When we’ve got weight and we want to lose our weight, what do we do? The first thing that comes to mind is a diet. The torment of the living. What diet? There’s a lot of them, we don’t know which one to decide. A diet that has an energy value that meets the needs of our organism should be chosen, and special attention should be paid to the choice of foods and the way of preparing these foods. Our weight in a big way can depend on how food is prepared.


Some research shows that the size of the plate also affects the weight. It has been shown that those people who used smaller plates, were less likely to lose weight and were less obese than those who used large plates.

Don’t ever fill a plate to the brim and especially don’t come back to pour again no matter how much you like what you eat. Eat slowly because it takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that your stomach is full. If you feel hungry at a time when it’s not your turn around, don’t rush into food right away. First drink a glass of atople water and wait and then you’ll find out if you’re really hungry or if you’ve actually been thirsty. The centers for hunger and thirst in the brain are very close, so very often the thirst can be replaced for hunger. Do not drink cold, as cold slows metabolism. Don’t read while you’re eating or watching TV. Concentrate on what you eat and enjoy your food.



Ajurveda holds that there are 5 important procedures of universal importance in people suffering from excessive weight. Although different people have a problem with weight for different reasons, these 5 tips refer to basic lifestyle habits that affect literally everyone. These five tips are easy to apply and can make major changes to your life and health once you apply them.

Council 1. Eat a light dinner with easy-to-eat food.

Anyone with a weight problem should know that if they continue to eat the copious dinners they contain
heavy food, can’t make a serious difference in losing weight. This fact can’t be
it’s over-emphasised, because it’s very important. If only without any science we use the logic that when we sleep we don’t need food in our stomachs because:

  1. welding these foods will interfere with our restful sleep

2) we’re not moving, so we don’t need any extra energy.

Besides, Ajurveda is taught that evening welding is weaker, and besides, going to sleep a few
hours later than usual, slows welding, metabolism and circulation. The body just doesn’t
can properly use copious evening meals. The result is poor brewing of most foods,
Which is to create toxins, fatty deposits and excess pounds.

For most people who eat less during the day, they use plants, pills, special bursts and
beverages, and even exercise, it is difficult to overcome this most serious of all the errors of
to get crushed.

In the evenings especially should be avoided: cheese, yogurt, strong desserts, red meat, food residues of any
cold food, industrially processed foods.

For dinner, be sure to avoid or at least reduce: live meat, fish, sweets.

The evening meal should be: vegetarian, warm, light and fluffy. If you have a serious
problem with weight, the basis of the evening meal should be: 1) clear vup, pepper 2) grains cooked
water (for example, pyrinac, cous-cous, soothing) 3) vegetables cooked steamed, baked on a plot or
in a grill or briefly dinstano on a small amount of extra pure olive oil. If you really have to
you take sweet, then let it be cooked fruit sweetened with a small amount of organic sugar or honey.

2. May the most abundant meal of the day be lunch with a variety of, warm and cooked food.

Lunch is a time when our body can best easily and properly digest larger amounts of food
due to the fact that welding is strongest at noon and that we have many active hours to metabolize
food before going to bed. Lunch is the most important meal of the day and a meal that requires us
planning and preparation.

Lunch should consist of warm, cook food composed of various flavors and dishes.
Hot food is very important because it is easier to digest and absorb. Cold food suppresses welding
(remember the chemistry – low temperature slows down the chemical reaction, and welding is chemistry!).
The result of regular meals consisting of cold food is poor brewing, accumulation
(undigested molecules that clog the channels), and gain weight.

The intake of a variety of foods is of great importance for nutrition; in addition, prevents the appearance of cravings
for some food and this is again the collapse of many well-intended diets. Longing for food is usually
occurs due to an unbalanced diet involving only a few types of foods. Child
limited to carbon hydrates or proteins or fats at the end of the water to malnutrition
tissue that rightly send signals to our brain. Even though we just ate large amounts
some parts of our our community are still malnourished and hungry. Unfortunately, if we don’t figure it out
When we receive starvation signals, we may reach for food with even richer charcoal hydrates
such as heavy desserts, while in fact we need soups of green vegetables and pods.

