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Colon cleansing – a free guide

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What colon cleansing do you really need? How is bowel regeneration performed? How long do these measures last? What is the difference between colon cleansing and colon detoxification? You will find the answers to all these questions about colon cleansing in this guide.

Objectives of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing or bowel rehabilitation is not drainage, as is often believed and described on some websites. Therefore, colon cleansing is by no means a primary colon emptying, as is necessary, for example, before a colonoscopy.

Instead, the goals of colon cleansing are:

  • Regeneration and healing of intestinal mucosa
  • Reduction of inflammatory processes in the intestines
  • Regulation of the intestinal flora and thus the regulation and strengthening of the immune system
  • Removal of harmful intestinal bacteria and intestinal fungi (e.g., mold, candida, etc.) and their metabolic toxins
  • Elimination of metabolic waste products and feces
  • Activation (in case of constipation) or calming (in case of diarrhea) of peristalsis
  • Free passage for liver and kidneys

you can hardly achieve these goals with a laxative, not only with enemas but with the colon cleansing we have described. Below you will find instructions on how to do this.

Can You Lose Weight By Cleansing Your Colon?

Weight loss is not one of the main goals of colon cleansing. However, since colon cleansing means a healthy diet and you usually eat less than, because colon cleansing products make you full (without calories on your own), overweight people automatically lose weight during colon cleansing.
If colon cleansing is not used to introduce a healthy diet and lifestyle, if you return to old habits after colon cleansing, the old weight usually returns quickly.
Overweight people can also have a different intestinal flora than normal people. For example, you have more Firmicutes bacteria that can digest otherwise indigestible fiber, resulting in increased calorie intake. If the intestinal flora changes during colon cleansing so that fewer fattening bacteria are present, then this can help to achieve normal weight more easily in the long run.

But the intestinal flora remains healthy and balanced only if you continue to eat and live healthy after cleansing the colon. Otherwise, the Firmicutes bacterium will multiply again very quickly and, together with the unhealthy diet, will ensure that the weight is increased again.

What does colon cleansing have to do with fasting?

You can do colon cleansing (as we will describe below) independently of fasting. However, you can make another combination. In this case, take colon cleansers while fasting, but do not eat any meals.

With traditional fasting, a laxative is used on the first day, and many people believe that colon cleansing is already complete.

The colon cleansing we have described is not a laxative, but it has far-reaching healing effects on the colon and overall health. It consists of three main components (mineral soil, psyllium shell powder, and probiotic) and a healthy diet rich in vital substances, exercise, abdominal massages, and dietary supplements adjusted as needed.

How does the colon work before colonoscopy?

Before colonoscopy, the bowel is thoroughly emptied with a laxative. So, this is not colon cleansing in the sense of naturopathy.

What home remedies are suitable for colon cleansing?

Often, alleged home remedies for colon cleansing are nothing more than laxatives (e.g., Glauber’s salt, castor oil, and enemas). However, there is a big difference between colon cleansing and regular bowel cleansing. When cleaning, you want to cause the discharge to work—bowel obstruction or bowel closure in a short period.

Colon cleansing/bowel rehabilitation in terms of naturopathy is performed to achieve the first paragraph’s goals for comprehensive health.
Holistic colon cleansing now consists of three components. Basically, all of them can be called home remedies because they are often already available at home:

Psyllium shell powder has long been used in many households in the kitchen as a thickener and baking agent.

Bentonite or zeolite can also be found in many households, namely in the medicine cabinet (for heartburn, food poisoning, bloating, headaches, etc.)

Only probiotics you should always buy fresh because its shelf life is limited.

When is colon cleansing useful?

