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Does vitamin B17 cure cancer?

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If you are one of those people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and diet, including the role of vitamins and minerals in it, you have probably heard of vitamin B17. Some reject it and others praise it, and this vitamin is the subject of many studies and controversies in the scientific community. Can vitamin B17 really kill cancer cells ?

What is vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17, also called amygdalin and laetrile, is part of the B complex vitamins, including B1, B2, B6 and B12. All of them are associated with several important functions in the body and help promote the health of the nervous system (including the brain) and also contribute to optimal energy levels in the body. It consists of a combination of glucose and hydrogen cyanide and is called amygdalin. The scientific name of vitamin B17 is Mandelonitrile beta-D-gentiobioside . It has antioxidant properties and can interact with other antioxidants (such as vitamins A, C, and E) to help rid the body of mutated or dangerous cells.

What is the connection between vitamin B17 and cancer?

In 1980, the FDA banned vitamin B17 as a dietary supplement (believing it to be toxic), but the controversy continues to this day. A number of scientists who have studied vitamin B17 believe that it may be effective in the treatment of cancer. One of the most prominent proponents of this idea is Dr. John Richardson, who despite criticism uses vitamin B17 in his patients’ treatment programs.

According to research and experiments conducted at the Research Institute at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, one of the most important cancer treatment hospitals in the United States, vitamin B17 not only improves the overall health of cancer patients, but also suppresses tumor growth and may have a preventive effect.

In general, the study results regarding the anti-cancer effects of vitamin B 17 are mixed. According to studies by other scientists (Dr. Josh Ak), vitamin B 17 may be effective against prostate, brain, and bladder cancer. It has not shown good efficacy against lung cancer and breast cancer. However, it has been shown to strengthen the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells and supporting liver function.

Vitamin B17, especially in the form of D-amygdalin, can contribute to the regression and growth of cancer cells and tumors, as it exhibits a selective killing effect (called apoptosis) on modified cells. Apoptosis is a mechanism of “programmed cell death” and is considered an important part of cancer therapy. Vitamin B 17 has the ability to selectively kill cancer cells without affecting healthy, normal cells. This is explained by the presence of high concentrations of a specific enzyme in cancer cells that has the ability to release cyanide from the vitamin B17 molecule. This enzyme is found in minimal amounts in healthy cells.

In a study conducted by the Department of Physiology at Kyung Hee University in South Korea, when amygdalin extract was combined with human prostate cancer cells, apoptosis of the cancer cells occurred much more easily. Therefore, the researchers conclude that amygdalin may be a valuable natural option for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Another explanation for the action of vitamin B 17 is that when vitamin B 17 releases cyanide, the acid content of tumor cells increases and their growth stops.

Other animal studies have shown that, under certain conditions, vitamin B17 is effective in killing bladder and brain cancer cells, especially in combination with certain antibodies and enzyme complexes. On the other hand, other studies using human lung and breast cancer cells did not show this effect. Therefore, there is still no consensus in the medical community about whether vitamin B17 should be used to treat cancer.

Beneficial effects of vitamin B17

Although many doctors believe that vitamin B17 is very good for treating cancer, many others disagree that it can be used as a primary treatment, instead recommending it as an effective supplement. Potential benefits of vitamin B 17 also include:

It enhances immune activity

Vitamin B 17 has special properties to slow down the spread of disease in the body by killing pathogenic cells. However, the exact mechanism by which this proceeds is not clear.
According to a study published in the International Journal of Radiation and Biology , vitamin B17 stimulates the immune system, causing a statistically significant increase in the ability of white blood cells to attack harmful cells. One theory of vitamin B17’s effectiveness suggests that the transformation of normal cells into dangerous, pathogenic cells can be prevented by beneficial enzymes produced in the pancreas, and vitamin B17 can help increase the synthesis of these pancreatic enzymes.

Vitamin B 17 is also believed to help improve the detoxification function of the liver. In this way, it prevents potential damage to the body from toxins, malignant cells or other potentially harmful substances in it before they cause damage or disease.

Reduces pain

In a series of cases published in 1962. , reported significant pain relief when patients were treated with high doses of intravenous vitamin B17. In some of them, a decrease in the swelling of the lymph nodes and a decrease in the size of the tumor were found. However, patients were not followed long-term to determine whether the effect remained after discontinuation, so it is difficult to say whether vitamin B 17 may also work to relieve pain in other conditions, such as arthritis.

Lowering high blood pressure

Vitamin B 17 can cause a decrease in blood pressure due to the formation of thiocyanate – a powerful blood pressure lowering agent. However, it is not yet known whether the effect is long-term or mostly temporary.

After metabolism, vitamin B17 leads to increased production of the enzyme beta-glucosidase, which interacts with intestinal bacteria, contributing to the detoxification of the body and lowering blood pressure. This is usually not dangerous for most people and is even helpful for some, but it is important to know, especially for people taking blood pressure medication! People with heart problems should also be especially careful when taking vitamin B17.

Which foods contain vitamin B 17?

The richest sources of vitamin B 17 are apricot pits and apple seeds.

Other foods that supply this vitamin are:

Wheatgrass – This healthy food is one of the best sources of this nutrient and can be prepared as a drink or added to shakes or other healthy drinks.

Mushrooms . Mushrooms not only have excellent nutritional qualities, but are also an excellent source of vitamin B17. They can be added to various dishes and salads.

Swiss turnip . This green leafy vegetable contains generous amounts of vitamin B 17 and can be eaten fresh in salads or as an addition to other dishes.

Chia seeds . Chia seeds are rich not only in vitamin B 17, but also in protein and fiber. They can be added to oatmeal, pudding or cream.

Turmeric . This spice, in addition to B 17, will provide you with numerous powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that are especially needed in the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin B 17 interacts with other antioxidants, including vitamin A , vitamin C and vitamin E – along with pancreatic enzymes to remove harmful toxins from the body. This is why it is extremely beneficial to support detoxification, immunity and various forms of disease prevention.
This compound is released into the tissues of the whole organism and destroys the mutated cells.

Adverse effects and safety of vitamin B 17

The question still remains, why is vitamin B 17 not used to treat cancer? Many people believe that since this product is natural and widely available, it cannot be patented and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in it.

On the other hand, the presence of cyanide in it makes it a possible source of toxicity. Although many studies have focused on the safety of vitamin B17, there are still no definitive results and data to determine the most effective dose, possible toxic reactions, and long-term effects of large doses.

According to some sources, the likelihood of cyanide poisoning is much higher when taken orally, because intestinal bacteria contain enzymes that activate the release of cyanide found in vitamin B17 and make the effects more drastic and rapid.

Although more formal research is needed, a number of alternative medicine practitioners use vitamin B 17 to boost immune activity.

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