Detoxification of the body from uranium and other heavy metals


In this article, we will deal with a toxin that is little talked about in public and that leaves fatal consequences when it is found in the human body. Its name is depleted uranium. In the Balkans, people are well acquainted with this term, but they are not really aware of how much suffering this radioactive metal causes. In order to get to the heart of the problem, we need to receive the following text with an open mind and to experience and accept in our hearts the horrors that this heavy metal actually causes.

Many of us are very well informed about the toxins that accompany the expansion of the economy and industry, the modern age and there are really many of them. Some of them are mercury and other heavy metals, chlorinated water, chemicals, microwaves and electromagnetic fields.

In various ways we all try to protect ourselves and cleanse ourselves of these toxins.

We can simply avoid the intake of these toxins and start consuming products that will help detoxify heavy metals and toxins from our body. We can start using purified water. We can also start eating food that is not sprayed and meat that is not enriched with antibiotics and various types of concentrates. We can stop eating products made from chemicals. Detoxification of the body can begin with reduced use or limited mobile phone, microwave oven, and we can also buy protective coatings in the form of various minerals such as shungite and also protect the place where we sleep from mobile phone transmitters.

The situation is different with depleted uranium. All of the above toxic effects and elements are included and many studies have confirmed their harmful effects on the human body. We will now explain how things are with uranium.

There are two types of uranium: uranium and depleted uranium. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial.

Uranium is an element of weak radioactivity. It is present in its natural form in our environment. Research has shown that exposure to this form of uranium in small doses creates benefits in the human body.

This element helps us in repairing damaged DNA and also stimulates the function of the immune system, helps us sleep better and has anti-fungal properties. This way of understanding is called radiation hormesis. The basic use of uranium in humans is actually making nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors, solid ammunition to pierce the strongest armor, while its use has been transformed into destructive its natural role is healing with many benefits to human health.

Uranium itself can have radioactive and chemical effects on the human body. It is an essential element and is naturally present in the soil especially in areas rich in granite rocks.

If we take overdoses of uranium, over the allowed and recommended ones, it can damage the kidneys and bones. It can reduce the level of calcium in our bones and contribute to the development of osteoporosis. Uranium is retained in your liver, kidneys and spleen.

Under the great influence of uranium, diabetes and obesity develop. And if uranium is spilled from a nuclear reactor or an atomic bomb explodes, the result is catastrophic for the living world.

This was uranium and there is depleted uranium. What is the difference between the two?

Depleted uranium is waste used uranium in nuclear reactors. It remains in large quantities when unused uranium is refined to create reactor fuel or nuclear weapons.

Natural uranium has only 0.7 physiological uranium. Modern reactors require 3% physiological U235. So in the process of amplification increases U235 from 0.7% to 3% creates waste is depleted uranium.

Why does this matter?

In addition, depleted uranium has only 1/3 of the radioactive isotopes compared to natural uranium. It is also much less absorbed through the skin. Depleted uranium, on the other hand, is a biological bomb when inhaled. He is a big problem.

Small inhaled amounts of uranium are deposited in your bones, brain, lungs and destroy the body for years.

Let’s look at the types of radioactivity and how it is related to depleted uranium. There are two types of radiation, non-ionizing and ionizing. The difference is whether a certain form of radiation has enough energy to affect an atom and release an electron.

Non-ionizing radiation, in addition to media claims and various companies can also do damage, as we can conclude from many studies on microwave radiation on mobile phones, motion detectors, microwave ovens, radars, WI-FI, power lines and mobile phone towers.

The industry that manufactures these devices that use or emit this form of radiation is trying to convince us that this form is not harmful at all. In research and observation, it was concluded that non-ionizing radiation can be very harmful, even in very short periods of exposure.

Ionizing radiation relies on subatomic particles, as is the case with depleted uranium, which has enough energy to release electrons from atoms or molecules and to ionize them. Ionizing particles are alpha particles, neutrons are beta particles.

