The diet, foods you take into the body, certain natural preparations and multimineral and vitamin complexes can make a big difference in the body of a person who uses a certain protocol compared to those who do not use these protocols.
In various diets and nutritional protocols, if only one link in the chain does not fit, the expected results may be missing.
It is extremely important to follow the nutrition program completely with all the elements, to be disciplined with all the dosing rules, timing and supplements that are determined by the protocol.
In the following texts, you can find solutions to various problems in the body, including some very serious diseases and chronic disorders of the body.
Diet and nutritional protocols, herbal methods can help you with weight loss, but they can also be an integral part of treatment therapy and improvement of the general condition of the body.

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Why is autophagy important for our body and how to increase its effect?

Autophagy is a mechanism of our body that helps us to be healthy. Although the human body is healthy, cells experience damage during various metabolic processes. As we age, our body is under constant stress with more and more damage caused…

Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme that cures almost all diseases

Serrapeptase, known as butterfly enzyme, E-15, or silkworm enzyme, is a proteolytic enzyme or protein breakdown enzyme isolated from microbes indigenous to the silkworm digestive system. These microbes produce an enzyme that is strong enough…
HPV virus treatment

HPV virus and its successful treatment

We have had many calls recently from people who have a problem with the HPV virus. I want to indicate that the HPV virus is curable if it is detected in time and if it is treated properly. It should be noted that the human body successfully…
cancer treatment

Top 45 therapies for cancer treatment

Wigmore diet Anna Wigmore found a diet to treat cancer with which she successfully cured her cancer. For the next few decades, she managed to cure many people with this treatment, which includes the intake of fresh food and large amounts…
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Colloidal silver – MSM cancer protocol

The colloidal silver / MSM protocol will help with cleansing lactic acid from the bloodstream, and that will help solve the pain of cancer (and it is very good at that), but the primary focus is on returning cancer cells to normal cells. This…
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Broes’ diet therapy for cancer

Broes' diet therapy for cancer includes both a complete "cancer diet" and a complete "cancer treatment." Broy's cancer therapy diet is a rigorous diet of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that a person takes in liquid form for 42 days. Because cancer…

How to get rid of cancer pain naturally

Lately, there have been many people with one very problematic problem, and that is pain. Pain is an accompanying problem for people who have cancer. Metastases that appear on the bones can be extremely unpleasant and painful. Many preparations…
Jim Kelmun protocol

Jim Kelmun Protocol – Yavor syrup and baking soda against cancer

TREATMENT ASSESSMENT: The main reason we take this protocol seriously is some impressive testimonies from different sides. The Jim Kelmun protocol has proven to be excellent because baking soda effectively destroys cancer cells. This protocol…
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Bill Henderson Cancer Protocol – Everything you need to know

Bill Henderson Cancer Protocol is a cheap but potent cancer treatment. Anyone with cancer of any type can use this protocol. However, if the cancer is spreading rapidly, if it has already spread significantly, or is a hazardous type of cancer,…
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Stool constipation – A method of treating constipation naturally

More and more people have stomach problems and digestive problems like constipation. For some people, this is an easily solvable problem, while for others, this problem is more difficult to solve due to the many stresses of the present and poor…
Diet for cancer treatment

Diet for cancer treatment – Food for cancer patients

Many healthy foods contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting; however, too high doses of vitamin K can lead to blood clots. No more than 25 to 30% of the diet composition in the diet should contain vitamin K:…
cleansing the body

Cleansing the body in 10 days – The best method of cleansing

In the following text, I will explain how you can cleanse your body and what foods you can use for that purpose. Cleansing the body can also be used by people who want to lose excess weight because this method is extremely effective for weight…

Wheat germ – Wigmore diet with grain

If you inject large amounts of oxygen into the body, it represents a deadly blow to a cancerous disease, and one of the carriers of this type of treatment is wheatgrass. There are many different ways to destroy cancer. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll,…