Colon cleansing is helpful if any of the following issues apply to you:

Do you suffer from indigestion such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or bad breath?
Are you prone to fungal infections (skin, intestines, mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, vagina)?
Have you had to undergo one or more antibiotic therapies in the past?
Would you like to finally become slim and start a healthier diet and lifestyle with colon cleansing?
Do you feel generally weak, without energy, permanently tired, and simply no longer fit into your daily life?
Do you suffer from rheumatism and joint problems?
Are you allergic or suffer from a food intolerance?
Are you worried about cholesterol levels, blood vessels, and blood pressure?
Would you like to “just” give your body the ability to break down waste products and excrete pollutants to help facilitate the work of organs, strengthen their functions and activate the self-healing of your body?
Are you affected by autoimmune disease, and would you like to do everything possible to return your body to a healthy and harmonious balance as much as possible?
Do you suffer from frequent respiratory infections (colds, sore throats, bronchitis, etc.), and would you like to get rid of them?
Do you sometimes feel depressed, sad, or anxious for no reason, and would you like to rule out a possible cause of these mood swings (insufficient supply of vital substances and/or disturbed intestinal flora)?
Tired of menopausal symptoms? Would you like to support your body through hormonal changes?
Would you like to become more vital and attractive? Do you want to optimize your charisma and eliminate certain shortcomings such as dark circles, skin blemishes, loose connective tissue, dry or brittle hair, etc.?

There can be many reasons for colon cleansing and rehabilitation. However, the result after colon cleansing will always be the same: you will feel lighter, more attractive, and more productive – and in most cases, completely regardless of the area in which your health problems occurred.

The intestine is in close contact with all organs. Its condition and functionality equally affect the health of all other organs, all tissues, and all body fluids.

How long does bowel rehabilitation take?

Bowel rehabilitation is always a completely individual process. For example, it can take 10 days, 4 weeks, or 3 months. Pay attention to your body’s reactions. It usually signals how long your bowel rehabilitation should take.

A one-month program is optimal in most cases. You can easily extend it to 5, 6, 7, or more weeks. It can also be the case that intestinal rehabilitation is completed after 10 to 14 days.

Dosage of colon cleansing

colon cleansing

You can individually adjust the duration of colon cleansing and individual doses to your condition.

Sensitive people can, for example, take only half or even a quarter of the recommended dose every day, which means that colon cleansing is very mild and the body is not overloaded, which is especially important in the case of sensitive digestive organs. Only then do you increase the dose very slowly and always in such a way that you still feel comfortable.

Those who are not so sensitive can start with the recommended dose.

This is how often bowel rehabilitation should be done

Depending on your lifestyle and diet, you can practice bowel rehabilitation regularly once or twice a year (e.g., in spring and autumn) so that – even if you occasionally “make mistakes” – there are no metabolic waste products and toxins in the body. Precipitates, and the organism remains clean and healthy.

If you eat optimally (freshly prepared food, rich in vital substances, plant origin), do sports, keep habits (smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, etc.) away from your body, you certainly do not need regular intestinal rehabilitation after a one-time rehabilitation colon.

How to recognize a good colon cleansing program?

There are now many colon cleansing programs on the market, which does not make the decision for a certain product easier.

An effective colon cleansing program mustn’t have to consist of an infinite number of different ingredients or components.

The most effective colon cleansing programs consist of only three main components, supplemented with additional active ingredients if desired and required.

The three basic components of an effective colon cleansing program are:

Psyllium shells

Psyllium shell powder is also called psyllium and is used as part of colon cleansing to soften deposits in the digestive system and dissolve toxins and metabolic waste products.

Psyllium shells should be taken only finely ground. Very cheap psyllium shell powders are also available on the market, but often these powders are only very coarsely ground, which explains the low price.

Ground psyllium shells or just coarsely ground psyllium shells, many do not tolerate well, and on the other hand, are not as effective as finely ground psyllium powder. Psyllium shell powder is available in loose form or capsule form.

Bentonite or zeolite or mummy

Bentonite and zeolite are mineral soils that bind deposits and toxins that are broken down by psyllium powder and harmful bacteria so that they can now be easily excreted in the stool.

Bentonite and zeolite are available in powder and capsule form. Bentonite is offered even in liquid form (tweed mixed with water). When buying, make sure that bentonite is the quality of food or medicine, i.e., also suitable for internal use, and that zeolite is approved as a medicinal product.

Anyone looking for an alternative to mineral soil can opt for mummy, a substance that is especially rich in humic acids, which have an extremely positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and, similar to mineral and medicinal soil, absorb toxins and excess stomach acid.


