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When we have gained weight and want to lose extra pounds, what should we do? The first thing that comes to mind is diet. The pain is alive. What diet ?. There are a lot of them. We don’t know which one to choose. We should choose a diet that has an energy value that meets our body’s needs, and you should pay special attention to the choice of foods and how to prepare these foods. Our weight can largely depend on the way we prepare food.


Some research shows that plate size also affects weight. It has been proven that those people who use smaller plates lost weight more quickly and gained less weight than those who used large leaves.
Never fill the plate to the top, especially do not go back to pour again no matter how much you like what you eat. Eat slowly because it takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that your stomach is full. If you feel hungry when it is not the time of your meal, do not immediately rush to food. First, drink a glass of hot water and wait, and then you will find out if you are starving or thirsty. The centers for hunger and thirst in the brain are very close, so longing can often be replaced by desire. Do not drink cold because cold slows down the metabolism. Do not read while eating or watching TV. Concentrate on what you eat and enjoy the food.



Ayurveda holds five essential procedures of universal importance in overweight people. Although different people have a weight problem for various reasons, these five tips apply to essential life habits that affect everyone literally. These five tips are easy to use and can make a big difference in your life and health once you apply them.

Tip 1. Eat a light dinner with easily digestible food.

Anyone who has a weight problem should know that if they continue to eat the hearty dinners that contain
heavy food, they cannot make a severe shift in weight loss. This fact cannot
is overemphasized because it is essential. If only without any science we use the logic that when we sleep, we do not need food in the stomach because:

  1. digesting that food will interfere with our peaceful sleep

2) we don’t move, so we don’t need extra energy.
Besides, Ayurveda teaches us that digestion is weaker in the evening, and in addition to going to bed a few
hours later than usual, it slows digestion, metabolism, and circulation. The body just cannot correctly use copious evening meals. The result is poor digestion of most foods,
resulting in toxins, fat deposits, and excess weight.
For most people who eat less during the day, use herbs, pills, special crackers and
potions, and even exercise, it’s hard to overcome this most serious of all effort mistakes
to lose weight.
In the evening, especially avoid: cheese, yogurt, intense desserts, red meat, leftovers of any
types, cold food, industrially processed food.
For dinner, be sure to avoid or at least reduce: poultry, fish, sweets.
The evening meal should be vegetarian, warm, light, and liquid. If you are a severe
weight problem, the basis of the evening meal should be: 1) clear soup 2) cooked cereals
on water (for example rice, couscous, barley) 3) steamed vegetables, baked on a hot plate or
in the oven or simmered briefly in a small amount of extra pure olive oil. If you have to
take sweet, then let it be cooked fruit sweetened with a small amount of organic sugar or honey.

2. Let the most abundant meal of the day be lunch with a variety of hot and cooked food.

Lunch is when our body can best and easily digest more significant amounts of food
because digestion is most vital at noon and that we have many active hours to metabolize
food before going to bed. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, and the meal requires
the most planning and preparation.
Lunch should consist of warm, cooked food composed of various flavors and dishes.
Hot food is essential because it is easier to digest and absorb. Cold food suppresses digestion
(Remember chemistry – low temperature slows down the chemical reaction, and digestion is chemistry!).
Regular meals consisting of cold food are poor digestion, accumulation
ame (undigested molecules that clog channels), and gaining weight.
Eating a variety of foods is of great importance for nutrition; besides, it prevents the onset of cravings
for some food, and that is again the downfall of many well-intentioned diets. Food passion usually occurs due to an unbalanced diet that includes only a few types of foods. Child
limited predominantly to carbohydrates or proteins or fats, eventually leading to malnutrition
tissues that rightly send hunger signals to our brains. Although we just ate large quantities
of food, some parts of our body are still malnourished and hungry. Unfortunately, suppose we don’t understand that. In that case,
we may reach for foods even richer in carbohydrates when we receive hunger signals, such as heavy desserts when we need green vegetables and bean soups.
A good, balanced lunch helps us feel less hungry in the evening, so it becomes easier for us to stick to that significant light dinner.

