Toxic toxins that are released during radiation therapy and chemotherapy can have a very bad effect on our immune system. It is very important that people who undergo these forms of therapy do not have a deficiency of some minerals and vitamins. It is also important that they have enough elements in their diet that will boost the development and functioning of their immune system.

Foods such as vegetables and fruits that are rich in apigenin will have a very positive effect immune system. Talk about the food you need to eat with your oncologist.

Cancer sufferers cannot recover from this disease if the cancer cells are resistant to chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy food studies

chemotherapy food

Studies from 2008 organized by biochemists University of California Riverside have proven the natural dietary agent that can be found in fruits and vegetables, apigenin, increases the exposure of cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation.

Researchers Xuan Liu and Xin Cai have proven that apigenin in fruits and vegetables naturally conquers the resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy by breaking down certain proteins found in the cell nucleus. These proteins are necessary for the development of cancer cells. Apigenin is found in cherries, grapes and apples. Other good sources of apigenin are walnuts, primrose, celery, basil, artichokes and juices made from plants such as various teas and wine.

In addition to consuming five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The guidelines for the diet of people with cancer include the use of grains rich in carbohydrates. A good choice of cereals is brown rice, millet, wild rice, oats, barley, buckwheat.

Whole grain bread and pasta are a valuable source of minerals, vitamins and fiber that support the health of the immune system. It also matters cleansing the body of toxins from the colon, treatment and prevention of various intestinal infections.

Water, proteins , nutrition

food protein immune system

People who are exposed to chemotherapy should increase their intake of proteins that strengthen the immune system. Fish, turkey, chicken, mango meat and shellfish are good sources of protein for people with cancer. The use of red meat and all meat products must be limited in the diet. Other sources of protein are dairy products such as low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt and goat’s milk.

It is very important to take a large amount of fluid for people who have undergone chemotherapy. We can also include various teas, juices, soups and more in the liquid. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of liquid during the day. It is forbidden to take liquids rich in caffeine. You should always have a bottle with you and you should consume liquid throughout the day.

Chlorine-rich water should be avoided and the use of clean bottled water is recommended for people with cancer. If a person taking chemotherapy feels nauseous while taking water, consumption can be alleviated by using a straw or cooling the liquid by adding ice cubes.

Nove ž animals habits and cancer

In addition to new habits that are very important in the treatment of cancer during chemotherapy, people with cancer can use some supplements that will also affect the development of their immune system and reduce some of the symptoms that accompany this form of treatment. In people who are being treated with chemotherapy, low levels of leukocytes have been noticed below the allowed limit in laboratory findings.

In order to regulate the level of leukocytes from the very beginning of taking chemotherapy, it is recommended to use cordyceps, an autochthonous form of the Tibetan fungus that affects the development of the bone marrow and increases the production of white blood cells. Other preparations that can be used for this purpose are ginseng, oak gloss and shiitake mushrooms as well as chaga fungus which actively influences the development of the immune system.

How much chemotherapy and radiation releases large amounts of free radicals that not only damage cancerous cells but also have a negative effect on healthy cells in the body, it is necessary to increase the intake of antioxidants.

Of the very active antioxidants, we can mention vitamin c, which has an active role in ridding the body of excess free radicals and whose daily dose can go up to several tens of grams, coenzyme Q10 whose doses on a daily basis should be up to 400mg to effectively neutralize harmful oxygen atoms and of course astragalus which not only neutralizes free radicals but also has a wide range of effects that improve the immune system and reduce the effects that accompany chemotherapy.