inflammation and cancer

Cancer caused by inflammation of the body

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Inflammation, infections, too high insulin levels – this trio likes to nest in people with unhealthy habits and increase the risk factor for cancer. These critical conditions in the body can be avoided by changes in our lifestyle and by removing toxins from the environment.

Inflammation makes cancer very likely

Inflammation in the body is an activator for free radicals, which in turn can cause mutations in cells that cause cancer and attack DNA, as reported by the Arzte-Zeitung.

Since inflammation can often be traced back to a sour diet, those foods that create problems should be avoided. Refined sugar, pasteurized dairy products, overcooked food, industrially processed or genetically modified food, artificial additives such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) and industrial residues (especially pesticides) are particularly dangerous.

Allergies they can also bring our body into an inflammatory state and accelerate the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, allergy sufferers should absolutely stay away from allergens. Soy, gluten and peanuts are strong allergens.

If you suspect intolerance, it is worth trying the following. Remove the appropriate products from your menu for a few weeks and watch. At the nutritional level, however, it makes no sense to just avoid certain things. In case you do not know how to contact our nutritionist for help.

Avoid inflammation with a proper diet

Give your health an advantage over the risk of cancer with the help of anti-inflammatory foods. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as phytonutrients (secondary plant substances) such as flavonoids and glucosinolates, are natural weapons against cancer. In our body, they act as shields against inflammation and carcinogenic substances.

Eat crucifers regularly and enjoy broccoli, cauliflower and similar foods. Leek plants, such as garlic, garlic and chives, are said to have anticancer properties. All berries (e.g. blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) are considered a healthy fruit that can sweeten your daily life with many antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The effects of cancer inhibition are also attributed to complex carbohydrates (eg beans).

The origin and preparation are crucial for the natural efficiency of this food. It should be grown organically to minimize pesticide absorption. Eat it raw, in that way herbal substances against cancer develop their maximum healing potential.

It is best to prepare fresh salads every day. Even cruciferous vegetables like broccoli can be served as a delicious raw food meal. Take a taste test with a vegan dressing.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also fight inflammation and prevent cancer. With plant sources such as flaxseed, hemp or walnut oil, unlike fish, you are safe when it comes to heavy metals. Season dishes abundantly with turmeric, ginger and coriander.

This not only improves the taste, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. However, our diet is only a necessary means of preventing inflammation and cancer. In addition, we should not underestimate the toxins in the environment to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

Baking soda: home remedies for inflammation

Famous soda household and ancillary products should also help alleviate chronic inflammation. Studies from April 2018. have shown that if baking soda is taken regularly for several weeks, it can regulate the immune system in such a way that anti-inflammatory defense cells predominate and anti-inflammatory cells withdraw.

Eliminate toxins from the environment

Environmental toxins are said to be largely responsible for the global cancer epidemic and its preliminary stages. In particular, industrial chemicals (pesticides, fungicides), mercury (e.g. Dental fillings , fish) and electromagnetic radiation (especially mobile communications, high voltage lines) can burden our cells.

Even if we cannot completely avoid the effects of the environment, it makes sense to take certain precautions that start with organic food.

You can also actively rid the body of toxins with the help of natural anti-inflammatory drugs. These natural toxic binders include the microalgae Chlorella and Spirulina. According to studies, it is claimed that apple pectin, a natural fiber in apples, binds heavy metals by a complex mechanism and can expel them from the body through urine.

DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid) and lipoic acid are also recommended for targeted mercury detoxification.

The invisible danger of electrosmog is harmful to say the least. If possible, do not build your house near radio towers and substations. The long-term damage caused by mobile phones and cordless phones is also the focus of research. What starts with radiation-induced inflammation can lead to tumors in the long run.

Infections as a trigger for cancer

Chronic infections such as those caused by a fungus Candida albicans carry an increased risk of cancer. The link between infection and cancer is due to the response of our immune system, which reacts to the infection by inflammation and creates an appropriate favorable environment for cancer cells.

Many infections are transmitted through no fault of their own, but a strong immune system can indirectly protect us from many infections. For example, in the case of infection with the fungus Candida albicans, we can intervene quickly.

The fungus feels most comfortable in an acidic environment. Therefore, a healthy acid-base balance is especially important for preventing Candida infections. An alkaline diet and a stress-free lifestyle can remove the fertile ground for Candida.

Above all, consistently avoiding sugar and isolated carbohydrates (flour extract, starch) can starve the fungus. Existing Candida infections can also be fought with certain natural remedies (including pomegranate, grapefruit seed extract).

Studies are currently investigating the properties of French green clay. Just like bentonite, French green clay is extremely rich in the minerals of volcanic soil, which is considered a natural antibiotic. In the form of face masks and bath additives, the dried powder of this country is valued in the wellness sector.

However, its effectiveness should go much further. Unlike chemical drugs against infections, which not only destroy diseased tissue, but also healthy tissue and kill beneficial bacteria, this medicinal soil should cure diseased areas in the body and have the effect of complete cleansing of the body.

The difference between bentonite and French green clay (also called montmorillonite) is mainly the place of origin. Bentonite originates from the fortress of Benton Vioming in England, montmorillonite from Montmorillon in France. The composition of the two mineral soils is difficult to distinguish.

Increased insulin levels promote cancer

Many people may associate high insulin levels with the metabolic disease diabetes, but not with cancer. The explanation is obvious: Insulin is a hormone that stimulates cell growth.

If the level of insulin is chronically high, cancer cells survive it easier, because there are up to ten times more insulin receptors on their cell walls than on healthy cells. This does not only happen to diabetics. They all have potential cancer cells in them. That is why it is important to keep insulin levels constant.

In the case of type 2 diabetes mellitus, excessively high insulin levels are usually the result of poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. The diet of (potential) diabetics often contains a lot of sugar, starch and white flour products.

However, they are the ones that cause the rise in blood sugar levels several times a day. To neutralize the flood of blood sugar, the pancreas must react with huge amounts of insulin. This insulin slide ride can be prevented by eating an alkaline diet.

Scientists also see chronic inflammation as one of the reasons for the development of diabetes. The deciding factor is belly fat, which is a consequence of being overweight, which studies have shown to be very metabolically active and to produce substances that stimulate inflammation.

In these fatty deposits, hot spots of inflammation can develop imperceptibly, which completely disrupt the metabolism and can lead to insulin resistance.

Break the cycle

It turns out that many infections and diseases have the same origin, including those that we consider to be the precursors of cancer. With a healthy lifestyle and precautions against the harmful effects of the environment, you can break the disease cycle and beat cancer at an early stage.

Above all, avoid inflammation, infections and high insulin levels by following the natural rules of the game. A natural, predominantly alkaline diet, which supports natural remedies, enough exercise and individual methods of relaxation (eg Yoga, Ki Gong) not only support your personal well-being in the middle of a demanding everyday life, but also make pathogens run away from you!



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