DMSO and vitamin c protocol

DMSO and vitamin c protocol – The most important thing you need to know

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DMSO and vitamin c are crucial for people suffering from some metabolic disorders. DMSO is used as a transporter and is one of the best preparations that inject other compounds into the skin.

More on DMSO

DMSO and vitamin c

DMSO is officially Dimethyl Sulfoxide. It is used for many reasons in alternative medicine. First and foremost, as a carrier or transporter of other compounds. DMSO binds to many types of molecules and carries them through the skin (transdermally).

DMSO is important in therapies in which strength is lost because they are taken orally, and the stomach and stomach acid burn part of the union. DMSO can carry some of these therapies through the skin and avoid destruction in the digestive tract.

DMSO is also critical for cancer patients who cannot eat food. You can ingest certain nutrients through the skin.

DMSO is also used as a solution to dissolve lumps of molecules.

Even when used internally, through the mouth, DMSO can carry individual molecules through the digestive tract’s lining before being destroyed by stomach acids.

DMSO targets cancer cells like some other substance. Therefore, it can bind to cells on the surface of your skin, carry them through the skin, and then target cancer cells and draw the substance into the cancer cell.

DMSO and vitamin C.

vitamin c from fruits

In this treatment, you will use vitamin C in the form of mineral ascorbates. This treatment is perfect for all forms of melanoma.

Mix the following:

1) Put 1.2 decilitres of distilled water in a glass,

2) Put liquid, crystalline, or Vitamin C powder in water. This should be a type of Vitamin C with many mineral ascorbates, such as sodium ascorbates, calcium ascorbates, potassium ascorbates, etc. Avoid using pure ascorbic acid because these molecules draw minerals from your body to make a composition of mineral ascorbates that your body can actually use.

3) At this point, if most Vitamin C is not composed of mineral ascorbates (but is composed mostly of ascorbic acid), add 1 teaspoon of baking soda or baking soda without aluminum or baking soda. This will convert ascorbic acid into sodium ascorbate and carbon dioxide.

4) Start your therapy with 1 gram of mineral ascorbate and increase to 5 grams of mineral ascorbate. If you get diarrhea, you are increasing the dose of Vitamin C too fast.

5) When vitamin C dissolves, add between 10 and 40 drops of DMSO (start with 10 drops and increase to 40 drops as you increase the dose of Vitamin C).

Consume this mixture TWICE a day.

Vitamin C and glucose

Cells cannot distinguish between Vitamin C and glucose because they are almost identical. When blood sugar levels are low, Vitamin C is more effective. Therefore, when using this therapy, you follow a strict diet, a cancer diet with very little glucose.

Warning: Taking an overdose of Vitamin C can damage the kidneys. Do not take more than three times the recommended dose in this article without consulting a healthcare professional.

As we mentioned initially, this treatment is used by applying the mixture to the skin. We should note that other compounds such as artemisinin, vitamin B17, various minerals, and vitamins can be injected through the skin in a mixture with DMSO.

Conflicts with Other Therapies

NOT use this protocol if you are on the Budwig diet.

NOT use this protocol if you are taking Protecel (R), Entlev (R), Raw Paw, or Graviola supplements (including the Amazon Factor Protocol).



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