Many plants that surround us have healing properties and very successfully eliminate serious diseases or reduce the symptoms and progression of the disease. For centuries, the traditional medicine of various cultures has been researching the properties of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and the combination and preparation of various medicinal mixtures.
Modern medicine has made great progress, but semi-synthetic and synthetic derivatives, which are copies of natural compounds, cannot be compared with natural substances in terms of efficiency.
In many hopeless situations in which doctors of modern medicine have given up on patients, alternative medicine has worked a miracle and many cases of people who have been completely cured of what we call “incurable” diseases have been reported.
In the following texts, we will give an imperative to herbal methods of treatment, medicinal plants and their properties, the influence of plants on certain diseases and the preparation of herbal mixtures that include balms, tea mixtures, compresses and baths for healing.
Enjoy texts collected from relevant sources, old writings and texts of medical journals and medical studies.