A good, balanced lunch helps us feel less hungry in the evening, making it easier for us to stick to that very important light dinner.

3. Drink hot water frequently during the day.

Drinking hot water during the day helps to clean the digestive tract and the whole body from blockages and
impurities. Taking hot water helps reduce food cravings between meals. Some people
have lost over 25 kilograms applying only this recommendation.

Most people can apply a recommendation with hot water if they acquire a good thermos and occasionally pour hot, pre-boiled water out of it.

It is also possible to keep the water in a special pot that stands on the
small warm-up ringli or on the side – on a classic wood-fired spore. This is how it is maintained
temperature of water and occasionally from the pot of sipping.

The water that cleanse the most is the one that boiled for ten minutes. Boiling water for ten minutes
reduces its density (you will usually see a small powder at the bottom of the
from water) and energizes water. Drinking hot tap water at work
It’s better than not drinking water at all, but it’s not as efficient as boiled water.

4. Avoid food residues

Maharisi ajurveda believes that returning food to the fridge after cooking seriously harms the properties of the foods and their deceptiveness. Even if you warm her up after you take her out of the fridge, she’s already lost her life line.

We get more from food than the molecules themselves. Also, from our food we get a related, life-threatening
strength (prana) and the intelligence of nature. Physics tells us there’s a classic world of molecules, but
and the quantum mechanical world of vibration. Vibrations from deeper fields that make up the life force of nature
and intelligence are destroyed by the cooling of cooked food. As a result, taking residues
from the previous meal slightly leads to improperly digested waste matter called
“ama”, which builds up in the body causing toxins, blockages, excess kilograms and water to many

The reverse principle satisrbs the essence of ayurvedic diet.
“Eat fresh food, freshly prepared”

Because of our active life, and the conditions of shopping and cooking, this simple claim
can hardly be achieved, but any step in that direction will help us overcome the problem
and overall good health.

The most appropriate way to save a homemade, almost syco-
lunch every day, is that overnight in an earthen bowl you cook soda and juice (good
combination for melting fat). Add the shreed vegetables in the morning and a little spice scafed
olive oil (try cumin, black pepper, svez djumbir, coriander(svez or powder) and
turcum). Place in a thermos with a wide opening and bring for lunch. Add a little scattered
crackers or a piece of bread (another fat-melting grain towards Ajurva), and
fruit for a well-balanced, clean and nutritious lunch.

5. Move!

The latest advice says stop dieting.start moving.
Exercise is the antidote to almost everything that hurts us. It improves welding, metabolism,
elimination of waste matter, complexion, weight tightness and strength, bone strength, and helps us
to normalize the weight. It’s also emotionally positive because it can be comfortable,
safety and brings us more energy, connection and success during the day.

At the very least, take some time to go out and take a walk every day. See you
and go for a walk whenever you can get her stuck in your appointment schedule. Use each
a chance to walk. Especially good to walk after a meal, and it is especially healthy to walk after

Additional advice:

a) Go to bed by 10 p.m. The metabolism of waste matter occurs after 22:00 and is reduced
if we are awake and active, or eating a cheese-famous “evening snack”, at that time.

b) Add to your meals spices that improve welding and melt fat such as a candle,
cumin, black pepper, turmeric and fenugreek.

c) Always keep GOOD snacks in the house to prevent yourself from eating bad snacks.
Examples of good snacks are fresh fruits, dried fruits, bone fruits, freshly drained
vegetable juices and wholegrain crackers.

d) Practice meditation and yoga every day to keep your mind and body balanced
cravings for food.

e) Set in the morning. Practicing of any kind in the morning sun has a strong and positive effect
on the mind, emotion and energy during the day.

