Cordyceps sinesis is a fungus for the immune system

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Cordyceps Sinensis is a parasitic fungus species that live exclusively on the Tibetan plateaus and mountainous prairies of the Himalayas. Cordyceps Sinensis fungus is marked as a very grateful medicine in the ancient books of Tibetan and Chinese medicine. This old medicine is also called the Caterpillar Mushroom and survives exclusively at altitudes higher than 4500 meters in Skim, an Indian state located in the Himalayas.

Cordyceps is a part of Chinese traditional medicine.

kordiceps sinesis gljivicaCordyceps Sinensis fungus is consumed in Chinese traditional medicine as medicine and energizer for several epochs. Even though we announced Cordyceps’ use in the 14th century, this fungus was unknown to the public until the 1993 Olympic Games in Beijing, when this inexplicable weapon became the subject of many expert considerations. According to the statements of the coach of the Chinese racing team, the success of their three runners (who achieved historical results during the Olympics) did not occur exclusively due to rigorous and difficult training and at the expense of the energy engineer Cordyceps.

Cordyceps fungus and its health benefits

1. It is often used as a remedy for toothache and a remedy for relieving pain in all parts of the body.

2. Researchers have found that Cordyceps Sinesis increases adenosine three phosphate ATP in our cells. In this way, oxygen intake and absorption of important nutrients increase. The result is an increase in life energy.

3. It is often used because of its properties to increase energy in the body – it is often prescribed to lethargic people by increasing the energy of the one who consumes this fungus and the vitality of the body.

4. It is used to treat people who are dependent on racial opiate species

5. It is used to treat diseases of tinnitus

6. Cordyceps Sinensis helps with colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and other respiratory system diseases.

7. This fungus has shown extraordinary results in the treatment of leprosy.

8. Its use results in improved liver function, especially in patients with hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis.

9. In people who have kidney problems, their capacity increases during fungi.

10. Its use has a very significant impact on our cardiovascular system. Several studies have shown excellent results in treating several heart problems such as arrhythmia. Cordyceps improves circulation and adjusts blood pressure by clearing bad cholesterol from our bloodstream, triggering better blood flow and increasing greater oxygen delivery throughout the body, thus reducing the possibility of heart disease and stroke.

11. This preparation effectively solves problems in women suffering from menstrual complications such as menstrual disproportion.

12. Cordyceps improves the immune system giving strength to all its parts. Cordyceps intensifies the spleen’s regeneration and increase immunity because it has an eminent status among the organs that serve as protection for the human body.

13. This preparation reduces the consequences of aging.

14. Cordyceps have certain properties of antibiotics.

15. Cordyceps successfully affects the symptoms of decreased sexual desire. Much Chinese use this preparation as a medical aid to increase male sexual energy. There are also cases of treatment of bowel and breast cancer in which doses of 500 grams of cordyceps fungus have been used.

Men who suffer from impotence and women who have a problem with fertility are recommended to make chicken soup to add cordyceps and consume this dish once a week. As a result, they become more sexually active, but they also have more hormonal stimuli to make a child.

Cordyceps fungus contains the following ingredients:

Vitamin A, Zinc, Extracellular Polysaccharides, Intracellular Polysaccharides, Cordycepin, Adenosine, Mannitol, Sterols, Cordimine, Miriocin, Melanin, Lovasain, Cordisinis, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Anti-carcinogenic properties of Coridceps Synesis

kordiceps parazitiraThis fungus is associated with some potent anti-cancer properties. It is generally known that it has compounds that have an anti-metastatic effect.

Cordyceps helps people who have problems with the immune system by motivating certain cells and chemicals in the immune system. It has also been proven to reduce the size and severity of malignancy and, at the same time, slow down its growth.

Cordyceps and lung cancer

Some researchers have found that cordyceps affect developmental characteristics and interfere with the spread of lung cancer cells. Several years ago, there were recorded studies conducted by scientists at the University of Nottingham in which cancer cells were exposed to cordycepin – a compound from the fungus cordyceps and proved the potential anti-malignant activity of this compound.

The reason for this influence is the anti-inflammatory property of cordycepin, which does not represent an anti-viral effect exclusively, greater inflammation, stimulation of the normal response of the human body, and resistance to dangerous provocations in our body.

Malignancies are, as we know, the result of disorganized inflammation of the human body. Cordycepin stops the production of DNA.

You should note that cordyceps through the active compound of cordycepin in small doses prevent new cancer cells’ growth and development. In contrast, it does not allow them to bind and form larger carcinogenic masses in high doses. Also, cordyceps dictate to cancer cells how they will form proteins crucial for their survival. Lower doses of cordycepin affect DNA development, and higher doses directly affect protein production.

The power of Cordyceps Synesis in medicine

Many biotechnology companies successfully grow this fungus using their high-tech simulators. It is an interesting fact that due to such stimulating conditions, these supplements used in treatment and nutrition have a higher potential compared to their wild relatives that are grown naturally.

Unlike harvested relatives in the wild, their price is affordable and can be bought at very affordable prices. The quality of the Cordyceps fungus is improved in the manufacturer’s research laboratories.

This fungus is a universal remedy that solves many health problems, including malignancies. Grown in regulatory conditions with constant temperatures in glass containers with balanced humidity and pressure, this product represents the best-selected fungi with high potency. The bottle of cordyceps is a package that heals and a gift for your body.

Who can use cordyceps?

kordiceps gljivice na gomiliCordyceps can be used by people who want to increase sexual power, and it has also been scientifically proven that it has been shown extremely well in women who want to get pregnant.

In people who have had a kidney transplant, the cordyceps fungus improves the repair and prolongs the patient’s life, reduces the possibility of rejecting the transplant and creating any form of infection.

The use of cordyceps can improve people who suffer from various forms of the virus, including hepatitis B and herpes.

The use of cordyceps while taking chemotherapy improves the patient’s quality of life, increases the production of leukocytes, and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy on a healthy part of the body.

Cordyceps is recommended for use in Hashimoto’s syndrome and is also recommended in many other autoimmune reactions of the body because this fungus is an immune regulator and, in some cases, reduces the activity of the immune system and brings it to the optimum.

Cordyceps increases ATP

Interestingly, cordyceps increase ATP production and energy levels in the body. Like coffee and caffeine use, cordyceps affect brain activity and energy levels in the body. Cordyceps increases mitochondrial activity and ATP production.

By increasing ATP production and mitochondrial activity, we also increase our mental abilities. This hypothesis is supported by scientific research, which confirms that cordyceps affect the people who used them’ energy level and mental abilities.

It is generally known that mitochondrial dysfunction affects the brain’s mood and functioning.

You should not take Cordyceps together with drugs that suppress the immune system.


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