Despite the discovery of Papanicolaou swabs, cervical cancer is a significant health problem globally. Worldwide, 250,000 women die each year from cervical cancer. Cervical dysplasia is a premalignant and precancerous change of cervical cells that can progress to cervical cancer without the necessary treatment.

The HPV virus is found almost everywhere around us. There are over a hundred species of this virus. More this 40 types contaminate the human reproductive organs. This virus produces infection, cellular anomalies and even malignancies.

The main risk factor for cervical cancer is infection with the human papilloma virus or HPV for short. Papilloma virus infections are responsible for 99% of cervical cancers as well as most anorectal cancers.

The HPV virus also causes many benign tumors, including genital warts on the arms and legs. It also causes laryngeal papillomas in children and adults. There is currently no pharmaceutical therapy available for the treatment of human papillomavirus, infections and induced tumors.

Our people say “it is better to prevent than to cure”. Even with the HPV virus, you need to have a dose of caution and fear, because it can cause big problems. Preventive action on HPV virus , we also rule out the possibility of getting cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer uterus

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Cervical cancer has certain symptoms that should be recognized much earlier. First, you need to know what cervical cancer really is. These are abnormal cells that develop on the surface of the cervix. The cervix is the area between the uterus and the vagina.

Symptoms cancer cervix

Cervical cancer has certain symptoms that should be recognized much earlier. First, you need to know what cervical cancer really is. These are abnormal cells that develop on the surface of the cervix. The cervix is the area between the uterus and the vagina.

You should know that if cervical cancer is detected in the earlier stages, it is easy to eliminate it. Symptoms of cervical cancer may include bleeding. It should be noted that this bleeding does not occur due to menstruation. You can also find traces of blood during sex. You may feel pain during sexual intercourse.

It should be noted that if you have HPV it does not mean that you will have any symptoms. You can have the HPV virus for years without even knowing you have it. It is similar with cervical cancer. This type of cancer is insidious and we can notice it in the final stages. For that reason, check-ups with a gynecologist are very important. The best prevention is the PAPA test.

Artemisinin i cancer uterine cancer

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Artemisinin compounds have shown astonishing results in the treatment of proliferative disorders of the cervix (such as cervical cancer and cervical dyspnea) and in the treatment of viral infections, which in many cases are the cause of cancerous diseases.

In this text, I will introduce you to a preparation that is one of the latest inventions for the treatment of viral infections and tumors induced by oncogenic viruses. This preparation based on artemisinin kills and inhibits squamous cell carcinoma.

Clinical studies have shown that interferon injection has been shown to be good, and immediately after discontinuation of interferon therapy, the patient’s condition returned to the old and noticed vegetables and increased concentration of HPV virus.

In addition to the above mentioned artemisinin, some can also contribute to the relief of cervical cancer homeopathic preparations .

Anti HPV preparation

This preparation is based on vaginals, which with their content destroy all viruses, bacteria and fungi and help increase the pH value of tissues. This preparation has a very significant effect on both malignant and benign changes.

This product also treats HPV, human T-lymphocyte virus, herpes virus , cytomegalovirus, hepatitis virus, human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, adnovirus and influenza virus and also treats cervical disorders related to these viral infections such as cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia. By artemisinin present in the preparation and other derivatives related to artemisinin.

Artemisol vaginals reduce the concentration of all the above forms of the virus and its action is particularly focused on inhibiting the growth and selective killing of cancer cells in both premalignant and malignant forms.

Contents artemisol vagina

The preparation itself is formed from several different compounds which include artemisinin and sweet wormwood plant oils as anticancer preparations, essential oils for tissue regeneration and tissue cleansing from viruses and some very medicinal antiviral preparations such as turmeric extract and some other preparations that have a pronounced anticancer and antiviral properties, as well as some activators and immune system modulators .

ON In this way, all compounds that have antiviral and anticancer properties are directly absorbed into the surrounding tissue and directly into cancer and tumor cells.

This preparation is a topical treatment that is far better than oral use in cases of ovarian or cervical cancer and the presence of HPV, HIV, hepatitis and the above types of viruses. Oral use of artemisinin is recommended for other diseases such as liver cancer, because in that case the absorption of artemisinin in the blood is higher.

Clinical trials

The preparation is based on the fact that it is supported by clinical trials in which artemisinin has been proven to effectively destroy and inhibit the growth of cells that have mutated due to the action of human papilloma virus, herpes, hepatitis, HIV, adenovirus HTLV-1 virus and SV40 virus.

In clinical studies, artemisinin has been shown to destroy cervical cells but not normal, healthy cells. This preparation Artemisol vaginette successfully treats viral infections and conditions caused by viral infections.

The artemisinin used in the case of this preparation is in the form of dihydro-artemisinin due to the increased solubility and absorption of the preparation itself and contains natural ingredients that melt at a temperature of 37 c eulisus and a higher temperature.

Other preparations for use

Turmeric and curcumin

Artemisol vaginal tablets can also be used together with the oral preparation Super artemisinin or some other preparation of artemisinin for the safety of the concentration of artemisinin itself, the amount of which has been proven in clinical trials to reach up to 70 mg / kg body weight.

In another study related to the use of turmeric, which we have already written about in the article A plant that cures the HPV virus It is stated that the effect of turmeric on the HPV virus through the vaginatela within 37 days reduces its presence by 73.3% in persons treated with this method. It should also be noted that the ingredients of aloe have been added to our Artemisol, which has shown exceptional results in the regeneration of damaged tissue.


This specific method of treating changes in the cervix and various types of malignant and benign tumors caused by the presence of various viral diseases discussed in this text has successfully reduced the concentration of these viruses in many cases, removed the changes and observed withdrawal and reduction of inflammation and infection. .

Also, in addition to the application of the preparation, lifestyle habits should be changed as well regulate diet . When all apply alternative and classical methods very good results can be expected under the supervision of an expert.

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If you want to get complete instructions for the treatment of HPV virus in a natural way, contact our nutritionist Mick Lombert and fill in all the fields in the upcoming form. Note the creation of a program for the treatment of HPV virus includes a nutritional protocol, vitamin and mineral complexes, enzyme protocol, recipe for vaginals, recipe for cream for men, local treatment and treatment of the whole organism, including diet plan, instructions for removing warts.

For milder cases with fewer strains of viruses and without serious changes, we clean the body of the virus between 1 and 3 months, for more severe cases, the time is not precisely determined.

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