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Cesium Chloride Cancer therapy

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Cesium chloride cancer treatment involves use of a form of cesium, which is a naturally-occurring alkali metal, in an anti-cancer setting. It might also be referred to as Alkali Therapy or High pH Therapy.

Key Points

  • There is no clinical evidence that cesium chloride is effective in treating cancer.
  • At certain doses, cesium chloride is toxic and can cause cardiac arrhythmia and death.
  • The most well-known proponent of cesium chloride had his medical license revoked, is a convicted criminal and has been under investigation for causing several deaths in at least two countries.

Cesium chloride first came to the attention of scientists as a potential cancer treatment when a very broad epidemiological observation was made concerning the low incidence of certain cancers in specific parts of the world and the corresponding concentration of alkali metals in the soil and water in those places. Research into cesium chloride, the salt form of cesium, as an anti-cancer treatment began in earnest in the 1920s. Despite a dearth of actual data, they continue to this day, generally in the form of selling cesium as an unregulated dietary supplement.

Treatment specifics vary, but in general cesium chloride cancer treatment would therefore involve the oral consumption of anywhere between 1-20 grams of cesium chloride three times a day. It is normally accompanied by a varying array of vitamin supplements and a diet involving vegetables and whole grains.

How it is supposed to work

Proponents of cesium chloride cancer treatment posit the following argument in support of this treatment modality (note: stating any of the following hypotheses does not constitute acceptance of these claims on the part of this website):

  1. Healthy cells have a normal pH balance, therefore glucose and oxygen can enter the cell and its waste products can leave the cell.
  2. However, when a cell is exposed to a carcinogen, the cell’s outer lining becomes irritated; the consequence is that glucose may enter the cell but oxygen cannot.
  3. Without oxygen, the cell cannot maintain its pH balance, and the cell becomes acidic (its pH level becomes low); this low-oxygen environment allows cancer cells to thrive.
  4. Cesium, being an alkali metal, has the ability to enter the cancer cell, and when it does, it raises the cell’s pH to a level at which the cancer cell cannot survive, leading to the death of the cell.


Despite their best efforts over several years, nobody has succeeded in proving that cesium chloride cancer treatment is effective against any cancer, although its proponents have claimed that the treatment has shown efficacy against cancers of the prostate, pancreas, lung, breast, colon, and liver, as well as some lymphomas.

It is considered quackery and pseudoscience by most practitioners of conventional Western medicine. The chief proponent of cesium chloride, Austrian national Hellfried Sartori, had his medical license in the United States revoked on charges of professional incompetence, and he later served three years in prison for practicing medicine without a license.

Side effects: Overview

Proponents report that common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and “unusual sensations around the mouth.” Other reported side effects (in this case, from consuming liquid cesium chloride) include inflammation, pain, cramps, “feet turning purple or feeling frost bite when you have taken too much liquid cesium chloride, your finger tips feeling like needles and pins, or a tingly prickly feeling in your hands or on your face, itchiness, dry skin, frequently wanting to urinate, and dark dried blood in the urine.”

Proponents argue that this last side effect—dark dried blood in the urine—is actually evidence that the treatment is working, since they claim the kidneys are in the process of expelling the dead tissue.

In other words, they claim that the patient is literally peeing cancer out of his or her body. If only!

In conclusion

Cesium chloride cancer treatment is an unproven and potentially dangerous or life-threatening bit of quackery used by opportunistic people hoping to take financial advantage of people desperate for a cancer cure. While each person is entitled to pursue the treatment they believe is the best one for them and their cancer, they should also be equipped with the facts.

Finally, to quote from the American Cancer Society, “Relying on this type of treatment alone and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may also have serious health consequences.”


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