of galvanic therapy. Dr. Rudolf Pekar published his experiences in a scientific paper. In both the United States and Sweden, DC therapy is still being developed, based on his new research results. Today, Dr. Rudolf Pekar researched tumor therapy with galvanic currents that doctors and alternative practitioners successfully apply. It should be noted that only users with a device type ect-2010 are certified to use this therapy fully. The BET 7 and ECT Plus device types are only approved for flat electrodes and can only be used to a limited extent. Some doctors and alternative practitioners illegally use these devices for needle electrode technology.

How ECT electro cancer therapy works

ECT mašina za lečenje

The course of therapy

Treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis. The patient is comfortably accommodated. The duration of treatment varies from one to three hours. The treatment area is covered sterilely and anesthetized with a pain reliever, as electrical voltage can cause mild pain sensations.

The most important changes in biological tissues near the electrode are associated with the processes of reduction and oxidation, i.e., with OH-, H + in equilibrium., The negative electrode leads to hydrogen ions’ oxidation and causes intense development of hydrogen gas due to hydrogen withdrawal (reduced concentration of hydrogen ions). In the reduction process, OH radicals are concentrated near the positive electrode (in the form of hydrated H3O2 and H / O4 clusters) and cause an acidic environment in the electrode environment. A process with almost no gas development can be expected at this electrode.

Depending on the area tumor’s size, one or more pairs of electrodes are applied. The current is already active as the electrodes are inserted. This measure aims to bind possible separate tumor cells in the dialectical field to prevent their spread and metastasis.

During the therapeutic period, the patient is subject to constant visual supervision. The course of therapy is computer controlled. Side effects are as good as they are ruled out and have not yet been noticed. After the treatment, the patient can go home on his own.

Mechanisms of electrotherapy

The electrical conductivity mechanism in biological tissues in both living and non-living tissues is very complex and, to date, is not fully understood. A characteristic feature of the process is the forced transport of ions. It is the most important process in cancer treatment to achieve definitive damage to malignant tissue (galvanic process).

Resistance effects

The resistance strongly depends on the geometric conditions and the material in which the current flows. This causes a problematic position in the living body to be measured because the current charges are not characteristic of the tissue. At the same time, there are several mixed effects. They are why experiments were started to determine the special effects of tissues and why the results were separated from geometric research.

A method has been developed that is both diagnostically and therapeutically successful. The parameters actually required for handling are data on the characteristic resistance of the measured resistances at different electrode depths. If the depth is given as x, we get the resistance in the form of a polynomial of the third degree:

R (x) = Ro + R1X +% X 2+ R3x3

Here we get a constant as a result. Based on this, we can separate the penetrating electrode’s geometric parameters and measure the resistances of the needle tip and the needle sheath.

Ionization effects

The most important principle is the physical and chemical destruction of cancerous tissue with complex, well-localized effects without serious penetration into healthy tissue. In this destruction mechanism, all the properties of said DC treatment are applied and optimized to get a better result. The progress of therapy and patient management are well recorded and controlled by computer control.

To select the optimal parameters for treatment, the therapy staff may request patient information. Details are continuously documented during treatment, and information is processed in such a way as to show the most effective path. The physical parameter with the best efficiency measurement results is tissue impermeability. The charging passage is measured in Coulomb C (charging unit). 1 C 6,3,18 x 10 electrons or 1 C 1 A. sec. (Ie 1 ampere per second).

The positive effect of ionization

Furthermore, ionization has a known good effect. The current is conducted on the one hand through the tissue ions and on the other hand through the current flowing through the external voltage of the integrated ions. This has a very extensive effect: 1 X-ray (1 R) radioactive unit defines a unit of 0.258 C / CM3 (0.108 erg / cm3 – 93.1 erg / gr or in other words 0.869 rad), which is determined by ion vapor production.

This value already occurs at 129 mA if it is assumed that a combined electric force creates both ions involved in the process. Here, electricity simulates radioactive ionization – but in a better way than radiation, because only those molecules that are soluble in an aqueous substance and whose dissociation is supported by an electric field participate in ionization. This means that the galvanic effect is a special ionization process, where ionization is far more selective than radiation.

Among other things, the following types of tumors can be treated with this method.

AdenofibromaClear cancer cellsOsteosarcoma
AdenocarcinomaColic carcinomaPapilloma
AngiomaComedo cancerSquamous cell carcinoma
BasaliomaHepatocellular carcinomaPlasmacytoma
Basal cell carcinomaLeiomyosarcomaRhabdomyosarcoma
Chorionic epithelial carcinomaMalignant lymphomaSeminoma
FibrosarcomaMalignant melanomaSynovial sarcoma
Hemangioendothelioma, malignantMesotheliomaTeratoma
HepatoblastomaNeurosarcomaWilms’ tumor
MetatsazeMorbid BowenCylinder
These are malignant and benign tumors that are treated with electrotherapy or ECT

ECT therapy is not or is only partially applicable to

– people with pacemakers
– metal implant brackets (near the treatment area)
– thrombosis
– arterial occlusive disease
– Varicose veins in the treatment area
– pregnancy
– mental illness
– addictions (alcohol, etc.)
– Tumors and metastases in critical parts of the body

Final note

ECT is a very mild method of treatment that can be used for many types of tumors (see above). The side effects are not known. The patient can go home immediately after the treatment (session) without any support. The ECT procedure is medically recognized in some countries and is already offered and priced in many countries.



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