Suzanne Steinbaum is an osteopath and cardiologist living and working in New York City.

She is known in the media as a passionate fighter for the preservation of women’s heart health, and in her lectures she has always emphasized the importance of prevention.

He comes from a family of as many as 18 osteopathic doctors.

Curiosity from family life is related to the actions of her grandfather.

He was also a physician and wrote about the health benefits of natural antioxidants – decades before science confirmed it.
Modern life reflects on heart health

Dr. Steinbaum warns that women are being exposed to increasing stress day by day trying to balance between the many responsibilities of family and business life.

In doing so, they mostly completely neglect themselves, justifying it by lack of time.

Such a way of life and neglect of their own needs strongly affects the health of their heart.

Heart problems

suzanne steinbaum
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Although until recently heart disease was considered mostly male, an increasing number of younger women are complaining of palpitations, chest pain, panic attacks, fatigue and anxiety.

While Dr. Steinbaum worked on Block Island, 30-year-olds and 40-year-olds with various problems came to her office.

All of these in turn were successful young women burdened with a number of responsibilities.

Before the holidays, they were still functioning somehow, but as soon as they relaxed a bit, they would simply “fall apart”.

Dr. Steinbaum explains this by saying that they are theirs stress hormones , which otherwise allowed them to survive frantic days, ended up in the bloodstream on vacation where they caused a short circuit.

This has resulted in symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure and chest pain.

Extremely harmful effects of stress

Heart disease, says Dr. Steinbaum, starts long before you think it.

It starts when you don’t feel good and when you’re not honest with yourself.

Due to stress, poor diet, passive lifestyle, smoking and alcohol, maintaining bad relationships, anxiety or anxiety, your heart already ill, says Dr. Steinbaum.

All patients with severe heart disease have something in common – they are under a lot of stress and feel lonely and misunderstood.

Stress is more harmful for a woman’s heart than for a man’s

female heart

While men react to stress on the principle of fight or flight, women naturally react on the principle of calm down and friends and usually want to talk about it.

Support, family and friendship are extremely important to women.

But as no one has time to talk anymore, they react to stress like men, which has a negative effect on the health of their heart .

“Stress can become your life and it’s the fastest way to wither your heart,” says Dr. Steinbaum.
Indicators of your vitality

Dr. Steinbaum lists a number of indicators that indicate the level of your heart health and functionality.

Indicators of heart function

shape – good shape contributes to heart health
heart rate – should not be higher than 50-70 beats per minute
smoking – multiplies the risk of vascular and heart diseases
cholesterol levels – To avoid high cholesterol, eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains

A holistic approach to a woman – the path to the health of her heart

happy woman

When a woman comes to the office, Dr. Steinbaum first inquires about the “emotional” state, and only then about the physical state of her heart.

He asks the patient if she sleeps well, what her life passion is, if she is satisfied with her job, how she feels in a marriage or relationship, etc.

Having worked with many women who have struggled with anger and rage, she has also realized how much such negative emotions threaten heart health.

“If you suppress anger and hatred in your heart, you are poisoning it,” he says. Therefore, it is extremely important to trigger these emotions, not to suppress them.

It is also very important for a woman to “get out of her head and go down to her heart” because whenever the brain takes the lead, the heart gets less oxygen.

5 tips from Dr. Steinbaum that will strengthen your heart

Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine

physical activity

The heart is a muscle that does not like passivity and sitting, but seeks activity and movement.

Therefore, to have a healthy and strong heart , move as much as possible and be active.

Find the form of exercise that suits you best, such as running, cycling, Pilates, yoga, dancing, etc.

Dr. Steinbaum recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week or about 30 minutes a day five days a week or 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise per week.

Distinguish a panic attack from a heart attack

Many young women complain of anxiety and panic attacks, and additional stress and anxiety is created by the fact that it is difficult to distinguish panic attacks from heart attacks.

Dr. Steinbaum advises how to recognize what it is about.

This is very important to know because you will certainly not die from a panic attack, while a heart attack can be fatal.

The symptoms of panic attacks and heart attacks are the same: rapid breathing, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness and nausea.

Therefore, if you experience these symptoms, consciously slow down your breathing, the cardiologist advises.

The body will calm down due to slow breathing, the parasympathetic system will be activated and you will spare your heart any damage.

Here’s what to do in case of a panic attack:

First take a deep breath until you count to four.
Then hold your breath until you count to four.
At the end, exhale slowly so that you make a shhhhh sound and count to six.
After exhaling, hold your breath again until you count to four.
Repeat several times.
If that helps, it means it’s a panic attack. If you still have the same symptoms after this exercise, call a doctor or go to the emergency room yourself, Dr. Steinbaum advises.

Find meaning in life

In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, it is very important for heart health to find meaning in life.

It will feed your heart and soul and make you happy, says Dr. Steinbaum.

It doesn’t matter if that higher purpose is related to your job and career, like starting your own business, or to something else like a hobby.

It is important that every morning when you get up you know that you will do what you love and that you are doing it for someone more good.

To discover a higher meaning, these questions will help you:

What do you like to do most of all?
What is it that you can’t stop thinking about? What is your dream that you would like to realize?

Be positive and cheerful

smiling woman

Be cheerful and optimistic because optimism is good for your heart.

Research has found that optimistic people have as much as a 50 percent lower risk of heart attack.

And don’t forget the music.

Find your theme song. It is a song that will awaken strength and a positive attitude in you, and which will also relax you when you are under stress.

Sing it loud or quiet because while you are singing, you cannot hyperventilate.

The song will help you keep your heart rate low, lower your blood pressure, and prevent any panic attacks.

Keep a diary

Start keeping a diary, in which you will write down what you eat, how much you move, how much you exercise, how much you sleep, whether stress manages your life, whether you have heart problems.

Here you will also write down what you currently want from life, what your goals are, whether you want to spend more time with dear people, whether you are happy in your current relationship, etc.

This diary can help you spot patterns of behaviors and habits in your life that are harming your heart, becoming aware of your heart’s messages, and finally starting to live up to them.

“There are things in life that you want to change. When you write them down, they become real. ” , says Dr. Steinbaum.
Sources used in this article include:
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s book: A Woman’s Heart.


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