f) Undergo Pancakarma treatments twice a year. Maharishi ajurveda recommends that
pancakarma (massage, heat treatments and internal cleaning therapy of Ajurveda) is performed
twice a year in order to prevent the accumulation of necistoca and the elimination of their sediments
body tissue. (A recent study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,
documented a 50% reduction in the amount of cancer-inducing PCB in the blood, after
application of the five-day Maharishi rejuvenation treatment, a specific panchakarma program.)

g) Take mainly organic extra pure olive oil . Organic butter or butter is also
acceptable in small amounts (1-2 pisces per day), but should not be taken if you suffer from
weight and/or you have increased holesterol. Avoid any inorganic vegetable oil,
especially corn and soybean oil. Oils may be the most important group of foods to be
properly treated, because non-pure oils can contribute to the occurrence of many diseases, if not
used correctly.

Health can be gained or lost, depending on how we live our daily lives.
Every person with a eeacy problem should be encouraged to take the initiative and embark on a healthy activity spiral. You’ll soon be rewarded with a bigger bond, luck and a lighter, healthier body.


anticleulit dijeta

The anticellulite diet aims to help the body to get rid of toxic substances, it is also one of the healthiest diets. This diet does not require calorie deprivation, but rather foods that can be easily and pleasantly digested. This diet does not have to lead to losing weight (depending on how much weight is excessive) but can more lead to a nicer appearance of our corpse.
Preferred food is:
Vegetables – better raw than boiled.
Fruit raw or fruit juice (better whole fruit because it contains precious cellulose –fibers needed for food brewing)
Salads ( spiced with the possibility of olive or cold with other vegetable oil and lemon juice and can also be made with wine cheese) )
Related vegetable juices (of course it is better to whole vegetables because it contains precious cellulose needed for cleaning the intestines .
Eggs (cooked or sprinkled, can be prepared in oil but not on a strong fire so as not to change in the chemical composition of the oil and then it can damage more than use it. Yoghurt plain white or with the addition of fresh fruit or flakes (do not add boiled fruit)
Milk (skimmed)
Meat, fish, live meat, seafood. (from meat and liveliness should be removed as much as possible with fat and from the animal and prawn before cooking). Every hour to an hour and a half you should drink a glass of fresh clean water without chemical (vestack) supplements and a few drops of lemon can be squeezed out in the glass from which to drink, just before use so as not to lose the C vit.

During the day it is best to take 2-3 cassettes of fresh yeast on an empty stomach. The yeast can dissolve in the water and drink like that, or it can add two cassettes of sugar and leave it to “rise” to stir and drink. In this way you will come to a very refreshing beverage full of useful b vitamins and if instead of white sugar (sucrose) you use fruit sugar fructose or a bunch of sugar dextrose, then in reality you have given your body something to look forward to.

Menu example:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

First day: Fruit, bipek or bread of whole grain, coffee , glass of sour milk or yogurt 2 tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs, 1 cucumber, 2 doubles
Day 2 Fruit, bipek or fresh bread of solid grain, coffee Voce, boiled egg, glass of sour milk, 2 doubles 125 gr. beef, 1 paradjz, fruit, bipek
Day three Fruit, bipek, coffee Voce, a glass of sour milk, 2 fruit cucumbers 125 gr. beef, fruit, bipek
Day 4 Fruit, bipek, coffee 125 gr cheese, 1 tomato, 1 double 125 gr. beef, fruit, bipek
Day 5 Fruit, bipek, coffee 200 gr of boiled beef, 1 tomato, bipek 500 gr. boiled vegetables, 1 egg, 1 tomato.
When it comes to fruit you can eat as much fruit as you want (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples…) be careful with the bunch because it is high in calories but do not expel it from the diet as it contains high quality matter. Also limit bananas to one to two a day.
:A few more recommendations

Never eat fast

Avoid tension during meals, don’t eat in front of the TV, try to eat sitting at a properly placed table.

Always eat at the same time, because that’s how the stomach works best..

