Diet for cancer treatment – Food for cancer patients

Diet for cancer treatment

There are many healthy foods that contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, however too high doses of vitamin K can lead to the formation of blood clots. No more than 25 to 30% of the composition of food in the diet should contain vitamin K, which are: broccoli, kale, prosciutto, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage. Garlic should be avoided for other reasons and should be eaten in moderation.

There are several types of diets that are adapted to the individual condition of the patient, for example ketogenic diet ,, oil-protein diet  and many other types of diets that effectively fight cancer and are tailored to specific types and specific stages of the disease. In the following text, I will try to explain to you what we can and cannot eat and how to adapt a certain way of eating to a certain stage of the disease. I will also try to explain to you the influence of certain foods on the processes in the body and on the further development and progression of the disease.

The concept of diet against cancer

I remember reading a detailed diary of a person trying to cure his cancer alternative treatments . I was confused because the results of this person did not give the desired effects even though she was doing everything right.

It should be understood that if you take any alternative treatment it is similar to putting gasoline in your car and you are on the right track to start killing cancer cells, but if you are using a bad diet it is similar to putting water in your tank and mixing is with fuel.

Many people have been able to cure cancer by making major changes to their diet. I want to emphasize that bad diets during the treatment of cancer with alternative methods have reduced the effect of the same or completely erased any progress. Something very simple and seemingly insignificant like adding salt to food can ruin a complete treatment.

Diet is just as important as cancer treatment. If the anti-cancer diet does not affect the cancer, then alternative treatments are used to destroy it.

Most people get cancer because of the food they eat. The wrong food we eat creates a suitable terrain in our body for the formation of fungi that are one of the culprits for cancer.

In many cases, scientific studies have shown that diet alone, along with foods that have caused cancer, nullifies the effects of other healthy foods and develops cancer. So to reduce cancer we need to change our diet by creating healthy terrain. The anti-cancer diet determines what you should and should not eat. If something is not allowed to be eaten, do not eat that food!

In some cases, cancer can be linked to food intake to which we are allergic. When we start a diet, we eliminate the food we are allergic to, and we have been taking it for many years, and we influence the further development of cancer.

In the cases I found from medical studies, fungi that live in the body can be fed only one type of food that creates a suitable time for their reproduction and that is tobacco, meat, ice cream, cheese and other similar products and also create a psychological need to take this food. In order to stop the development of cancer, it is necessary to stop eating this food. Mental dependence and the urge to eat this food can create additional problems during the diet and are directly related to the impact fungus on the human body.

Not all anti-cancer diets are the same

I must mention that certain specific diets are prescribed for certain cancer treatments. In other words, not all cancer children are the same.

For example, a cancer diet Roberta O. Young PhD is specific because almost all fruits are banned. It is forbidden for a good reason which is the basic goal of this diet. His diet was made to balance pH value of blood And to remove yeast and fungi from the organism. Like many other treatments, its treatment converts cancer cells into normal cells.

Treatments for people who are very weak and in whom the cancer has progressed to a high degree can rely on some of the nutritional solutions that will increase their energy but also affect their further cancer development diminishing impact lactic acid on the organism. You can read more on this topic in the article Nutritional protocol for the weak

In other treatments, for example, fruit is not only allowed, it is an integral part of the treatment. Why? Because some anti cancer child are made to kill cancer cells and some fruits contain high amounts of compounds that destroy cancer cells and also destroy compounds that feed cancer cells.

In this text, we will focus on destroying fungi and other microbes in the body. This is quite similar to the principles of Robert O. Young and his diet. Also, our choice is the following, precisely because many other diets did not give results.

Understanding what an anti cancer diet is

anti-cancer foods

Cancer is caused by microbes that are in cancer cells. These microbes feed on sugars and compounds from dairy products.

Every food we take into the body that we eat or drink can be classified into several categories:

1. Food that nourishes and strengthens cancerous cells and microbes in them for example refined sugar, dairy products.

2. Cancer-producing foods margarines, diet coca cola, French cheeses, corn oil

3. Food that directly affects alternative treatments and that is coffee , chlorine, fluorine, alcohol.

4. Foods that affect immune system and prevents it from destroying cancer cells, which is meat

5. Foods that contain compounds that destroy cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer or in some cases help in the treatment of cancer, such as red grapes, raspberries, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, pineapple , almonds, etc.

Cooking destroys enzymes in fruits and vegetables and thus reduces the effect on cancerous diseases.

Ideally, during an anti-cancer diet, all foods should be 100% in category 5 and fall under foods that destroy cancer cells, stop them from spreading or otherwise affect the cancer. Whenever you eat food that is not in that category, you directly affect the treatment of cancer. For this reason, many anti-cancer diets use fresh fruits and vegetables.

