Negative energy how to clean a home

We should feel especially balanced within our four walls – but negative energies can disrupt our personal well-being. How to restore harmony to your home. Negative energy can seriously affect the harmony in your home. What can you do to clean your home properly? Do you feel exhausted, sleep restlessly or have a headache in […]

Colon cleansing – a free guide

What colon cleansing do you really need? How is bowel regeneration performed? How long do these measures last? What is the difference between colon cleansing and colon detoxification? You will find the answers to all these questions about colon cleansing in this guide. Objectives of colon cleansing Colon cleansing or bowel rehabilitation is not drainage, […]

Rosemary as a medicine

The traditional use of rosemary is medically recognized for the following ailments: Dyspeptic symptoms such as upper abdominal pain, gas, and bloating (for internal use) For supportive care, rheumatic disorders and circulation problems (external use). Medicinal active substances are found in rosemary leaves essential oil (with the main components 1,8-cineole, camphor, terpineol, and α-pinene) as […]