3. Drink hot water often during the day.

Drinking hot water during the day helps cleanse the digestive tract and the whole body of blockages and
impurity. Taking hot water helps reduce cravings for food between meals. Some people
have lost over 25 pounds by applying this recommendation alone.
Most people can apply the hot water recommendation if they get a good thermos and occasionally pour warm, pre-boiled water out of it.
Also, it is possible to keep already boiled water in a unique pot that stands on the
small hotplate or the side – on a classic wood stove. That’s how it’s maintained
water temperature and occasionally from a suction port.
The water that purifies the most is the one that is boiled for ten minutes. Boil water for ten minutes
reduces its density (you will usually see a fine powder at the bottom of a container consisting of
precipitated substances from water) and energizes water. Drinking hot tap water at work
is better than not drinking water at all, but it is not as effective as boiled water.

4. Avoid leftover food

Maharishi Ayurveda believes that returning food to the refrigerator after cooking seriously impairs the properties of foods and their digestibility. Even if you heat it after taking it out of the fridge, it has already lost its vitality.
We get more from food than the molecules themselves. Also, we get freshness, life, power (prana), and nature’s intelligence from our food. Physics tells us that there is a classical world of molecules and the quantum mechanical world of vibration. Vibrations from the deeper fields that make up the life force of nature
and intelligence is destroyed by cooling cooked food. As a result, taking leftovers
food from the previous meal slowly leads to improperly digested waste products called
“Ama,” which accumulates in the body, causing toxins, blockages, excess weight, and leads to many
The reverse principle summarizes the essence of Ayurvedic dietary guidelines.
“Eat fresh food, freshly prepared.”
Because of our active life and the conditions of shopping and cooking, this simple statement
it is difficult to achieve, but every step in that direction will help us overcome the problem
weight and overall good health.
The most convenient way to prepare a homemade, almost fresh meal of clean, healthy ingredients for
lunch every day is to cook barley and lentils in an earthenware pot overnight (an excellent
fat-melting combination). In the morning, add chopped vegetables and a little spice fried on
olive oil (try cumin, black pepper, fresh ginger, coriander (fresh or powdered), and
turmeric). Put in a thermos with a wide opening and take for lunch. Add a little razani
crackers or a piece of rye bread (another cereal that melts fat according to Ayurveda) and fresh
fruit for a well-balanced, clean and nutritious lunch.

5. Move!

The latest tips say stop dieting. Start moving.
Exercise is the antidote to almost everything that hurts us. It improves digestion, metabolism,
elimination of waste products, complexion, body tension and strength, bone strength, and normalizes weight. It is also emotionally positive because it can be comfortable. He adds
security and brings us more energy, freshness, and success during the day.
At the very least, take some time each day to go out and walk. Look at your
diary and go for a walk whenever you can fit it into your schedule. Use each
opportunity for a walk. It is perfect for walking after a meal, and it is incredibly healthy to walk after

Additional tips:

