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Breuss diet therapy for cancer

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Breuss diet therapy for cancer includes a complete “cancer diet” and a complete “cancer treatment.”

Breuss Cancer therapy diet is a rigorous diet of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that a person takes in liquid form for 42 days. Because cancer cells have many different metabolisms, From normal cells, the Breuss diet is designed to starve cancer cells to death by depriving them of any protein from solid foods. But diet does not harm normal cells.

Number’s diet for cancer

numbers diet for cancer

A book that explains Breuss diet in detail, The Breuss Cancer Cure (Breuss cure for cancer), has sold over 900,000 copies, been translated into five languages, and claims to have resulted in over 45,000 testimonies from cured patients. Both the book and the diet are still actively used today. Rudolf Breuss wrote the book.

Breuss diet is based on 42-day fasting, but the definition of “fasting” used in the Breuss diet actually includes certain types of foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetable juices, all consumed in liquid form. The theory is that cancer cells can only survive on solid foods’ proteins. Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juice and tea for 42 days, the cancer cells will die out while the normal cells will continue to progress.

Breuss VEGETABLE JUICE consists of 55 percent beetroot, 20 percent carrot, 20 percent celery root, 3 percent live potato, 2 percent radish … Potatoes are placed at choice except in patients with liver cancer where potatoes play an important role.

His book actually talks about multiple diseases. (Note: this is a very simplistic explanation, you should read the book.)

If you look at the Breuss juice formula during fasting, you will notice practically no glucose or other sugars in the formula. As his diet was probably developed through trial and error, it is interesting that he evolved to exclude fruit juices and contains literally 0 glucose or other sugars. We believe that diet works for a different reason than Broys thought. We think it works because cancer cells are extremely inefficient at processing glucose and other sugars. That’s why the formula literally starves cancer cells to death by depriving them of glucose and other sugars. Normal cells can survive with much less glucose and other sugars because they are much more efficient at processing them.

What is the Breuss diet?

broth vegetable treatment

The Breuss diet treatment is described in a book written by Breuss, but it is not clear whether the people who published it changed it or left the original statements. For example, Broys’s English translation does not say that he did not allow radiation treatment combined with his regime. Tomar wrote further paragraphs.

Breuss emphasized that cancer patients should not eat or drink anything other than the juice he recommended to drink for 42 days. He gave strict instructions on how to prepare and take juices and teas. The juices include carrot, celery, tomato in cases where the patient is diagnosed with liver cancer. All vegetables must be organically grown. The maximum intake of juice is 500 ml daily.

Breuss teas

Rudolf Breuss cancer treatment

Breuss teas for all cancer types are sage tea, tea for kidney, and tea fairy eye. Sage tea includes Salvia officinalis, Hypericum perforatum, Mentha piperita or peppermint, and Melissa officinalis in a special relationship. Tea can be taken as desired.

Kidney tea contains l  Equisetum arvense, Urtica dioica (stinging nettle),  Polygonum aviculare, and Hypericum perforatum, which can be drunk only for the first 3 weeks.

Tea fairy eye contains Geranium robertianum, and only half a cup can be drunk once a day. There are special teas for special types of cancer. The use of sugar is not allowed.

Numbers diet and surgery

Breuss emphasized that patients should not start the Breuss diet after the operation. They should wait from two to five months. It is forbidden to use other treatments while using the Broys diet. He recommended fresh air and exercise. It would help if you stopped smoking. He emphasizes that patients should not lie on water nodes, natural radiation sources, avoid pesticides, air fresheners in their homes. He emphasized that people who start his therapy on the Breuss diet should never eat reheated food again, and they should also reduce their salt intake, eat light food and drink about 60 ml of its juice every day for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Claims of treatment success

Breuss claims that he has successfully cured 2,000 patients since 1950. He claims that since 1986, he has cured an additional 40,000 people, suffering from both cancer and other incurable and severe diseases. As proof, he enclosed letters sent to him by people who had recovered. Breuss claims that Breuss diet and treatments can fail only if the patient does not strictly follow the instructions he gave. 

Mechanism of action of Breuss treatment

Breuss claimed that cancerous cells live exclusively on solid foods. He claimed that cancer could not feed on vegetable juice and that if the patient drank the juices, the cancer cells died. Commenting on the number diet, Bruno Vornarburg concluded that cancer cells feed exclusively and survive on the protein account. When a cancer patient uses a protein-free diet such as the project’s diet, the cancer cells die. Breuss argued that when a protein-free diet is taken, the body devours itself. This process is scientifically confirmed and is called autophagy. Breuss diet and its treatment are a cure for cancer and preventive nature.

Supercharging this treatment

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Because no one is really sure why his diet works, you might not want to fill it super and apply it his way. Do not mix ionized water with the formula. Use natural water for that. Also, do not consume ionized water for an hour before and after drinking tea. Like any other tea, You should sip it a little slowly.

If you do not want to boost your diet, filtered green tea (filtered to avoid particles) and filtered Essiac tea are natural enhancers of the Number diet. I mention green tea and Essiac tea because they work by killing cancer cells. There is nothing wrong with killing cancer cells as they become weak.

Another logical supplement that will not interfere with Breuss treatment is Protect. The protocol is consumed in minimal doses and reduces cancer cells’ tension, weakened by the Breuss diet.

Immediately after stopping Breuss treatment, you should take two or three of the following products to make up for the nutrients lost during the diet quickly:

  • Vibe by Enive,
  • Body Flex AM, The Wolfe Clinic
  • Tahitian Noni Juice,
  • XanGo Mangostin,
  • Berry Young Juice, from producer Young Living

You should purchase these products during the diet to be ready for the day after the diet is over.

After 42 days of fasting, if your cancer symptoms have not disappeared, you should switch to “Phase III” or “Phase IV” alternative cancer therapies.

Additional notes

You will need, cause of the post of 42 days, huge support from the family. It may be necessary for someone to call a person on this diet every hour. Because this diet starves cancer cells to death, it is absolutely critical that no additional food is taken. This is an “all or nothing” type of child. If you are deviating from your diet, you should definitely add filtered green tea or filtered essiac tea, or both. Protect may also be considered.

Evaluation of therapy: This cancer therapy protocol has been assessed as the ONLY effective in patients with a recent cancer diagnosis who do not rapidly develop cancer. If you are an advanced cancer patient with a lot of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery behind you, or you have potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this protocol.

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