Always enjoy food, even when there are limitations. Use ointment to create interesting and delicious menus

Some dishes should be avoided: sausages, bacon, salami, snacks, salted meat, salted cheeses, fried food, fizzy drinks, virise, canned soup, soups from the bag, voracies, lots of coffee, white sugar (sucrose), white-brimmed, white rice, white fat. Feel free to use natural spices as they help eliminate toxins from the body. Some of them are even in the influence of accelerating metabolism, which will be discussed in the second chapter of this piece of who contains the child.

In order to remove cellulite more successfully and quickly, in addition to the child it is recommended to massage certain places with cellulite, exercise (stretching or swimming practice), proper, deep breathing, or walking with nature.

DIET 7 kilograms for 2 weeks

If the child’s schedule does not specify quantities, you can eat the food without limitation. You’re taking a drink without limitation. Alcohol is forbidden!

Only spice the salads with lemon juice (not oil). With this diet be sure to take vitamins and minerals


breakfast – salt white coffee without sugar

lunch – two boiled eggs, a spanac a little sauted

vecera – 1 large steak (steak) or steak on zara

Day 2

breakfast – salt black coffee without sugar

rucak – 1 large steak (steak), lettuce and fruit of choice

dinner – kuvana sunka


breakfast – salt black coffee without sugar and pastry
lunch – two hard-boiled eggs, tomato salad or other vegetables containing a large amount of water e.g. cabbage related or acid
dinner – fruit and yogurt

Day four

breakfast – salt black coffee without sugar and pastry
lunch – 1 boiled egg, boiled or raw sargarepa, sweet cow’s cheese
dinner – fruit and yogurt

Day 5

breakfastk – sargarepa with lemon, black coffee
lunch – baked fish and tomato (fish can be leso
dinner – 1 steak (steak) and lettuce


breakfast – black coffee and pastry
lunch– chicken on zara
dinner – two boiled eggs, sargarepa

Day 7

breakfast – tea with lemon
lunch – steak (steak) on zara, salad of choice
dinner – according to the choice of what you want

Unhealthy foods, calorie-imbalanced portions and eating over-abundant meals at the wrong time are the main causes of the accumulation of food and this is true.

See what are the most frequent lies you read or listen to about diets and speed loss weights.:

Starvation and diets that are completely off the menu of individual foods,
for the normal functioning of the organism, they can do more damage than use. See what
the most frequent scams you read or hear about diets and the rapid loss of weight.

Starvation melts the pounds – this is very wrong, because if the organism recognizes that it is in
danger”, i.e. he doesn’t get the amount of food he’s used to, he’s starting to “save” the body soon.

This is the last thing you want because it just slows down the frown process. It’s much better to eat
small low-calorie meals (fruits, vegetables) because they consume calories for welding and food and if
not supplemented from food then is wasted from fatty deposits.

Rigorous diets with low calories are not deleting. At first, you lose a few pounds, and
then there is no more moving, because the opposite effect is achieved, slows down the melting of the fat.


The body and during the diet need fat. If you strictly stick to a child who forbids fatty
The body will soon feel the need for what it lacks most. In addition, you risk
fat-free vitamins (A And E). Long-term ejection of fat from your
the menu can lead to serious metabolic disorders. Such a diet can
lose a few kilograms, but upon cessation the kilograms return and especially
problems due to avitaminosis and metabolic disorders.

Take off 10 kilos in two weeks

A child who promises a rapid weight loss often works, but the main part is lost
the weight of the water, and that’s why the old weight is coming back as fast as it’s gone. Experts consider that
much better to lose half to 1kg a week. 1gr fat has 9 cal. Means you’d melt 1kg of fat
your cal must consume 9000cal. This of course you can’t lose in one day
unless you have decided to remain a life disabled child or die. 1kg fat you did
get for a day so how are you going to take them off for a day?

Now imagine how you can lift 10 kilos in two weeks? So you realize these aren’t fat.

If you add exercise to your diet then you’ll actually accelerate the melting of fat from your body. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. It doesn’t even have to be an outsourcing of non-existent time. Just start by taking a bus to work, try to get down two or three stops early and walk brazo and also return.