We are largely exposed to ionizing radiation. It comes from radioactive materials and is largely expressed during X-rays.

Acute exposure can cause nasty burns and radiation sickness at high doses, and cancer and genetic disorders at low doses. The most extreme impact is the action of the atomic bomb which kills thousands of people.

How is it possible for such an insidious toxin like depleted uranium to become the world’s number one problem? The answer lies in the way the military and science use depleted uranium.

In the civil sector, depleted uranium is used in several ways. It is installed in airplanes and is also used in medicine as radiation protection, as well as as a material for the production of containers for the transport of radioactive materials.

In the army, depleted uranium is used as a material for the production of defensive armor plates in combat vehicles, such as tanks. It is also used for the production of anti-armor artillery shells which are intended for the destruction of tanks and other heavily armored vehicles. When used for these purposes, with the appropriate kinetic energy, depleted uranium grenades pierce butter and the strongest armor of combat vehicles like a knife.

Upon impact, depleted uranium initiates the explosion and death of people nearby, generating depleted uranium air oxides. This occasion creates a long-term problem with consequences for millions of people, both living and their unborn offspring. 40% of depleted uranium remains in the environment after action on the target.

Depleted uranium particles are not visible to the naked eye. They are in nano scale. To compare their size, they are 10,000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Micron particles of this material have never existed in the natural environment.

Depleted uranium is a silent and insidious killer. It is an inhaling time bomb when inhaled and taken into the body, depleted uranium nanoparticles very easily cross the blood-brain barrier and are deposited in the brain. Deposited in the brain and lungs, these particles eventually release alpha radioactivity, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

This type of radioactivity is present in the natural environment but in much lower concentrations. This form of radiation is a highly ionizing type. He is not so dangerous until he inhales. Once inhaled, nanoparticles represent the most destructive form of radiation ever recorded. One gram releases 13,000 alpha particles per second. One alpha particle can cause cancer!

When depleted uranium nanoparticles, less than 10 microns, are inhaled, they remain in the human body for decades, emitting radiation that causes great cumulative damage in the body.

Nobel laureate Dr. Hermann Miller described small genetic mutations that occur under the influence of depleted uranium radiation and that are inherited by new generations. This information is not only important to the population of Kosovo after the 1999 bombing, but also to the soldiers and police officers against whom this type of particles and ammunition was intended during the bombing.

Depleted uranium in our body is like a miniature explosive that works for many years. It fires high energy particles causing several thousand explosions in our body in just one second. In this way, the genetic arrangement of DNA strands is disrupted and mutations occur. Then chemical changes are initiated in the human body.

To understand how much depleted uranium damages DNA strands, it takes 6 to 10 electron volts to break a DNA strand or break up a larger molecule in the body. One particle of depleted uranium is an emitter of alpha particles. Each alpha particle contains a force of 4.2 million electron volts.

Depleted uranium is a global problem. Because it can be transported by air in a short time, it can be transported over long distances. So, observing its use during the bombing in Kosovo, I can notice that the population of the north of Kosovo, the area around Prizren and the entire area of the administrative line with Albania, is very endangered. Also the entire area of Kosovo and Macedonia. In these areas, after a period of contamination lasting 15 years, a very high increase in carcinogenic diseases is noticeable both among the local population and among members of the security, military and police services who were in the period of 1999 during the NATO bombing of Kosovo. The Gulf War Syndrome has also been observed in many members of the armed forces, as well as in U.S. military units that participated in operations in the Middle East from 1990-1991.

In the region of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Middle East, land and air are so contaminated with depleted uranium that tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people have cancerous diseases, but not only them but also their offspring in their early stages of life. from cancer.

To understand the complexity of the problem, I will give you an example of the bombing of Tora Bora in Afghanistan. Immediately after this action, increased radiation was recorded in Great Britain, as well as the level of depleted uranium in the air.