Individual foods fall into several categories. For example, grapes feed glucose on cancerous cells but contain compounds that destroy cancerous cells. So should I take the grapes? Generally, no. But for example, the Brandt grape diet as a medicine is a diet with grapes and nothing more and it is a great treatment for cancer. The problem is that grapes combined with other compounds and food nourish cancer cells more than they destroy them because other substances destroy the value of grapes as a means of destroying cancer.

Critical definition

In alternative medicine, the term fasting had a very different term compared to the definition used by many people. In alternative medicine, the term fasting means that a person can drink water and a limited amount of drinks and food. Fast means in some cases up to 42 days and can be associated with the term limited.

A very important message for weak people with cancer

A diet based on fresh food and consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables will be a problem for people who are very weak because they will not be able to digest it.

In this case, it is best to eat organic beef. A macrobiotic diet is better for very weak patients because cooked food is much better and easier to digest. There is a lot of literature on macrobiotic nutrition and diets.

These patients need to regain energy and are recommended Noni juice, Xango juice and blueberry juice , but pure blueberry juice made with spring water and not refined juices because they retaliate more for someone who helps and in the following text we will see why.

Include foods rich in oxalic acid

If you choose any anti-cancer diet, 50% or more of the food you eat should contain a high dose of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a killer of cancer cells. Vegetables that contain oxalic acid are beets, sweet potatoes, celery ,, dandelion , cabbage, eggplant, broccoli, carrots, green peppers, potatoes, pumpkin spinach. Fruits: Kiwi, lemon peel, blueberries, raspberries, plums, tangerines. Seeds: Peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts.

Chlorine, fluorine and other toxic chemicals

Avoid chlorine in your diet. This also means avoiding foods that are made with running water. Chlorine destroys many nutrients. Do not drink juices that are overflowing with tap water. You should not buy bottled grape juice because it is mixed with chlorine and tap water during processing, thus destroying many nutrients.


All vegetables should be organic. Basically you should eat organic fresh salads / vegetables / sprouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Broccoli *, chard *, beets *, cabbage *, carrots *, cauliflower *, celery, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, green beans, peas,  peppers, spinach, cabbage, radishes, chard, wheat grass, barley grass, beans.

They have anticancer effect with the sign *

It would be very good to mix all these ingredients with the * sign and drink the juice from them.


Generally only whole almonds, macadamia nuts and walnuts are allowed for the cancer diet. Cashew is strictly forbidden. Almonds and macadamia nuts have laetriles. Walnuts have omega 3 . Peanuts and walnuts have a lot of fungi and should not be used except in Budvig diet .


The best example is the juice of the barley plant and some other herbs. Only some fruits and vegetables can come close to these superfoods. Many stores sell a combination of beverages and extracts of herbs and plant fruits that are superfoods. This type of food is necessary for the treatment of cancer.

You can make juice from fresh stalks, leaves and barley seeds yourself. But to note the plant must be fresh.


Legumes other than peanuts are allowed to be used in people with cancer, but only in moderation, in order to stabilize weight and to ensure sufficient protein intake.

Soy products

All soy products must be avoided except fresh soy sprouts. Soybean sprouts have an incredible number of anti-cancer compounds and are an acceptable ingredient in your salads.

Whole grains

 Whole grains

Whole grains can be used only when the patient has a large weight loss. If the weight loss is uncontrolled, a treatment plan with hydrazine sulfate should be considered. Yeast, which every cancer patient has in them, turns complex carbohydrates into simple ones, so even the intake of cereals should be avoided for this reason. Cereals affect the body to become even more acidic. Corn and rice should be avoided completely.


Yeast is one of the reasons why bread and other pastries should be avoided. Japanese research shows that breast cancer is largely caused by products baked with yeast. Also, flour together with yeast is used in feeding cancer. The only yeast that can be used is the so-called baker’s yeast.

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products

fish as a food against cancer

Beef, pork, fish, turkey should be avoided when treating cancer. There are many reasons for this limitation. The only exception if a person suffers from weight loss is to use fresh river fish and legumes, beans and the like.

Avoid all dairy products including butter, cheeses and all fatty products except cheese or skim milk when used in the Budwig diet. The exception is for pregnant and breastfeeding women who need to eat two eggs a day, because choline is necessary for the development of the baby’s brain, and the baby has an advantage because two eggs a day are not life-threatening for cancer patients.

If a person has to drink milk, the only acceptable type is goat’s milk from organically raised goats.

Specifically meat is bad for the anti-cancer diet and to emphasize everything that contains products obtained from animals is bad for the cancer and anti-cancer diet.

You can also read an article about the research of scientists and the risk of creating breast cancer that increases the increased intake of red meat in the body


All man-made sweeteners are bad for an anti-cancer diet. The only acceptable one is stevia.