You’ll be tired at first, but after a few days, this will do you good. If you’re going to work, try to park your car a little further and get to work. Movement helps to lose weight.

Charcoal hydrates aren’t the biggest enemies. A diet with a little charcoal hydrate is very popular, but it’s just disguised starvation. For most, it’s too much because the body of energy needed for normal functioning, not to produce desired results
PROTEIN DIETS are not safe High protein, meat diets increasing the risk of heart, kidney and diabetes.

Due to the lack of charcoal hydrates can help to reduce the acidity of the blood, and the lack of fruit, vegetables and
zintarica leads to metabolic disorders

Deception meat child

The more extreme the diet and the weight loss is fast, the harder it is to maintain the achieved weight.
For many, this diet is tempting, because it promises to lose seven kilos in the first two weeks.
However, this applies not only to the loss of fat tissue, but also to water, glycogen and muscle tissue
It should be taken into account that the creator of this child, Dr. Atkins, died at 120 kg from a heart attack.


No diet can ignore the calorie balance rule. On a meat diet, it feels like
hunger dulls because carbon hydrates are banned person automatically eats less without thinking
about calories.

You can eat everything and lose weight- a big misconception

The products of the scowl tablets claim that their product allows for the ‘melting’ of all
what you eat and creates a feeling of satiety. However, the body must comply with the natural laws, and
That means the power boost won’t go away, it’ll go where you least want it.


zdrava dijeta

Drink 1 salt of milk, yoghurt or sour milk (1 dl) in the morning immediately after getting up


A piece of black or a piece of scattered bread with the thickness of a finger, 1dl milk, yoghurt, cow’s sour milk or tea without sugar (can 1 serving of honey) – 1 boiled egg or 2 cassettes of posh cheese or 1 small cassette of flat butter or half a box of sardines without oil or 1 steak of ham that will cover the permissible amount of bread from 50 gr
Uzina: 100 gr of fruit and that is one apple, small little pear, salt strawberry,or salt shaking 5-6 salt


Soup 1-2 soup pouring cassettes (clear soup without noodles, dumplings and other accessories)or
vegetable or tomato corba soup
– 1 cassette for pouring soup (200 gr) stew without spray. (boranium zucchini spanac). Potato
bean, rice, juice, peas for a maximum of 1 week and eat about 100 gr and that is 1 supños
– A piece of chicken best that it is white meat of 1/2 white meat or one drumstick or one
carbatake or veal steak (the size of your palm) boiled or together with dinstan
Uzina: 100 gr fruit or 1dl milk or yoghurt or cow’s pickle


A piece of black (full grain) or a broken bread with the thickness of a finger
1dl milk or yogurt or cow’s sour milk or tea without sugar (1 coffee cassette
honey) 1 boiled egg or 2 cassettes of meat cheese or 1 small cassette flat filled with butter or
half a box of oil-free sardines )
With a diet like this in a month, it can take off from 5-8 kg depending on the body weight.


atkinsova dijeta

Atkins’ diet reduces the risk of heart disease (this is what the creator of this child who died of a heart attack at 120 kg weight)

People who are trying to lose weight using the so-called “black hole” are more than 100,000. Atkins’ diet could also reduce
risk of heart disease, say U.S. doctors.
This diet limits the intake of charcoal hydrates, but does not limit fat and protein.

Obese people who were on a diet rich in protein and fat increased their levels of ‘good’
and reduced the level of triglycerides in the blood, as opposed to
common diet of poor fats and rich in carbon hydrates.

In addition, the diet rich in protein and fat was not harmful, i.e.
increased the level of “bad” holeterol.

Even more so, subjects who were on the Atkins diet lost more weight,
although this weight loss had no statistical significance after one year.

Ejamaity is a major health problem, and therefore alternative options should be examined
weight loss. It might be premature to recommend a diet of poor charcoal hydrates,
but the first results show that such children have no expected consequences,” he said
Gary Foster, lead author of a study on weight and nutrition disorders, at the university

The diet only restricts the intake of emassed hydrates – which includes fruits, vegetables, bread and testes.

