Cat’s claw medicinal plant and its benefits

cat's claw plant

Cat’s claw is a plant that grows in Peruvian rainforests. This plant has many amazing health benefits and can be used to treat various diseases and disorders. This plant has not been sufficiently researched by medicine, but from the sources of traditional medicine we can conclude that it can be used for the following purposes:

Strengthening the action of the immune system

Our immune system is our defense mechanism. In that way, our body fights with various foreign bodies in our organism, and that is bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. A healthy immune system is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Cat’s claw, also known as Una de Gato, works to increase and improve the body’s natural defenses.

Due to the strengthening of the immune system, Una de Gato is a very common plant in alternative treatments for various types of cancer, including leukemia. People with diseases of the immune system such as HIV or AIDS they often use the cat’s paw in order to strengthen the body’s defenses. In that way, their body fights infections more successfully. This herb is also very useful in reducing side effects chemotherapy in people with cancer.

Anti-inflammatory property

cat's claw plant

Inflammation is a process in our body with which our body defends itself from harmful substances that are released due to some unnatural physical processes for our body. In some cases, inflammation can become harmful to our body.

Una de Gato is efficient anti-inflammatory agent . It fights and reduces symptoms, including pain, redness and swelling. This is especially true for muscle inflammation as well as joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

The effect of DNA repair

DNA is the central part of the cell that controls all cellular functions. Our DNA makes us who we are. DNA can be damaged by various agents including bacteria, viruses, UV radiation, toxins, etc. DNA performs self-repairs to maintain its structure. Cat’s claw is very important for DNA repair.

In various experiments, it has been proven that cat’s claw helps DNA to maintain its structure and perform repairs. This is important for preventing many diseases. Also, in people who have undergone chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer, the cat’s claw acts as an infusion for all DNA damage of healthy cells caused by the action of a radioactive isotope, which also leads to reduced side effects of chemotherapy.

One of the elements in cancer treatment

Cancer occurs due to uncontrolled cell division, which leads to the formation of tumors. Researchers have shown that cat’s claw helps reduce and suppress abnormal cell division. Researchers have also found that cat’s paw activates cell death of cancer cells and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Cat’s claw for this reason it can be used as an adjunct to cancer treatment.

Side effects of cat claw plant

In some people, the consumption of this plant results in an improvement in the general condition of the body, but also side effects, which are as follows:

Una de Gato and its consumption causes headaches in some people. The headache is caused by tightening the neck muscles. This tension extends to the shoulders and head. This condition can initiate tension, stress or axiosis . It can also cause a decrease in blood pressure in a few people. In case of a headache, it is best to stop using this herb.

Cat’s claw can lead to diarrhea in people who use it. However, this form of diarrhea is short-lived. If the plant continues to be used, the diarrhea disappears completely. One thing to keep in mind is dehydration if you get diarrhea. Drink plenty of fluids and reduce physical activity until your symptoms go away and your condition improves.

Another effect caused by this plant is nausea and vomiting. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are the way our body gets rid of various foreign substances in the body. Una de gato can be considered as a very irritating plant for internal organs and in that case the organism tries to get rid of the cat’s claws. Although not dangerous, it can be very unpleasant. If vomiting begins after taking the plant, start reducing the amounts you ingest. If the symptoms do not stop, stop taking the herb.

Cat’s claw it can also be challenging dizziness . This condition can lead to balance problems and a feeling of weakness. If you feel dizzy, stop consuming cat’s claw.