a) Go to bed by 10 pm. Waste metabolism occurs after 22:00 and is reduced
if we are awake and active or eat the famous “evening snack” at that time.
b) Add to your meals spices that improve digestion and melt lard, such as fresh ginger,
cumin, black pepper, turmeric, and fenugreek.
c) Always keep GOOD snacks in the house to prevent yourself from eating bad snacks.
Examples of good snacks are fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, freshly squeezed
vegetable juices and integral crackers.
d) Practice meditation and yoga daily to keep your mind and body balanced, craving for food.
e) Walk in the morning. Exercising of any kind in the morning sun has a strong and positive effect
on the mind, emotions, and energy during the day.
f) Get Panchakarma treatments twice a year. Maharishi Ayurveda recommends that
panchakarma (massage, heat treatments, and internal cleansing therapies of Ayurveda) is performed
twice a year to prevent the accumulation of impurities and eliminate their sediments from
body tissue. (A recent study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
documented a 50% reduction in the amount of PCB compounds in the blood that causes cancer after
applying a five-day Maharishi rejuvenation treatment, a specific panchakarma program.)
d) Take mostly organic extra pure olive oil. Organic butter or butter is also
acceptable in small amounts (1-2 teaspoons per day) but should not be taken if you suffer from
overweight and you have high cholesterol. Avoid any inorganic vegetable oil,
especially corn and soybean oil. Oils are perhaps the most important group of foods you need
to act properly because impure oils can contribute to the appearance of many diseases if not
used properly.
Health can be gained or lost, depending on how we live our daily lives.
Everyone with the problem of obesity should be encouraged to take the initiative and start with a spiral of healthy activities. You will quickly be rewarded with more excellent freshness, happiness, and a lighter, healthier body.


anticleulit dijeta
The anti-cellulite diet aims to help the body get rid of toxic substances, and it is also one of the healthiest diets. This diet does not require the removal of calories but food that can be quickly and pleasantly digested. This diet does not have to lead to weight loss (depending on how much weight is overweight) but can lead to our body’s better appearance.
Preferred foods are:
Vegetables – better raw than cooked.
Fruit raw or in the form of fruit juice (better whole fruit because it contains precious cellulose – fiber needed for digestion)
Salads (preferably seasoned with olive or cold-pressed other vegetable oil and lemon juice and possibly wine vinegar))
Fresh vegetable juices (of course, whole vegetables are better because they contain valuable cellulose needed for bowel cleansing.
Eggs (boiled or poached, can be prepared in oil but not over high heat to avoid changes in the chemical composition of the oil and then may do more harm than good. Yogurt plain white or with the addition of fresh fruit or flakes (do not add boiled fruit)
Milk (skimmed)
Meat, fish, poultry, seafood. (You should remove as much fat as possible from meat and poultry and poultry and shrimp before cooking). Every hour to an hour and a half, you should drink a glass of fresh, clean water without chemical (artificial) additives. You can squeeze a few drops of lemon in the mirror from which you drink, just before losing the C vitamin. it is best to take 2-3 teaspoons of fresh yeast on an empty stomach during the day. The yeast can be dissolved in water and drunk, or two teaspoons of sugar can be added and left to rise, stir and drink. This way, you will get a very refreshing drink full of valuable B vitamins. If you use fruit sugar, fructose, or grape sugar dextrose instead of white sugar (sucrose), then you have actually given your body something to look forward to.
Example of a menu :
First day: Fruit, toast or whole-grain bread, coffee, a glass of sour milk or yogurt, two tomatoes, two boiled eggs, one cucumber, two toasts
Second day Fruit, toast or fresh whole grain bread, coffee Fruit, boiled egg, a glass of sour milk, two toasts 125 gr. cooked beef, one tomato, fruit, toast
Third day Fruit, toast, coffee Fruit, a glass of sour milk, two fresh cucumbers 125 gr. cooked beef, fruit, toast
Fourth day Fruit, toast, coffee 125 gr cheese, one tomato, one toast 125 gr. cooked beef, fruit, toast
Fifth day Fruit, rusks, coffee 200 gr boiled beef, one tomato, rusks 500 gr. Cooked vegetables, one egg, one tomato.
When it comes to fruit, you can eat as much fruit as you want, which does not contain much starch (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples…). Be careful with grapes because they are high in calories, but do not eliminate them from the diet because they contain high-quality substances. Also, limit bananas to one to two a day.
: A few more recommendations
Never eat fast
Avoid tension during meals, do not eat in front of the TV, try to eat sitting at a correctly set table.
Always eat simultaneously because that’s how the stomach works best.
Always enjoy food, even when there are restrictions. Use the ointment to create exciting and delicious menus. You should avoid some dished: sausages, bacon, salami, snacks, salted meat, salty cheeses, fried foods, carbonated drinks, hot dogs, canned soups, bagged soups, artificial spices, lots of coffee, white sugar (sucrose), white flour, white rice, white fat. Feel free to use natural herbs to eliminate toxins from the body. Some of them even affect the acceleration of metabolism, which will be discussed in the second chapter of this part, a child.
To remove cellulite more successfully and faster, in addition to diet, it is recommended to massage certain places with cellulite, exercise (stretching exercises or swimming), proper, deep breathing, or walking in nature.

