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Breast cancer therapy and natural treatment

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Breast cancer therapy for treatments is generally associated with debilitating chemotherapy that is repeated continuously until the body of the ill is exhausted to the point that doctors cannot actually practice it. Breast cancer therapy is also associated with painful surgeries that require a long period of rehabilitation for the wounds to heal and the patient to function normally. Breast cancer therapy can also be hormone therapy with drugs that prevent hormone-dependent cancer from developing further.

Breast cancer therapy

breast cancer image therapy

In fact, all of the above is true, but again, it is not. Chemotherapy as a breast cancer therapy, in fact, in some cases, is necessary as a procedure for cleansing the body from residual cancer cells that cannot be cleared surgically. If we are forced to use chemotherapy, we are not actually prevented from using some natural preparations that help the body tolerate it more easily or preparations that enhance its action.

The most commonly used chemotherapy is alkylating agents, mainly mechlorethamine, cyclophosphamide, chlorambucil, hexamethylmelamine, altretamine. Nitrose, which can cross the blood-brain barrier, differ from the previously mentioned ones, and it is used in the treatment of brain tumors.

Plant alkaloids are also used as a chemotherapy treatment and are obtained from certain types of plants. Vinca alkaloids are obtained from the Catharanthus rosea plant. Taxanes are derived from the plant Taxus.

In addition to these chemotherapy types, we also have anti-tumor antibiotics, antimetabolites, topoisomerase inhibitors, and antineoplastics.

Breast cancer therapy

They all have in common that they prevent cancer from developing further and, if possible, reduce its activity and destroy it. When using these preparations, certain metabolic processes in the body are activated, which not only have an impact on cancer as an integral part of the diseased organism because we cannot treat it as a separate unit within the organism or a foreign body but also on healthy cells that have not mutated into cancer.

As mentioned above, chemotherapy can be used after surgery to destroy residual cancer cells, before surgery to break up a tumor that is then easier to operate on, or in advanced forms of cancer in which surgery is not possible.

Breast cancer therapy and therapeutic action in the form of chemotherapy, anthracyclines such as doxorubicin adriamycin and epirubicin, taxanes such as paclitaxel, and docetaxel, 5 fluorouracil, cyclophosphamide, and carboplatin are most often used.

Also, very often, 2 or 3 methods are combined to fight cancer in less advanced degrees, while individual types of chemotherapy are used in an advanced degree.

Side effects

Side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, nail changes, dry mouth, loss of appetite and weight loss, and diarrhea.

To prevent these side effects, you can read the following articles that mention some plants that help eliminate these phenomena—foods that boost the immune system during chemotherapy, breast cancer after surgery, and preventive action.

DMSO or dimethylsulfoxide is very good in preventing and suppressing side effects, which actually directs chemotherapy towards the tumor’s final target. At the same time, this preparation increases the semipermeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells and enables greater absorption of the drug into cancer cells. You can read more about this preparation in DMSO and its anti-cancer properties.

The latest methods of breast cancer treatment

The latest modern chemotherapy uses various peptides as a mixture of individual peptides absorbed by certain tumor-carrying organs and nanomaterials, thus increasing the distribution of drugs and the sensitivity of malignant cells. We can also use peptides to increase the action of the immune system.

You can also treat Hormone-dependent tumors and hormone regulators such as tamoxifen with natural preparations such as SMOKE and indole 3 carbinol. You can read more about these preparations in the articles Indole 3 carbinol its effect on estrogen and female breast cancer.

To maintain the organism’s complete condition, including the immune system, various multi-vitamin complexes can be used, reishi fungus, cordyceps, which maintains the level of white blood cells.

Also, after the use of chemotherapy, artemisinin can be used, which can also destroy the remaining cancer cells. Depending on the type of chemotherapy, artemisinin can also be used during chemotherapy. Due to its specific system of action, it is recommended to use it after three weeks from the last chemotherapy treatment.

Postoperative phase

In the post-operative stages, serrapeptase, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and burns some of the proteins that activate swelling and pain, is recommended to reduce swelling and swelling of the hands and lymph nodes. It is also recommended d ribose, a sugar that has a regenerative activity in the body and which the body uses as energy in the healing process. It is exciting that this sugar is not usable for cancer and is very energetically usable for a healthy part. In that case, even in very severe forms of cancer, you can use this sugar to save someone’s life. You can read more information in the article D ribose restores energy to the heart, saves lives.


With the help of these preparations, breast cancer therapy and treating a tumor doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as you initially thought it should be.

You should take into account that classical medicine is advancing as time passes. That research is open on various types of transport, new drugs for the treatment of cancer, combination therapies, and the influence of natural medicine should not be neglected. In our healthcare system, the problem is either insufficient experience or, in older doctors, the strict adherence to old, outdated methods, insufficient openness to new methods.

Also, as I have already written, a post-regional individual approach to the patient is needed. Based on individual parameters and results, each individual will be given a special therapy that corresponds to the type of disease and its individual genetic structure. Natural medicine must be included as a support to the classical and through the harmony of these two medical branches can achieve significant results in treating malignancies, including breast cancer.



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