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Depression and axiosity and cause

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Depression and axioms are on the rise around the world. Bad mood, lack of confidence, melancholy, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor concentration as symptoms that manifest for at least two weeks in a row are a sure sign for the diagnosis of depression.

Depression belongs to disorders characterized as mood disorders (unipolar disorder). A depressed mood is characterized by withdrawal.

Depression cause

depression depression

In countless cases of one of these two diseases, the condition worsened due to the patients’ food consumed. Individuals who consumed healthy, uncooked food, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other nutrients in this form noticed a significant improvement in their condition. You should emphasize that some very severe symptoms of the above diseases are caused by consuming a certain food type.

Food allergies are one of the safe preconditions for the onset of depression. Food allergies are limited by contacting a doctor who is an allergy specialist or stop eating the food we use most often. Discontinuation of certain foods is prolonged for 21 days, and if the symptoms of allergy disappear, it can be determined with a high probability that the cause of allergies is food.

Food allergies can also cause numerous diseases such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, autism, and many other intellectual illnesses. This sensitivity of the organism to food can even lead to inflammation of the brain due to an allergic reaction. One of the most common causes of allergies is dairy products. Food allergies can also trigger migraines.

Diet and depression

Sugar, white poison, is considered very bad when consumed often and in the long run. Sugar is one of the main causes of depression.

The use of an increased amount of trans fatty acids increases this compound’s deposition on the cell walls. If a sufficiently thick sheath of trans fatty acids is created around the cells, changes and great damage can occur in the body because oxygen and insulin do not have the ability to penetrate the cell inside in sufficient quantities. If many cells enter this condition, they may develop insulin envy diabetes mellitus. The most common trans fatty acids that cause this disease are peanuts, margarine, fried foods.

Trans fatty acids prevent the assimilation of essential fatty acids. Since omega 3 and essential fatty acids are the leading dietary support for those suffering from depression or anxiety, You should emphasize their influence on reducing trans fatty acids in the human body. Your brain contains 60 percent fat, and its needs for omega 3 fatty acids are very high. Research teams have found relationships between a bad mood and deficient concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids in the body.

Omega 3 and essential fatty acids control intellectual problems as they increase brain cell receptors’ ability to realize signals associated with temperament and some other brain reactions. These brain processes can be one of the conditions under which they occur depression and animosity.

The following ingredients contain a high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids and essential fatty acids: flaxseed oil, fish oil, walnuts, and spirulina.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are also conditions under which depression occurs animosity. Heavy metals have also been identified as one of the causes of autoimmune diseases, such as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. If someone is facing intellectual difficulties, it would be good to replace all pans, pots, and cutlery made of aluminum. Aluminum binds to chlorine which contains tap water, is taken into the body, and harms the human body. It would help if you also examined the level of mercury in the blood. If it is increased, You should increase fish intake for the organism to be cleansed of this heavy metal.

Excitotoxins are elements, mainly amino acids, that excite taste receptors on the tongue. These are substances that are flavorings and food additives. When found in the brain, these compounds cause brain cells to become so motivated to cause DNA disorders. One of these compounds is aspartame, and its side effects are as follows: migraine, nervousness, animosity, feelings of hopelessness, dementia, bipolar behavior, brain malignancy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Some examples of excitotoxins are:


The most important cause of depression in most countries is aspartame. This excitotoxin motivates brain cells far from normal. This motivation can cause brain cell death. Sugar-free foods may contain aspartame. Some people consume aspartame to maintain their body weight and be slim, and they are not even aware that this is one of the factors under which depression occurs.

Sodium glutamate is a hydrolyzed plant protein. This beast is a supplement to almost every food that is garbage for our body. This compound is hazardous and is considered one of the main causes of depression.

Medicinal preparations that help people suffering from depression are vitamin B3, niacin, vitamin b6, vitamin b9, folic acid, vitamin b12, cobalamin, tryptophan amino acid, omega 3.


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