DIET 7 pounds in 2 weeks

If the child’s diet does not specify the quantities, you can eat the food in question without restriction. You take drinks without limitation. Alcohol is forbidden!
Season salads only with lemon juice (not oil). Be sure to take vitamins and minerals with this diet
breakfast – white coffee salt without sugar
lunch – two boiled eggs, spinach slightly salted
v ecera – 1 large steak or grilled steak
breakfast – a cup of black coffee without sugar
r back – 1 large steak, lettuce, and fruit of your choice
dinner – boiled ham
breakfast – a cup of black coffee without sugar and pastries
lunch – two hard-boiled eggs, tomato salad, or some other vegetable that contains a large amount of water, e.g., fresh or sauerkraut
dinner – fruit and yogurt
breakfast – a cup of black coffee without sugar and pastries
lunch – 1 boiled egg, boiled or raw carrot, fresh cow’s cheese
dinner – fruit and yogurt
breakfast k – carrot with lemon, black coffee
lunch – baked fish and tomato (fish can be light
dinner – 1 steak (steak) and lettuce
breakfast – black coffee and pastries
lunch – grilled chicken
dinner – two boiled eggs, carrots
breakfast – tea with lemon
lunch – grilled steak (steak), salad of your choice
dinner – according to the option of what you want
Unhealthy food, calorie unbalanced portions, and eating overeating at the wrong time are the leading causes of fat accumulation, and this is true.
See the most common lies you read or hear about diets and rapid weight loss .:
Starvation and dieting that eliminate certain foods from the menu are necessary
for the organism’s normal functioning. They can do more harm than good. See which ones are
the most common scams you read or hear about diets and rapid weight loss.
Starvation melts the pounds – this is very wrong because if the body recognizes that it is in
dangers,” i.e., he does not get the amount of food he is used to, he soon begins to“ save ”fat.
This is the last thing you want because it only slows down the weight loss process. It is much better to eat
small low-calorie meals (fruits, vegetables) because calories are used to digest these foods
not supplemented from food then consumed from fat deposits.
Rigorous low-calorie diets are not effective. Initially, a few pounds are lost, a
then there is no more movement because the opposite effect is achieved, the melting of fat is slowed down.
The body needs fat during the diet as well. If you strictly adhere to a diet that prohibits fat,
the body will soon feel the need for what it lacks most. Also, you risk a reduction
in fat-soluble vitamins (AIE). Prolonged expulsion of fat from your
severe metabolic disorders can occur. Such a diet can lose a few pounds, but when you stop, the pounds come back, and especially what you can, you find yourself in trouble because of deficiency disease and metabolic disorders.

Lose 10 kg in two weeks

Diets that promise fast weight loss often work, but the central part is lost
the water’s weight, which is why the old weight returns as quickly as it left. Experts believe it is
much better to lose half to 1kg per week. 1g of fat has 9 cal. It means you would melt 1kg of fat
from your body. You need to consume 9000cal. Of course, you can’t lose this in one day
unless you have decided to remain lifelong disabled after dieting or to die. 1kg of fat you do not get in one day, so how will you take them off in one day?
Now imagine how you can lose 10 kg in two weeks? So it is clear to you that these are not fats.
If you add exercise to your diet, you will speed up the melting of fat from your body. It doesn’t have to be the expensive jam. It doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Just start if you go to work by bus, try to get off two or three stops earlier, and walk briskly and also on the way back.
You will be tired at first, but after a few days, you will enjoy this. If you go to work by car, try to park the car a little further and walk to work. Exercise helps to lose weight.
CARBOHYDRATES are not the biggest enemies. A low-carb diet is trendy, but it’s just disguised starvation. For most, it is too difficult because it deprives the body of energy needed for normal functioning and does not give the desired results
PROTEIN DIETS are not safe High-protein, meat diets increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.
Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the acidity of the blood can improve, and the lack of fruits, vegetables and
cereals lead to metabolic disorders

