Many plants that surround us have healing properties and very successfully eliminate serious diseases or reduce the symptoms and progression of the disease. For centuries, the traditional medicine of various cultures has been researching the properties of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and the combination and preparation of various medicinal mixtures.
Modern medicine has made great progress, but semi-synthetic and synthetic derivatives, which are copies of natural compounds, cannot be compared with natural substances in terms of efficiency.
In many hopeless situations in which doctors of modern medicine have given up on patients, alternative medicine has worked a miracle and many cases of people who have been completely cured of what we call “incurable” diseases have been reported.
In the following texts, we will give an imperative to herbal methods of treatment, medicinal plants and their properties, the influence of plants on certain diseases and the preparation of herbal mixtures that include balms, tea mixtures, compresses and baths for healing.
Enjoy texts collected from relevant sources, old writings and texts of medical journals and medical studies.


Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme that cures almost all diseases

Serrapeptase, known as butterfly enzyme, E-15, or silkworm enzyme, is a proteolytic enzyme or protein breakdown enzyme isolated from microbes indigenous to the silkworm digestive system. These microbes produce an enzyme that is strong enough…
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Why is autophagy important for our body and how to increase its effect?

Autophagy is a mechanism of our body that helps us to be healthy. Although the human body is healthy, cells experience damage during various metabolic processes. As we age, our body is under constant stress with more and more damage caused…
HPV virus treatment

HPV virus and its successful treatment

We have had many calls recently from people who have a problem with the HPV virus. I want to indicate that the HPV virus is curable if it is detected in time and if it is treated properly. It should be noted that the human body successfully…
green tea

Green tea prevents the spread of cancer

A study showing how green tea alters pancreatic cancer cells' metabolism opens up new space to fight this cruel disease. Scientists have considered green tea and its extracts for many years as a potential treatment for cancer and a cure for…
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Vitamin B15 – Deficiency and advantages of pangamic acid

Vitamin B15 belongs to guppies B vitamins. Did you know that vitamin B15, also known as pangamic acid, is controversial? More than 30 years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanded removing this supplement from the market and…

DMSO and its anticancer properties

DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a natural substance. Athletics coaches often use this product to treat severe injuries in athletes. It increases blood flow in the area of the injury. It is recognized as a very mild but potent healing substance. There…

Schisandra – The fruit of this plant protects against cancer

Schisandra or the scientifically famous Schisandra Chinensis, ‘Wu Wei Zi’ Chinese grape is a 10-meter tall vine native to northeastern and central China. Schisandra The berry has been used for more than 2000 years to treat various Chinese…