Carcinogenic diseases are becoming more common in the 21st century. Research is in full swing and soon the village expects progress in the treatment of this dangerous disease. So far, great success has been achieved as the technology is at a much higher level. Large corporations and individuals are making a huge effort to find the most appropriate cancer treatment possible. traditional medicine has begun to adopt biological methods of alternative medicine and teams of experts have begun to appreciate and research herbs and their effect on cancerous diseases.

Cesium Chloride Cancer therapy

Cesium chloride cancer treatment involves use of a form of cesium, which is a naturally-occurring alkali metal, in an anti-cancer setting. It might also be referred to as Alkali Therapy or High pH Therapy. Key Points There is no clinical evidence that cesium chloride is effective in treating cancer. At certain doses, cesium chloride is toxic and can cause cardiac […]

The Scientific Basis for R-A Therapy

Cancer is inherently a genetic disease. Mutations in the genes of normal cells are paramount in the process of carcinogenesis. Genes predisposing to cancer can be inherited. The genes within each cell instruct that cell as to its size, shape, and activity. The genes determine every major aspect of how a cell will present phenotypically, […]

Alternative techniques for the treatment of lymphoma

Lymphomas are cancers that occur in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and includes the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and bone marrow and is responsible for the production, storage and transport of white blood cells in the body. There are two main types of lymphoma, including: Hodgkin’s lymphoma Non-Hodgking […]

Alternative and complementary therapies for cancer

Cancer is a term that reflects the abnormal growth and uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer cells can be localized in different tissues and organs, and can spread to other parts of the body via blood and lymph (metastatic cancer). Despite the increasing frequency, screening, detection and treatment of various malignant diseases, […]

Recommended diet for breast cancer patients

After being diagnosed with breast cancer , women tend to reevaluate their eating habits and health practices. Many wonder what exactly caused the cancer and what lifestyle and dietary changes should be made to increase therapy. A vegetarian diet is one of the recommended diets for breast cancer patients. Meat can also be consumed, but […]

Blood cancer natural treatment – leukemia myeloma lymphoma

Blood cancer affects production and function blood cells . Blood is produced in the bone marrow, where most blood cancers originate. The three types of blood cells that mature and develop from bone marrow stem cells are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell interrupts […]

10 strategies to prevent cancer, nutritionist recommendations for cancer

Inadequate nutrition is responsible for a third and all types of cancer and up to 70% of digestive. And the reverse is also true: cancer can be prevented by a diet that has a positive effect on cells and inflammatory processes associated with its occurrence. Proper diet and sufficient physical activity would reduce the incidence […]

Vitamins and minerals for cancer

Exploring the link between nutrients, metabolism and genetic sensitivity in the etiology of cancer is an important focus from a scientific and public health point of view. Since the etiology of cancer is multifactorial, it is necessary to study whether nutritional therapy, especially vitamins and trace elements, have a positive (preventive) or negative (higher risk) […]

Biological therapies for cancer application research

Biological therapy uses living organisms, substances from living organisms or synthetic versions of such substances to treat cancer. Some types of biological therapy use the natural ability of the immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells, while other types directly target cancer cells. Biological therapies include monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, therapeutic vaccines, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin bacteria, […]

Cancer caused by inflammation of the body

Inflammation, infections, too high insulin levels – this trio likes to nest in people with unhealthy habits and increase the risk factor for cancer. These critical conditions in the body can be avoided by changes in our lifestyle and by removing toxins from the environment. Inflammation makes cancer very likely Inflammation in the body is […]

How to perform detoxification after chemotherapy?

We will show you how you can detoxify the body after chemotherapy and how you can supply it with all vital substances at the same time, so that you regain strength completely. After chemotherapy, many people want to be detoxified. In the end, the body is full of toxic drugs and usually continues to suffer […]

Diet against cancer

After cardiovascular diseases, cancer is today one of the most common causes of death in the Western world. Therefore, it is time to actively oppose this evil visitor. Proper diet for cancer inhibition is one of the most important measures in the prevention, but also in the treatment of cancer. Cancer needs a special environment […]

Chaga fungus and its anticancer effect

In Russian folk medicine, the fungus Chaga is used to treat cancer, most of the stomach and lungs. However, it is considered to be really effective for treating other common diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, and colitis while relieving pain in the abdomen. Sold in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan to treat gastric and intestinal […]

Seaweed contains anti-cancer compounds

Several international studies have reported that some types of seaweed and their extracts have the ability to affect cancerous diseases. The most famous study from Brazil, the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte and its scientists, found polysaccharides from the seagrass Sargassum Vulgare that inhibited some of the tumors of angiogenesis, more precisely the […]

A Chinese plant destroys cancer in 40 days

A little-known plant with a strange name has recently filled the front pages of many well-known medical journals as a newly discovered cancer killer, with a single ingredient that destroys the tumor in a short time. This plant is traditionally called lei gong teng, has been present in traditional Chinese medicine for many years, and […]

Ginseng cure for breast cancer

Ginseng – the root of life, or, as it is also called, the human root because its shape resembles a human. It is an ancient plant whose ancestral home in East Asia, Siberia, and North America has been used in human nutrition and treatment for more than 5,000 years. Due to its many healing properties, […]

A plant that treats brain tumors

Ruta is often used in homeopathy for injuries to ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. He also proved that the medicine helps with bruises and sore and strained eyes after a long reading or working on the computer. Learn more about Ruta’s application areas and use the product properly. Exploring the ruta graveolens 15 individuals with detected […]

How Cancer Occurs – Everything You Need to Know About the Origin and Treatment of Cancer

How does cancer develop? You wouldn’t believe how many emails we received from cancer patients who went through these three stages: 1. The patient had chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.2. The patient was told that he had been cleared of cancer3. A few months later, cancer came back, and they called it regression This article will […]

Cordyceps – A drug from Tibet to strengthen the immune system and cancer

The unique, amazing Cordyceps mushroom had aroused interest in the world when Chinese athletes broke two world records with incredible results at the 1993 Asian Games. It seems that the secret of their extraordinary athletic results was the use of Cordyceps. As it turned out, Cordyceps (Latin name Cordyceps Sinensis) has been used in traditional […]

Resveratrol prevents the spread of cancer

Resveratrol is a compound obtained from grapes, various nuts, berries, and many other sources of plant origin. In the last ten years, essential properties have been discovered. Resveratrol And. Its multiple functions in biochemical and molecular reactions have shown that it has a vital role in stopping cancer cells’ development. This preparation prevents angiogenesis, metastasis, […]