Cheat meat diet

The more extreme the diet and the faster the weight loss, the harder it is to maintain the weight gained.
For many, this diet is tempting because it promises to lose seven pounds in the first two weeks.
However, this applies not only to fat loss but also to water, glycogen, and muscle tissue
you should take into account that the creator of this diet, Dr. Atkins, died with a 120 kg heart attack.


No diet can ignore the calorie balance rule. It feels good on a meat diet
Hunger dulls because carbohydrates are forbidden. A person automatically eats less without thinking
about calories.
You can eat everything without losing weight – a big misconception
The manufacturers of weight loss pills claim that their product allows everything to be “melted.”
what you eat also creates a feeling of satiety. However, the body must comply with natural laws, a
this means that the excess energy will not disappear but will go where you least want.


zdrava dijeta
In the morning, immediately after getting up, drink one salt of milk, yogurt, or sour milk (1 dl)
Slices of black or a piece of sliced bread the thickness of a finger, one dl of milk, yogurt, cow’s sour milk or tea without sugar (can be one teaspoon of honey) – 1 boiled egg or two teaspoons of lean cheese or one small teaspoon of flat butter or half a box of sardines without oil or one ham steak that will cover the size of the allowed amount of bread of 50 gr
Snack: 100 g of fruit, which is one apple, a small pear, strawberry salt, or shaking salt 5-6 plums

Soup 1-2 tablespoons for pouring soup (clear soup without noodles, dumplings, and other toppings) or
vegetable soup or tomato CORBA
- 1 tablespoon of soup (200 g) stew without sprinkling. (Zucchini green beans, spinach). Potatoes,
beans, rice, lentils, peas store a maximum of 1 week and eat about 100 grand that's 1 tbsp
- a piece of chicken is best if it is white meat of 1/2 white meat or one drumstick or one
hobo or steak of veal (the size of your palm) cooked or stewed together with vegetables
Snack: 100 g of fruit or 1 dl of milk or yogurt or cow's sour milk
Slices of black (full grain) or sliced bread the thickness of a finger
1dl milk or yoghurt or cow's sour milk or sugar-free tea (can be 1 teaspoon
honey) 1 boiled egg or 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese or 1 small spoon evenly filled with butter or
half a box of oil-free sardines)
With this diet, you can lose 5-8 kg in a month, depending on your body weight.


atkinsova dijeta
Atkins diet reduces the risk of heart disease (the creator said this of this diet who died of a heart attack with a weight of 120 kg)
People who are trying to lose weight using the so-called. You could reduce Atkins diet and the risk of heart disease, say American scientists.
This diet limits carbohydrate intake but does not limit fats and proteins.
Obese people on a diet rich in protein and fat increased the level of “good.”
Unlike people on
a regular low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, cholesterol, and reduced blood triglyceride levels.
Also, a diet rich in protein and fat was not harmful or increased the story of “bad” cholesterol.
What’s more, respondents on the Atkins diet lost more pounds,
although this weight loss had no statistical significance after one year.
Obesity is a significant health problem, and therefore you should explore alternative options
for weight loss. It may be premature to recommend a low-carb diet,
but the first results show that such children do not have the expected harmful consequences, ”he said
Gary Foster, lead author of a study on weight and eating disorders, at the university
The diet limits only carbohydrate intake, including fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta.
According to a diet rich in carbohydrates, the average person eats about 2,000 calories a day and
can consume 300 grams of carbohydrates, while according to the Atkins diet, the only intake is allowed
20 grams of carbohydrates a day for the first two weeks, and then a little
increases, depending on the weight loss.
The same group of scientists is now working on a five-year study that you should establish in detail
the risks and benefits of the Atkins diet. You decide for yourself whether to embark on this adventure.