The probiotic consists of beneficial intestinal bacteria for building a healthy intestinal flora. Intestinal bacteria are available in the form of liquid preparations or capsules. You can choose one of these two or combine both probiotics.

With the dosage and frequency of intake of these three components, efficiency, i.e., the speed and intensity of detoxification and waste disposal, can be excellently controlled.

Possible additional components for bowel rehabilitation

The following additional components can further accelerate bowel rehabilitation or support the body’s ability to detoxify and regulate. They are chosen as needed, so they are not necessary in every case and definitely should not be taken all at once.

Carefully choose the additional component that can best benefit your personal condition. The following list is not complete.

1. Essential minerals during intestinal rehabilitation

If you assume that you are too acidic or you are convinced that your previous diet did not provide you with enough minerals and trace elements, you can supplement your colon cleansing program with a natural mineral complex, e.g.

  • with Sango sea coral (for calcium and magnesium )
  • with silicon-rich mineral preparation Silicium Mineral Plus (magnesium, zinc, iron, silicon, vitamin D3)
  • with basic citrates (potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, silicon, vitamins D3 and K2)

In this way, you are supplied with basic minerals and trace elements in the best bioavailability, you reduce possible acidification, and you can replenish mineral deposits in your body.

2. Prebiotics

Prebiotics such as inulin feed beneficial intestinal bacteria so that the intestinal flora can recover faster. Only people with a sensitive digestive system and a tendency to bloat should carefully dose inulin because intestinal bacteria that are activated in the beginning can increase bloating.

Inulin is available in powder or capsules: the powder can be mixed into drinks, muesli, or shakes, while the capsules are easier to dose and take. Both product variants are available from an effective nature in organic quality.

Iacon syrup also contains inulin, an excellent, mild sweetener, especially during colon cleansing when sugar is not consumed.

3. Integrate chlorella algae into bowel cleansing

If your goal is to detoxify your body and supply it with natural vital substances, you could combine your treatment with chlorella algae. They are used in naturopathy to remove heavy metals and provide iron, chlorophyll, and many other herbal substances.

You can buy Chlorella algae in various stores. We recommend chlorella exclusively of organic origin and only where heavy metal pollution analyses are available.

4. Barley grass supports bowel cleansing

Barley grass supports the digestive system in five ways. Five different action mechanisms can lead to a significant improvement in the intestinal situation during long-term use.

  • Barley grass promotes the creation of healthy intestinal flora.
  • Barley grass has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Barley grass regulates the stool’s water content, thus preventing constipation and diarrhea.
  • Barley grass supports the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Barley grass reduces the risk of colon cancer, not only because of its high chlorophyll content.

5. Natural preparations for the fight against parasites

Intestinal parasites can settle in the digestive system without us noticing it before. Over time, however, they multiply and – depending on the parasite – can damage the intestinal mucosa. Also, they burden the body with their toxic metabolic secretions. Then there can be symptoms, which rarely anyone can attribute to the real cause: parasites.

Many medicinal plants and herbs have antiparasitic properties. If you combine this with bowel rehabilitation, you can prevent parasite infection or create an environment in which parasites no longer feel comfortable.

Medicinal plants that fight parasites include an olive tree or its leaves (capsules with olive leaf extract), black walnut shell (black walnut shell capsules), papaya seeds (already dried or powdered in stores), pein, and essential oil oregano.

How to take additional components

You can take the mineral complex with or after meals.  If you take Sango Marine Coral in powder form (there are also capsules), you can do the following: Mix the required daily amount of coral in a 200 ml glass and drink a third three times a day or take a sip now and then. If you are taking another mineral supplement, e.g., Chelates or other organic compounds (citrates, orotate, etc.), you can take them with a meal.

Prebiotic inulin can be mixed into shakes.

Chlorella algae can be dosed individually, e.g., twice four tablets. It is best to take them with meals.

Barley grass powder is easily mixed into green smoothies, water, juices, salad dressings, and warm (not hot!) Soups.

You should take anti-parasite preparations according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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