DMSO and its anticancer properties

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DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a natural substance. Athletics coaches often use this product to treat severe injuries in athletes. It increases blood flow in the area of the injury. It is recognized as a very mild but potent healing substance. There are thousands of cases that confirm safety DMSO and the efficacy of this preparation in the last decade.
This preparation helps people with cancer in severe cases to prolong their lives. DMSO has the greatest success against melanoma, prostate cancer, colon cancer, glioblastoma, lymphoma.
This preparation in its pure form is three times stronger than water molecules. This preparation, therefore, easily passes through cell membranes pushing other substances with it, also through cancer cells whose permeability is very low. Some scientists believe that this preparation’s basic therapeutic value is that after restoring damaged cells, it hydrates them, changing the structure of water. Increasing cell permeability allows cells to feed more easily and excrete more waste.
Although this substance’s complete mechanism cannot be discerned, it is known that DMSO solvent I mix with dextrose, thus affecting carcinogenic cells like a Trojan horse, as it enters the walls of a dextrose-fed cancer cell. DMSO attacks and destroys the most metabolically active cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.
Many scientists believe that DMSO can pass through the protein coat that surrounds cancer cells and can help drugs, anti-cancer drugs, and the immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells. It is also believed that DMSO can increase energy levels in malignant cells, and in that way, they become benign.
DMSO stimulates many segments of the immune system. It also destroys free radicals, especially hydroxyl radicals, most dangerous of all. Since radicals directly affect cancer growth, this may be one of the mechanisms in which DMSO reduces the development of cancer. This can also be very important for people taking chemotherapy because patients who have consumed chemotherapy DMSO did not have side effects such as hair loss, dry mouth. Some facts prove that DMSO also protects the body from radiation.
DMSO is also reduced pain in people with severe health problems.
Dmso in the liquid state is recommended in an amount between 5 and 10 ml per day.

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Dimethyl sulfoxide or abbreviated DMSO is a preparation used in the repair of injuries, it has also been scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, reduce pain and return cancerous cells to normal.



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