If you want to lose extra pounds healthily, eat potatoes for three-d, ays and so on,
full stomach, watch your pounds melt and melt…
Thanks to the interaction of the ingredients found in potatoes, this plant is right
“Fuel” for a tired body before the end of winter. Potassium helps flush water and toxins out of the body.
Cellulose speeds up digestion. Vitamins B1 and C also play an essential role
in the proper processing of carbohydrates in the body. Without it, carbohydrates are converted into
fat instead of energy. Vitamin C helps burn existing fats.
Did you know that potatoes’ essential ingredients are just below the skin? That’s why young potatoes don’t
peel, while the old peel very sparingly. Do not forget to just potatoes before cooking with
shell, wash well with a brush and under a stream of warm water.

What does this diet look like?

Each day, choose one of the offered suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make it
combinations according to their needs, tastes, and abilities. The main thing is that, whatever you choose,
you will not consume more than 1,300 calories per day, which is a good calorie ratio for weight s abesidestion; you will always be complete, satisfied, and calm.

For breakfast

Muesli with fruit
Mix 40 g of flakes (be sure to read on the box that they do not contain a high percentage of sugar and
salt-so choose with as few calories as possible) with 150 g of a diet yogurt, Add chopped banana and a spoon
If the taste must be sweet for you, put a flat teaspoon of honey.
Cheese spread
Mix 200 g of diet cheese with a teaspoon of water and two teaspoons of chopped parsley. Salt,
pick and coat everything over a slice of wholemeal or sliced bread.
Fruit crunch
Spread two pieces of integral toast with 40 g of cream cheese. Sprinkle with cinnamon and put thinly
sliced apple slices from above.

At noon

Turkey with asparagus
Cook 250 g of potatoes for 20 min. Boil 250 g of asparagus for about 15 minutes. One onion chopped into ribs
fry in 1/2 teaspoon oil. Add 200gr of chopped turkey and deep fry a little more.
Boiled potatoes and asparagus chop and pour over the turkey, pickle, salt, and serve.
About 490 kcal
Oven potatoes and salad
Cut 350 g of potatoes, mix with a teaspoon of oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Bake at 200
degrees 40 min. Cut one paprika and 1/2 leek, then cook for 5 minutes. Stir in 200 g of dietary
yogurt, 1/2 bunch of parsley, and a teaspoon of sesame seeds, then pour this mixture over cooked leeks and peppers.
Paprika can be left fresh and finely chopped with boiled leeks
About 500 kcal

In the evening

Potato soup with parsley
Chop 300 g of potatoes and one onion and fry in a teaspoon of oil. Add 300 ml of water, boil, and
pass. Add two tablespoons of soy sauce and 60 g of canned peas. Chop 1/2 bunch of parsley and
sprinkle with soup. Toast a slice of bread as a side dish.
About 500 kcal
Peeled potatoes with cheese and fish
Boil 300 g of potatoes in their skins. Stir in 200 g of diet cream cheese, a spoonful mineral water,
salt, and pepper. Chop 50 g of lettuce. Cut the potatoes in half and serve with the spices, cheese, salad, and 150 g of boiled fish.
About 500 kcal
Potato salad with tomato and egg
Peel 400 g of potatoes, cook and finally add 100 g of cooked beans. Stir in the piggy bank
chopped parsley, a tablespoon of vinegar, salt, and pepper. Cut two tomatoes and mix
with potatoes and tomatoes. Grate or finely chop a boiled egg on top.
About 490 kcal


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