Chemotherapy and vaccines are a lie

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In an exclusive interview, the celebrated American publicist Edward Griffin reveals why official medicine hides the real cure for cancer. There are no malignant diseases globally, and how dangerous vaccination is.

American writer and publicist Edward Griffin (81) thought it would take him three weeks, and it took him three years of research work to write the controversial book “A World Without Cancer”.

In this work, the author thoroughly proves that the cause of cancer is not viruses or mysterious toxins but a simple lack of one nutrient – vitamin B17.
Opposing the official pharmaceutical policy, which, according to him, has been skillfully hiding the real cure for cancer from the public for the last 30 years, Griffin points out that today more people earn their living on cancer than die from it.

In search of an answer to this question and why the placing of vitamin B17 on the market is banned in America, we are talking to Griffin, who arrived in Belgrade to promote the book “A World Without Cancer,” finally translated into Serbian.

– It is indeed difficult for people to believe what I have written, but it does not surprise me at all. Well, in the 19th. For centuries, scientists thought that sailors’ scurvy resulted from the bite of mysterious beetles from below decks. Later, of course, it turned out that the cause of this disease was actually a lack of vitamin C. – explains in an exclusive interview this celebrated California publicist known for dealing with various topics in his works, including terrorism, subversion, but also archeology and history.

How did you come up with the idea to write this book?

– It all started by accident. And that’s because my friend Dr. Richardson started using it at a clinic in San Francisco about thirty years ago, vitamin B17 (which in its purified form is called laetrile or amygdalin) in the treatment of cancer patients. It all happened after the famous biochemist Ernst T. Kreb raised dust in public by wanting to place this drug on the market, stating that cancer is actually a deficiency disease, more precisely a disorder in metabolism caused by a lack of vitamin B17 in the diet.

However, your friend first tried the medicine on his dog; who had cancer?

– True, the dog recovered. After that, Richardson started using this medicine in his patients’ therapy. He first tried it on his head sister’s wife, to whom all the doctors gave a maximum of two or three weeks of life. After taking lateral, he fully recovered.

How did it come about that the drug was banned in the United States?

– After the patients who recovered started spreading the story about the medicine, it did not help anyone. Especially not too large pharmacy cartels and the administration of official medicine. You guessed it, primarily because of making a lot of money from selling cytostatics. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called vitamin B17 a common scam and banned its marketing.

Where can vitamin B17 be found in foods?

– It is a natural chemotherapeutic agent that can be found in more than 1,200 plants. Primarily in the stones and seeds of fruits: apricots, apricots/peaches, plums, cherries, apples, and millet. Its molecule is composed of two sugar molecules and one cyanide and benzaldehyde.

If the cyanide from this molecule is responsible for eliminating the malignant cell, is there a possibility that it will kill healthy cells?

– Healthy cells have an enzyme to neutralize the breakdown products of B17, so they use cyanide for the metabolic synthesis of B12, which is important in hemoglobin metabolism, then creates a thiocyanate compound in the presence of sulfur, which participates in regulating blood pressure, and excess is excreted in the urine.

Is it true that during your research work, you came across data on places in the world where there are no cancer patients, such as the Hunza tribe in Pakistan?

– This tribe inhabits remote and remote places of the Himalayas. They are known for their amazing longevity and good health. It is not unusual for them to live to be a hundred years old, and some even a hundred and twenty or more. Interestingly, in that tribe, money is an unknown concept, but that is why wealth is measured by the number of apricot trees that someone owns. Apricot kernels are considered the most prized food and are eaten as rice is eaten in Asian culture. Food rich in vitamin B17 is also eaten by Eskimos, among whom no case of malignant disease has been reported…

Until some of the Eskimos served in the military in Canada and the United States?

– True… As soon as they moved and changed their diet, they immediately started getting sick and dying from malignant diseases.

What would you say to patients going for chemotherapy?

Not as an expert (because I am not), but I would not recommend anyone to go to chemotherapy as an ordinary person. I know I would never go to chemotherapy. I even believe it causes cancer. Formal cancer treatment is big business. Chemotherapy and cytostatics make billions of dollars. Not all doctors put money in front of patients, but in human nature, unfortunately, there is a rush for money.

Do you believe that vaccines against swine, bird flu, or West Nile virus are also part of a medical scam?

– Vaccines are more harmful than they help. Billions of dollars are spent on lobbying the law, which places the use of various vaccines. I know of hundreds of fake studies on how vaccines are supposedly healthy. The sad thing is that many doctors do not know about these scams or do not even try to investigate them.



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