Many plants that surround us have healing properties and very successfully eliminate serious diseases or reduce the symptoms and progression of the disease. For centuries, the traditional medicine of various cultures has been researching the properties of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases and the combination and preparation of various medicinal mixtures.
Modern medicine has made great progress, but semi-synthetic and synthetic derivatives, which are copies of natural compounds, cannot be compared with natural substances in terms of efficiency.
In many hopeless situations in which doctors of modern medicine have given up on patients, alternative medicine has worked a miracle and many cases of people who have been completely cured of what we call “incurable” diseases have been reported.
In the following texts, we will give an imperative to herbal methods of treatment, medicinal plants and their properties, the influence of plants on certain diseases and the preparation of herbal mixtures that include balms, tea mixtures, compresses and baths for healing.
Enjoy texts collected from relevant sources, old writings and texts of medical journals and medical studies.

Natural Remedies For Prostate Problems

Natural remedies cannot cure prostate problems, but they can help improve the health of this organ. Are you interested in more about that? Discover some options. Prostate problems are more common after 50. years of age; however, young men can get them too. In many cases, the doctor can find abnormalities in this organ during […]

The best natural remedies for prostate cancer

Lifestyle, adequate diet and herbs prevent the development of prostate cancer. Include foods rich in antioxidants and nutrients in your diet to prevent them from forming cancer . The diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, omega 3 plant sources such as flaxseed and oil, and whole grains. Vitamins that have antitumor activity Vitamin […]

Green nettle, a plant that burns but heals

Nettle is widely used in the kitchen, garden and as a medicine. The use of nettle is known, where a bouquet of freshly picked herbs strikes a painful place. For example, in case of kidney pain, the lumbar part of the back is treated. After this application, the skin starts to turn red and small […]

Honey – the food of the gods

In ancient Egypt, honey was an elitist food called the food of the gods. The healing properties of honey are still used successfully in many health problems. Numerous clinical trials have been conducted to prove the healing properties of honey. Honey – a popular food Honey has served humans as food for at least 10,000 […]

Manuka honey: sweet, yet healthy

Manuka honey is an excellent elixir for all kinds of health problems. Manuka honey works against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Manuka honey also acts as an antiseptic, antioxidant and as an aid in wound healing. It is excellent in the fight against caries. Manuka honey for indoor and outdoor use Aromatic Manuka honey comes from […]

Herbal teas for psoriasis and home remedies

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition of the skin in which the immune system causes excessive production of skin cells. Psoriasis causes red, scaly patches of skin called plaques. Plaques usually appear on the elbows, knees and scalp, but can develop anywhere on the body. You should consult a doctor before using alternative medicines. Alternative […]

Hemorrhoids herbal teas and natural remedies

Hemorrhoids are venous bundles or venous flexion located in the anal canal. Their function is to prevent direct contact of the stool with the sphincter so as not to injure it. We are all born with these packages or nodules. The presence of hemorrhoid symptoms is common in adults over the age of 30, pregnant […]

HCA – Everything You Need To Know About Garcinia Cambogia!

Garcinia Cambogia is a popular dietary supplement. HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) Garcinia cambogia helps prevent obesity, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthens the immune system, and prevents ulcers. In this article, you can learn all about this special herbal derivative similar to pumpkin and its effects, possible side effects and dosage. What is Garcinia Cambogia (HCA)? Garcinia […]

Clove: cultivation, care and use

Do you want to grow cloves in the garden yourself? With us, you will find useful tips for using, planting and caring for an unusual clove tree. Everyone knows the taste of cloves for Christmas. But how can you cultivate carnation wood in the garden yourself? We present you this special plant and reveal the […]

Chaga fungus and its anticancer effect

In Russian folk medicine, the fungus Chaga is used to treat cancer, most of the stomach and lungs. However, it is considered to be really effective for treating other common diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, and colitis while relieving pain in the abdomen. Sold in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan to treat gastric and intestinal […]

Sweet wormwood – A wonderful plant that destroys parasites and cancer

The plant sweet wormwood or the scientific name Artemisia annua and its active ingredient artemisinin have shown astonishing results in the sense that scientific research has revealed anticancer effects in which this plant destroyed 28% of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours. By adding iron and increasing the concentration, artemisinin destroyed 98% of breast […]

Beta glucan is best for the immune system

Beta-glucan belongs to a group of substances that are immunoregulators. The term immunoregulator gives the right answer to what beta-glucan is. It is not a stimulator of the immune system. Beta-glucan improves activity but never stimulates, and this represents the real safety of using this compound. Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka said in a book about beta-glucan: “There […]

Dandelion root cures cancer

Dandelion is considered an annoying weed in meadows, but it is a valuable medicine for the sick. It blooms from April to May on all grassy meadows and slopes; dandelion does not grow only in extremely humid places. Dandelion is a medicinal herb that helps with diseases bile and liver. Dandelion leaves are collected before […]

An anti-cancer drug found in the Amazon rainforest

Will science reveal the secret of the GRAVIOLA plant  (Annona muricata), originally from Central and South America, which is increasingly used in alternative medicine to treat some types of cancer? The professional and lay public expect an answer. According to experts, Graviola selectively kills cancer cells far more effectively than some chemotherapy drugs. Medicinal properties […]

The plant NEEM is an Indian remedy for many diseases

It’s been thousands of years since NEEM wood showed its positive properties in treating many diseases in Indian traditional medicine. Every part of the tree neem has a healing effect. Dr. Bisvas and his associates recently reviewed the biological activities of some neem compounds, the pharmacological effects of neem tree extract. They made clinical studies the […]

Peptides and their use in the treatment of cancer

Peptides are the building blocks of an organism, and they are made up of different amino acids that have a covalent bond. Peptides are molecules formed from a mixture of amino acids linked by peptide bonds through dehydration and condensation. Peptides are specifically obtained: As an outcome of proteolysis Precise production of the organism Synthetic […]

Glutathione and its role in the body

Glutathione is a protein produced in every cell in the human body. It is essential for the health and survival of human beings. It consists of three amino acids: Glutamic acid, Cysteine, Glycine, and selenium in raspberry amounts. Glutathione is essential for the human body and is grouped in high liver concentrations. Its function in […]

Cordyceps – A drug from Tibet to strengthen the immune system and cancer

The unique, amazing Cordyceps mushroom had aroused interest in the world when Chinese athletes broke two world records with incredible results at the 1993 Asian Games. It seems that the secret of their extraordinary athletic results was the use of Cordyceps. As it turned out, Cordyceps (Latin name Cordyceps Sinensis) has been used in traditional […]

Resveratrol prevents the spread of cancer

Resveratrol is a compound obtained from grapes, various nuts, berries, and many other sources of plant origin. In the last ten years, essential properties have been discovered. Resveratrol And. Its multiple functions in biochemical and molecular reactions have shown that it has a vital role in stopping cancer cells’ development. This preparation prevents angiogenesis, metastasis, […]