Breast cancer after surgery and how to ensure that he does not return again? This is a question that many women who have had experience with this serious disease ask me. In fact, there are some methods you can use to prevent breast cancer from coming back.

After the operation, what the doctors usually prescribe is chemotherapy to cleanse the body of the remaining cancer cells that could not be removed by surgery. What is recommended when using chemotherapy are cordyceps , a medicinal fungus that increases the number of leukocytes in the body and maintains the immune system during chemotherapy. A complete range of vitamins and minerals is also recommended, because people who receive chemotherapy have a reduction in all the elements in the body. Alternative medicine is also recommended by chemotherapy enhancers such as DMSO and MSM, which increase the permeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells, and thus absorb a larger amount of agents into cancer cells. It can also be recommended for the immune system fungus reishi Latin ganoderma lucidum , antioxidants like vitamin C and for side effects is a very good astragalus root. The use of probiotics that maintain the intestinal flora is also very important, because in fact the immune system is activated in the intestines and their proper functionality is very important for the normal supply of nutrients.

Breast cancer usually dies down after surgery for several years or even decades. Scientific studies have shown that this time period largely depends on what kind of life the patient leads after treatment and surgery. It is very important to continue with normal activities, without ominous thoughts and to lead a normal and active life without closing in on yourself. The patient and the family should help the patient in that. The patient should encourage himself, because the quality of life after the surgery depends on him.

What I can recommend to women with breast cancer who have undergone surgery and those who do not have hormone-dependent breast cancer is the use of indole 3 carbinol, which reduces the sensitivity of estrogen receptors and reduces the effect of hormones on cells. Breast cancer after surgery should also be treated with artemisinin but only one month after the use of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy moves the iron that is the activator of artemisinin from the cells to the intercellular space, so that the activation of the oxygen atoms armed with artemisinin cannot be directed at cancerous cells, but takes place in the wrong place.

Breast cancer can be initiated by hormones, but once what actually keeps it going, it doesn’t have to be hormones. At one point, he becomes strong enough to be hormone-independent. In that situation, Chinese rice on red yeast is very good, which has shown exceptional results in both hormone-independent types of breast cancer and hormone-dependent types.

Breast cancer it is retained in stem cells, that is, it remains recorded by mutation in stem cell DNA. Beta carotene, conjugated linoleic acid and hemp oil perform DNA record repairs extremely well. You can read more information about DNA repair and preparations and how to use them in the article Preparations that repair damaged DNA

Cleansing the body of residues from chemotherapy or radiation can improve the quality of life and prevent the return of the disease. Cleaning can be done through zeolite, and not longer than one month, because zeolite binds all heavy metals and radioactive isotopes and expels them from the body. A large part of harmful substances can also be eliminated through physical activity and sweat.

Lifestyle and renunciation of bad habits such as alcohol, tobacco, narcotics is crucial for people who suffer from any type of cancer, including breast cancer. Walking in the sun and physical activity, changing the way of eating, improve the work of the organism and the complete metabolism, and also improve the mood of the patients, which is of key importance in the fight against this dangerous disease.