Many members of the army and police, the population of the EX YU republics suffer from cancerous diseases for this very reason, for no other reason. This is actually one of the burning health problems of people living in the Balkans and of all future generations that is marginalized and rarely written and reported on.

Among the local population in Kosovo, it has been noted that many of them have offspring with birth defects, have a problem with fibromylagia, feel chronic fatigue, chronic neurological conditions and tumors, both malignant and benign.

Adverse effects of depleted uranium on human health include the following:

Lung cancer

Respiratory diseases

Neurological abnormality

Vision degradation

Lymphoma and other cancers

Congenital defects in offspring

Children who are exposed are much more sensitive, because their body uses blood to develop and to build new tissues, increase bones and develop soft tissue.

Dr. James Hovenstein wrote in 2006 that the depleted uranium lung cancer epidemic in the United States was just beginning. It was announced on CNN that it annually reports 175,000 new cases of people suffering from lung cancer and the USA. In January and February 2006 alone, 172,000 new cases were reported.

In the future, you can get lung cancer if you smoke for 30 years or if you are exposed to depleted uranium for 30 days.

Exposure to radiation, be it a nuclear bomb or chronic exposure to depleted uranium, generates cascades of free radicals that reduce your body’s supply of glutathione and thus allow free radicals to penetrate organs and tissues without hindrance, causing great damage.

How to put an end to this huge plague, here are some tips that should be applied by people who think that there is a possibility that they were exposed to radioactivity and the influence of depleted uranium. In the Balkans, it can be almost anyone, but the most endangered are the residents of Kosovo and Macedonia and members of the security services who stayed in these territories during and after the bombing in 1999, as well as residents of BiH and Montenegro, residents of cities in central Serbia and Vojvodina. operated by NATO aviation.

There are several approaches to this problem and they are:

Increase the intake of necessary minerals such as magnesium, iodine, selenium, zinc and others

Increasing energy levels with various botanical formulas

Use of sauna

Increasing individual capacity by expelling toxins from the body

Therapeutic systems for expelling particles from the body

Herbs that help in these processes are Siberian ginseng, reishi Ganoderma lucidum , panax ginseng, aloe vera, dandelion root, red clover and many others.

Other preparations that can help:

In adequate amounts, vitamin D protects bone strength

Alpha lipoic acid and L-cysteine can help detoxify the body.

L glutamine repairs damage caused by free radicals

Chlorella not only cleanses the body of heavy metals but is also a very good protection against radiation

Spirulina has been used in an amount of 5 grams per day for 45 consecutive days in scientific research has been proven to protect bones from uranium contamination

Various forms of chelation such as EDTA, DMPS, DMSA

Correction of damaged DNA sequences can be achieved by consuming curcumin and the heart.

The effects of other forms of radiation, such as mobile phones, telephone transmitters, microwave ovens and others mentioned above, should also be reduced.

The anti-radiation food includes miso soup, spirulina and chlorella, beans, sardines and anchovies, olive oil, avocado and natural animal meat without antibiotic concentrate and others.

Specifically, there are types of foods that improve the energy level of certain parts of the body:

Kidneys: eggs, walnuts, black sesame, yam, black beans

Spleen / Immune system: carrots with ginger, wild salmon and flounder, barley and other cereals

Liver detoxification: dark green leafy vegetables such as rocket, kale spinach, dandelion leaves, parsley and chicory,…

You can also read the article on detoxification of the organism Liver cleansing preparations and essential protocols for cancer patients and Cleansing the liver and gallbladder with bitter salt

Uranium from depleted uranium is now a global problem and is parrying mercury with its devastating effects. It is a hidden microchip that poses a problem to millions of human bodies, animals and other living beings on planet Earth.

Radioactive depleted uranium takes more lives than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. The environment of Iraq, Serbia and the surrounding countries of the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Europe is completely contaminated with depleted uranium particles.

What is necessary is the disposal of depleted uranium ammunition. Otherwise, we will soon have huge consequences for the entire humanity and the poisoning of the entire life on the planet Earth.

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