Cleanse the body
cleansing the body

Cleansing the body how to expel radioactive particles

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Discover how to cleanse the body of heavy metals and radioactive particles in the shortest possible time

After the article Cleansing the body of uranium and other heavy metals, we have expanded the topic to this article.
In today’s nuclear world, the detoxification of radioactive materials and their elimination from the body is an essential item for your health. Zeolites are extremely effective in absorbing radioactive material.

Zeolite was used during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and about 500,000 tons were spilled around reactor I at the site of the disaster to absorb the radioactive material. Also, zeolite was given to cows to stop the combination of radioactive elements with cow’s milk. In Bulgaria, zeolite pills and cookies were given to the population immediately after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
At the Richland State nuclear facility, Washington, strontium 90 and cesium 137 were successfully removed from radioactive waste by passing the waste through tanks lined with natural zeolite.
Natural CLINOPTILOLITE is the safest and most widespread form of zeolite because it has a unique ability to absorb and remove large amounts of heavy metals, organic and radioactive particles. He does this without removing the necessary minerals iron and calcium. Clinoptilolite zeolite acts as a cage and a unique molecular structure. It captures highly-charged toxins such as mercury, depleted uranium, or strontium 90 and quickly removes them from the body.

Once a negative charge of zeolite traps heavy metals, they are effectively neutralized and removed from the body without damaging the surrounding tissue. This cleaning takes an average of 7 hours.

The natural cellular defense absorbs zeolite almost immediately in the blood and in this way it travels throughout the body absorbing toxins and heavy metals like a magnet.
Zeolites are natural detoxifiers great for cleansing the body, and they are capable of absorbing large amounts of heavy metals while in the ground. In this way, large amounts of toxic materials are removed from our body.

Scientists have discovered that zeolite immersed in a colloidal suspension has increased absorption in the blood. It was also found that zeolite suspended in water absorbs toxins 20 times more efficiently than zeolite powder.

It should be noted that green foods rich in chlorophyll and chlorophyll protect and cleanse the body from radiation.
High concentrations of zeolite and chlorophyll showed astonishing results in an American study conducted on Iraqi citizens exposed to depleted uranium. Chlorophyll and zeolite showed a elimination of as much as 88% of the 800 toxins measured in the subjects within just one week. They all got rid of depleted uranium completely.



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