Sugar and cereal derivatives

Refined sugars and grains should be avoided. Not only do they feed on fungi and create yeast in the body, they feed on cancer cells. Don’t eat anything that has yeast in it. In addition, refined sugar and other simple sugars interfere with your immune system. These substances also interfere with the supply of vitamin C and oxygen to cancer cells. Sugar depletes the body and reduces the absorption of key minerals due to its acidity, acidity encourages the body to use minerals to regulate the pH level in the body. The same goes for all acidic foods, the chain reaction of the organism to regulate the pH value of the blood and maintain it at the optimal level is the cause and the main factor of almost all chronic diseases, including cancer. An entire book would be needed to describe how the body maintains its pH value in the normal range.


honey for cancer

If sugars are bad for people with cancer, what about honey another simple sugar? Honey is both good and bad for cancer. Honey contains 38% fructose and 31% glucose, which feed cancer cells. The good thing is that honey contains powerful phenolic antioxidants. However, like grape juice, honey should be avoided.

Fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices

The only fruits that are allowed on this diet, without restrictions, are unsweetened linden, unsweetened lemon and avocado. Lemon is actually mandatory in every cancer treatment because of its beneficial effects on the liver and because of the oxidation of the body. Lemon juice should be taken just before bedtime. The exception to this general rule is fruit fasting, when the body receives nothing but fruit protein, which is a powerful cure for cancer. Another example is diet and treatment with potassium chloride when taking fruits with increased potassium concentration.

Mushrooms and seaweed


There are some mushrooms that are used in the treatment of cancer mainly as an adjunct to treatment. The good thing about mushrooms is that they contain polysaccharides that are important for the immune system.

Algae are recommended in the diet because they have a high level of polysaccharides, especially brown seaweed. Chlorella and spirulina should be avoided.

Some of the fungi that destroy cancer are cordyceps and chaga

You can find something more about the healing effect of the fungus Chaga on carcinogenic diseases in this article  and information about the influence of cordyceps on cancerous diseases  you can find it by clicking on the link

You can also read an article about the newly discovered  seaweed that stops the spread of cancer


Refined salt can be a major cause of cancer. Refined salt, bad fats, margarine and butter are the main causes for red blood cells to absorb less oxygen, making hemoglobin a meal for yeast and fungi. Also, red blood cells cannot deliver oxygen to some parts of the body where a suitable soil is created for cancer.

In the second case, natural sea salt has a mineral composition very similar to human blood. It is an extremely healthy food as long as you do not use it much.

The salt obtained from the natural environment with the help of sun drying from sea water is different in relation to the modern refined salt. Sea salt is a complex of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This complex is very important for a healthy life. Many minerals are removed from refined salt by artificial production. The process of refining is not natural and this salt has a very bad effect on the organism, increasing blood pressure, creating heart problems, kidney diseases.

Bad fats and oils

Fats that you should completely avoid are trans fats. Trans fatty acids and partially hydrogenated oils are one of the main causes of cancer. They become part of the cell wall and the next step is for the cell to become carcinogenic, and oxygen cannot enter the cells in this way.

As with refined salts, fats reduce the charge of red blood cells. They reduce the transfer of oxygen and prevent the intake of oxygen into the cell itself due to the anaerobic wall of the cell.

Another bad food for cancer patients are polyunsaturated oils. Polyunsaturated oils such as corn oil sold in supermarkets promote the growth of small blood vessels. This is bad for cancer because it allows tumors to grow. Avoid these oils.

Herbs and spices

All herbs and spices are acceptable except black pepper and other acidic spices. Many spices like curcumin are very good anti-cancer agents.

Water and exercise

Every cancer patient should drink as much natural water as possible (natural water can be purified with ozone) and should drink a few liters a day.

Cancer patients should also exercise as much as possible. Exercise lifts the lymphatic system and helps flush toxins out of the body.


Before the symptoms of cancer appear, the liver is damaged. As the cancer progresses, the liver damage becomes more drastic.

The liver is the main organ that cleanses the body of toxins. A person with an alternative cancer treatment system releases a large amount of toxins into the bloodstream that eventually end up in the liver. Therefore, the liver must be detoxified and cleansed.

You can here  find a recipe how to cleanse the liver

However, before cleansing the liver of toxins, the colon must be cleansed so that toxins can be injected into the colon. So before any alternative cancer treatment, the colon must be cleansed!

The colon can be cleansed with castor oil.

Before each liver cleanse, it must be established that the colon is in good condition if it is not a liver cleanse it can cause pain because the liver cannot be emptied.

Only when such a diet is started and complete preparations of the organism for alternative treatment of the destruction of cancer cells are made, then we can choose one of the offered and very effective ones, adhering to every step in the diet that accompanies this treatment. destruction of cancerous cells by artemisinin, sweet wormwood .

It should also be noted that many other compounds of plant composition are available to all but for example in the action of sweet wormwood or its active derivative artemisinin we should pay attention to reduce the intake of antioxidants such as graviola for example. Many people make the mistake because, for example, artemisinin specifically destroys cells with free radicals, while antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thus nullifying the effect of sweet wormwood.

As with grapes, it is very important what we can go with and what we cannot go with.

Budwig diet

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