According to a carbon-rich diet, the average person eats around 2,000 calories a day
300 grams of charcoal monohydrate, while according to the Atkins diet, only 300 grams of carbon hydrates are allowed
20 grams of charcoal hydrates a day for the first two weeks, and after that, a little
increases, depending on the lost weight.

The same group of scientists are now working on a five-year investigation that should be detailed
risks and benefits of Atkins’ child. For yourself, you decide for yourself whether you’ll embark on this adventure.


If you want to lose your weight in a healthy way, eat potatoes for three days and so,
full of stomach, watch your pounds melt and melt…

Thanks to the mutual sharing of the ingredients contained in the potatoes, this plant is
“fuel” for a tired body towards the end of winter. Potassium helps eject water and toxins from the calcu have been caused by the use of water and toxins.
Cellulose speeds up welding. Vitamins B1 and C play a big role.
for the proper treatment of carbon hydrates in the body. Without it, carbon hydrates are converted into
fat, instead of energy. Vitamin C, it helps to burn existing fats.

Do you know that the most important ingredients are potatoes just below the shell? That’s why young potatoes don’t
peel, while the old ones peel off very tightly. Don’t forget to just make potatoes pre-cooking with
with a shell, wash well with a brush and under a stream of hot water.

What does this diet look like?

For each day, select one of the offered suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make
combinations according to their needs, tastes and possibilities. The main thing is that, however you choose,
you won’t get more than 1,300 calories a day, which is a good calorie ratio for loss of weight
Besides, you’ll always be soed about, satisfied and calm.

For breakfast

Musli with fruit

Extermize 40 g of cereal (be sure to read on the box that it does not contain a high percentage of sugar and
salt-so choose with as few calories) with 150 g of diet yogurt,Add a shreed banana and cassette
fruit. If it must be sweet for you, put a flat cup of honey.

Cheese spread
Mix 200 g of diet cheese with a caster of water and 2 cassettes of chopped persua. Salt,
pick and smear everything over a s piece of wholegrain or bread.

Fruit crunch
Smear 2 s pands of wholegrain bipeka with 40 g of cream cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon and put thinly
cut slices of apple from above.

At noon

Curetina with Spargla

Cook 250 g of potatoes for 20 minutes. Bariti 250 gr spargli about 15 min. 1 black onions chopped into ribs
fry on 1/2 lye oil. Add 200gr shreed curd and penetrate a little more.
peeled potatoes and spargle shove and pour with curtino, pick, salt and serve.

About 490 kcal

Potatoes from oven and salad

Cut 350 g of potatoes, mix with a cassette of oil , salt and pepper to taste. Bake at 200
Step 40 min. Cut 1 pepper and 1/2 praziluka, then cook for 5 minutes. Muddy 200 g diet
1/2 of the parsley and the susama cassette, then pour this meatloaf praziluk and paprika.
Paprika can be left with both a tie and a fine shremance with a shreed praziluka

About 500 kcal


Potatoes with persun

Chop 300 g of potatoes and 1 onion and fry on a cassette oil. Pour 300 ml of water, cook and
bepaste. Add 2 cassettes of soy sauce and 60 g of gravy from the tin. Cut 1/2 of the links of the persuna and
sprinkle the soup. Quail a piece of bread as a side dish.

About 500 kcal

Potatoes in shell with cheese and fish

Cook 300 g of potatoes in a shell. Stir in 200 g of diet cream cheese, a cast of mineral water,
salt and pepper. Rinse 50 g of lettuce. Cut the potatoes in half and serve with spiced
cheese, lettuce and 150 g of bare fish.

About 500 kcal

Potato salad with tomato and egg

Peel 400 g of potatoes, cook and finally add 100 g of cooked beans. Muddle the cash register
sliced persuna, cassette, salt and pepper. Cut 2 tomatoes and sweep
with potatoes and tomatoes. or finely chop the boiled egg.

About 490 kcal


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