Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA for short is a natural fatty acid and it is an isomer of linoleic acid. Studies investigating the link between diet and cancer have shown that women with higher levels of CLA had a significantly lower probability of getting breast cancer. Dietary sources that contain conjugated linoleic acid are quite limited, although it has the same chemical composition as linoleic acid, which is usually found in vegetable oil, nuts and various seeds. Cows have the ability to convert linoleic acid to CLA, so small amounts of CLA can be found in beef and dairy products. Cla can also be found in butter.

Before we explore how conjugated linoleic acid helps fight cancer, let’s determine how cancer cells actually progress. Cancer cells are constantly dividing, their number is increasing, until at one point they begin to spread throughout the body. To stop this process, chemotherapy and various types of drugs are used, which attack cancer cells and prevent their division. Because cancer cells grow faster and multiply faster than healthy cells, therapy should be established to stop further division of cancer cells. In this case, chemotherapy is very effective, but not always. It should be noted that the target of chemotherapy are formed cells, but not stem cells . So, after the successful action of chemotherapy, after some time, precisely because of the stem cells and the DNA retained in them, cancer returns to the body.

Preliminary results show that conjugated linoleic acid is toxic to infected stem cells from which cancerous cells will form over time, it reduces stem cell proliferation. CLA also attacks carcinogenic cells, affects antigenesis, reduces the possibility of metastasis and induces apoptosis, popularly speaking, it accelerates the death of cancer cells. CLA has also been shown to work successfully and successfully on colon cancer and prostate cancer

In another study, CLA was given to mice with an advanced form of breast cancer in which metastases had already begun to form. The results were astounding and the metastases receded. It has been proven to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also to protect a healthy part of the body from toxins released by cancer.

To increase the intake of conjugated linoleic acid, you can use organic veal, from cows that are fed exclusively on grass, or buy CLA in pure form as a dietary supplement.